Using your phone for God’s Glory – New Curriculum Published in Sept. 2014

Your Phone Gods Glory

Your Phone – God’s Glory
Sept. 2014

Do you realize that your mobile phone has way more computing power than the combined power of all the computers that were used in the Apollo space program?
A quiet revolution has been taking place. It rarely gets mentioned in the news, but it is impacting every corner of the globe. Young and old, rich and poor – no one has escaped its reach. This revolution is the rapid increase in the use of mobile phones, even in some of the most remote places. The number of mobile phone subscriptions actually outnumbers the world’s population. And mobile phones aren’t only good for staying connected with work or catching up with friends: they can be a tool for engaging people with media that effectively communicates the Good News of Jesus Christ.

You can learn about some helpful apps and develop some basic skills, such as using Bluetooth and microSD cards to share gospel media. You might surprise yourself just how easy it is to begin using your mobile phone for ministry!

Click here to DOWNLOAD your Free “How To” copy of Your Phone – God’s Glory:

Mobile Ministry Resources:

1. The Mobile Ministry Forum (the producer of this course and the main network connecting and equipping ministries that are leveraging the mobile revolution for God’s glory):

2. MMF Introduction to Mobile Ministry Course (a six week, 18 hour course which provides in-depth insight into mobile ministry, helpful interactions with fellow students and direct feedback from mobile ministry experts):

3. The Mobile Ministry Twitter Archive (a complete archive of Tweets containing the #mobmin mobile ministry hashtag):

4. Mobile Advance (blog dedicated to mobile ministry):

5. Renew Outreach – Mobile Ministry (includes video overviews of mobile ministry and mobile ministry how-to’s):

6. Mobile Ministry Made Easy (a 40 page overview of mobile ministry strategy and practice):

7. Bible Transmission (The purpose of Bible TransMission is to enable all people to hear the gospel online in their own language or to download it free of cost):

8. Practical video sharing how to use the Jesus Film media app. Video: or

The following organizations contributed to the development of this curriculum:
Bible TransMission  Cybermissions
Renew Outreach           Frontiers
Visual Story Network        Wycliffe Bible Translators
WEC International/Mobile Advance

To print this in one page:  Mobile Ministry “Your Phone – God’s Glory”

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