Hanukkah 2014- A Gateway to Miracles

As we press in with WORSHIP check out this QUOTE from the post -REJOICE!!! This is a time to worship and pray and fill your lamps with oil. It is a time to trust, to dwell safely in the fear of the Lord, and let go of doubt and every bad report that has come your way. The gates are about to open and the Father of Lights will shine and dispel the darkness. A vast Heavenly army has come to fight for His people. Amen!

Oceans in the Desert


The Vision~

On November 22, while I was sleeping on an airplane, I was taken into a dream-like vision that was very significant for this coming season. In the vision, I saw a calendar and the word “Hanukkah” written upon it. (I did not see the actual dates; only the word). I was then lifted to a higher place in the spirit and I was aware of a deeper connection with Heaven than I had known previously. I realized I was responding to the “Come up here” invitation that God gives to each of us (Rev. 4:1).  Immediately I was standing before two large gates that were opening before me. As I looked, I realized that each gate was in the form of a menorah, and the path beyond the gates radiated light. Even though, in the vision, I did not pass through the gates, I was aware that soon…

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