Linking in united prayer for those working in Orality & for Great Commission Partners

Praying Each Thursday

EACH THURSDAY we ask you our partners to link in united prayer for those working in Orality & for our Great Commission Partners. *If you are available, please join us live…

Each Thurs at 2 pm (EDT)  GMT-4

Dial: (712) 432-0926

Access Code: 373000#

Visit  Prayer:


Two primary topics to focus prayer on:

1.  Praying for the UUPGs & Bible-less Oral Peoples…

90 days Bible-less Prayer InitiativePursuing God for Spiritual Awakening and Global Harvest

as we link in united prayer for those working in Orality & for our Great Commission Partners & oral peoples around the globe.


90 Days of Prayer for Bible-less Oral Peoples & UUPGs

Click to access 90_1414076949.pdf



2. Praying for the Believers in persecuted areas…

Mark your calendar -IDOP14 Participate and PRAY with us for the Persecuted Church!  Click to enlargeTwo dates to participate — Nov. 2nd & Nov. 9th

Please make plans to join either day, you are welcome for one minute or all of the two 12 hours of prayer.

IDOP 02and09 NOV 2014 Conf Prayer Call Bulletin InsertFinal.pdf

Click to access 90_1413380926.pdf

Source: &


It is not too late to start…

Second stack of biblesHow many Bibles do you have in your hours?

90 Days of Prayer for the Bible-less Oral Peoples & UUPGs around the globe. We are so blessed to have the Word of God available to us here in the West. Did you know that there are 340 million people who DO NOT HAVE ONE VERSE and who still wait to hear the Good News, the precious Word of God in their heart language, so that they can understand… really understand and receive His Story for themselves for transformation to happen.

We are calling for a prayer initiative to draw us, as intercessors and pray-ers to see the need for this reality to not continue. In order to get there, we must pray… and ask for understanding from the Holy Spirit in our hearts and minds, that we might really see God’s Word as transformational for us. Do we see how precious it is? Do we understand the great gift we have to have the Bible in heart languages so that the response is at a heart level and not a head level? We are asking everyone to step out into a new arena… LISTENING to the Scriptures, just as those we are praying for must do as they are primarily oral learners. Believing that eventually they too will be able to listen to God’s Word. Oral learners are listeners, they love to hear the Story. Currently there is a serious situation with Bible Poverty across the globe. This should not be!

90 Days of Prayer for the Bible-less Prayer Initiative will help us as those who stand in the gap in prayer to be intentional as we step in to prayer and ask God for ears to hear… over the next 90 days using the Bible in 90 Days, Oct. 1st -Dec.31st

Asking in unity – Lord, make a way for the 2/3 of the world, for those who still do not have the Word of God available in their heart language, let it become a reality for them. Lord, we ask for translation work to begin. We are praying that God would give Scripture in each of these 1900+ languages that currently do not have one verse. Let it be in our lifetime. Amen.

90 Days of Prayer for the Bible-less Oral Peoples

Stepping in together, to hear God’s Story, really hear… stepping into the Bible in 90 Days, in audio listening mode, being prayerful to ask for the Holy Spirit to bring transformation in us as we pray for those who still wait for Scripture in their heart language. May we see in a new level of ‘how precious God’s Word is’ hearing the Scriptures come alive thru our ear gates, just as 2/3 of the world would best receive it. Oral learners learn differently, they automatically look toward listening attentively and being intentional in their purpose to see how each portion fits into the larger story. Individually, let us ask also to hear, really hear the Bible as a whole story.

The Word of God is transforming! Are you willing to try it? Simply, we are calling the intercessors and pray-ers to be intentional to begin to step into scripture engagement in the form of listening to the Word daily. You might already have the bible on CD or a listening device. You are welcome to use any of those. We are suggesting that you use a 90 days Bible plan. We will follow the Bible in 90 Days available as a download or in the app to use on any mobile device, cell phone, tablet or at home, on your computer.

Subscribe today at: *Follow the plan “Bible in 90 Days” in the AUDIO ‘listening mode’…in just 90 days- Oct. 1st -Dec.31st

Plan for 1hr-1 ¼ hours each day, if you do not complete it, you can take it along with you on your mobile device. While this is certainly an intense plan, we are sure that it will help you understand to see the big picture of God’s Story in ways you may have never experienced before. BibleGateway provided the plan to YouVersion.

How to Get Started

  1. GO to 2. Download the app or sign up w/email 3. Search for Plans Bible in 90 Days 4. Click Start Plan 5. Pick your Bible version 6. Be sure to use the AUDIO ‘listening mode’ 7. Set your reminder  8. Use daily

*We suggest using an audio version & the Bible in 90 Days plan.

See   to sign up for your Bible listening plan.


About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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