Pray ON! Call to Prayer for the Persecuted Church

We are less than 12 hours from going LIVE for a 24 hour Prayer Call via the Persecution Watch conference call line. The prayer time will begin tonight at 9pm (EDT) and run thru 9pm (EDT) Sunday night, Sept. 27th. Please plan to go on and link in, to pray for the Pastor Saeed Abidini, the Persecuted Church & the Harvest.

​You are invited to join he 24 hour Prayer Vigil for Persecuted Church & Pastor Saeed Abedini beginning 9pm (EDT) on Sat., Sept. 26th thru 9pm Sun., Sept. 27th

To join the prayer call:
Dial: (712) 775-7035
Access Code: 281207#
​Please share and join as you can.

See the full story at

​ Voice for the Persecuted​

via @4Persecuted

These prayer requests provide a concrete foundation for prayer for Saeed and the persecuted church, as well as for us the church. To find unity and revival in our hearts, who are we that we should pray earnestly for Saeed and Persecuted Church and not for revival in our hometown. Encouraged by Naghmeh to share Saeed’s story to share Christ, as strange a concept, it can be done. Some Christians may have an easier time sharing Saeed’s testimony then Christ’s gospel. But as you tell Saeed’s story, peppered in it the love he has for God, and the joy he finds in being imprisoned, the gospel is shared.



(VOP) I was introduced to Naghmeh Abedini, on a cold December 2012 morning, while getting ready, I turned the television on to find a woman speaking of her husband who was imprisoned in Iran, for nothing more than being a Christian.  I stopped everything and watched more.  Naghmeh, whom I learned was his wife, shared that Saeed was in Iran to start an orphanage and how the Iranian Guards forcibly took him. It wasn’t until I learned of Rebekka and Jacob, his two children that I thought, there must be something I can do?

As a father of three young children, in similar ages, my heart hurt for Saeed.  Naghmeh shared of the upcoming January 27, 2013 sentencing and how confident she was that he’d be home.  I ran into the living room to find my wife preparing my girls for school, i.e., brushing hair, etc.  I told…

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