The WIGtake Question

It is always amazing to me how many people do missions or attempt to do anything involved with missions without Step 2.

Thanks to Mark Snowden for posting this insightful article on “What’s It Going To Take?”

Step 2. PRAYER: Prayer IS missions. Church-wide robust prayer pleads for God to call out workers into His harvest. Prayer-walking is needed in each community that leads to spiritual encounters in which the Gospel is presented to groups of people.Personal prayer cover must be provided for workers in the harvest. Each believer should solicit 12 faithful prayer warriors. An annual prayer emphasis in each church is recommended.



David Garrison, author of Church Planting Movements, introduced me to WIGtake. It was a phrase being kicked around by missions strategists. The WIGtake question is “What’s It Gonna take to reach a people group with the Gospel?” Prayerfully ask the WIGtake question needed to spiritually transform lives and bring spiritual awakening to your community. A strategy is simply one way to “count the cost,” as Jesus called it.

Here is a bold seven-part plan. It was adapted from the Master(‘s) Plan, titled by Curtis Sergeant. God invites us to join Him in His mission. If we could actually do this already, we would not rely on the Lord.

  1. ENDVISION: Imagine what the harvest looks like one day in the future, then step back planning each step it takes to get to that point. Evangelicals must not work alone—the task is too great. Churches need to develop evangelism strategies…

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