Christmas in Nigeria: Celebrating At Gun Point

Thank you Voice of the Persecuted. Let’s continue to pray for Nigeria and the Church of Nigeria.



By Obed Minchakpu

The atmosphere was bustling with concomitant voices as each person in the crowded street market bargained for a price reduction on item(s)/they were buying. Time was running out and it is just a matter of days that the big event would be celebrated. Yes, Christmas, a period everyone looked forward to, as it is time for reunion of families, friends, communities, and a time to thank God for his faithfulness.

This market is named terminus market. Its name is derived from the fact that the spot is right in the heart of the city where travelers in and out of the city converged. The residents of the city also converge here on daily basis either to sell or buy. There used to be a main market close by, but this was destroyed about fourteen years ago when a religious crisis engulfed the city. And so, traders have now…

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