Prayer Strategist 101: Lead those you have influence with. . .

Strategic Prayer Matthew chapter 9 verses 37thru38

ION Prayer links with many others who have a heart to pray for those who still wait to hear the name of Jesus. . .

What might it look like to be a part of the work of God as a prayer strategist?

Prayer Strategist 101: Lead those you have influence with to see the work of God in prayer related to your focus. 

This morning as I began to pray, asking the Lord, “How might my prayer for this 16th day of Gratitude be focused?  (November the Month of Gratitude)

I was reminded of a dear friend and fellow Prayer Strategist, Milton Monell. Milt leads the Global Prayer Team, in cultivating movements of God-dependent intercessors globally for Campus Crusade (CRU). God used him to play a significant part in our launch as a prayer network. Visit their website: 

I am so grateful for Milt and those like him who quietly serve the body of Christ to equip, mobilize and encourage the intercessors around the globe.

1116151155Last month as I was in the CRU bldg. for my Prayer Strategist assignment with a great commission partners group to pray with “eyes open” during their meeting, I was able to slip upstairs to pray at the Great Commission Global Prayer Center for the work of God that happens from this partner group’s headquarters. As I walked and prayed, I noticed a familiar theme…

Milt’s team had this flyer available:

PRAY2020 Lord of the Harvest


What a joy to see the reminder of this wonderful scripture promise and probably, the “least prayed prayer” being used to bring others to pray!

In my role as Senior Associate – Prayer, for the International Orality Network, I serve as a prayer strategist. The Lord has given me a great gift of being allowed me to see the model of those like Milt Monell, who use every opportunity to equip, mobilize and encourage intercessors in their sphere of influence.

The Orality Network is the group I focus most of my time in. God continues to bless the efforts of our teams. For several weeks now we have been involved in the Bible in 90 Days Prayer Initiative, praying for the EVERY & ALL of those Oral & Oral Bible-less peoples all across the face of the earth who DO NOT currently, have Scripture in their heart language to be on the radar of the body of Christ. We are believing for a huge miracle, that is only possible through the work of God. The numbers of souls that hang in the balance is huge. But God is able.

To join us see the previous blog post: 

Prayer is the Key

The Lord keeps reminding us of the LORD of the HARVEST prayer.

90 Prayer Initiative


PRAY to the LORD of the HARVEST

United Prayer for the UUPGs

Join us in praying for the 5.7 Billion Oral Learners across the face of the earth. 1/2 of them are children! We have to present the gospel in a way that they can really hear, so that TRANSFORMATION of heart can occur.

Allow God to Interrupt Us

80% of the Worlds Population are Oral learners

Those 5.7 BILLION, who are oral learners. . . of which 1/2 are children!

Banner Connect to the ION Prayer Team

If you have questions about being a PRAYER STRATEGIST or how you might be involved in bringing your group to connect for the purpose of prayer with the Orality Network, please contact us!

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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