What kind of intercessor or pray-er are you?!

United Prayer for the UUPGsJoin Us in Praying for the 5.7 Billion Oral Learners across the face of the earth. 1/2 of them are children!

We have to present the Gospel in a way that they can really hear, so that TRANSFORMATION of the heart can occur.  #makingdisciples   

To pray for 5.7 Billion, we need more prayer warriors!

Prayer has been thought of as just a discipline to submit to. But what if God thinks of it as a continuing “divine conversation” for the purpose that we might learn a deeper level of intimacy with the Father?

When it comes to following the command of Matthew 9:38, “Therefore pray to tthe Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” We in the mission world are fast coming to the reality that we need to make a shift on the how and the why of prayer.

To get to the more, we must learn to ask the way that God might be calling us to ask. It is God who continues to be patient with us. Maybe it is us who need to remind each other, it is He who is always in charge.

The more. . . That is a challenge!

If you have ever been involved in prayer ministry where you have the opportunity to be with others who are from different streams and formats you know first hand of the joy of the journey!

The opportunity for the Body of Christ to link together outside of our “normal” sphere is always a joy and a journey. Times such as that can many times be a critical time for us. Paradigm shifts can come unexpectedly. Even in the midst of the messy.

As a facilitator and prayer ministry room leader, we should be the one to set the tone. That can happen ahead of time and sometimes midstream! By far the best approach to this subject, is to stay close to the Father in “divine conversation” rather than in the discipline of prayer. That might sound strange to some. But let me say allowing the Body to learn to walk together is a journey on both sides of the fence. It can also be a challenge even for seasoned warriors.

You can do teaching on expectations ahead of time or at the beginning of your time together. Sometimes we find we just need to stop facilitating and let the Holy Spirit have the room to teach as only He can do.

People will be people and ministry is sometimes messy. Individually and corporately there is a work going on. The Father is always at work. We must take this into consideration. I can share from experience, don’t under estimate what God is up to. Growing and maturing can become too difficult or uncomfortable, unless your model rests on “What might the King want?”

Watch the room, or if you are mentoring and teaching watch the individual. All things are playing into the atmosphere of the room. Consider ahead of time and in your planning to take time to address the elephant in the room (learning unity in diversity). What a gift it is to see your team and teams who are on their journey to maturity intentionally chose to dance with the Holy Spirit together. Even learning “new dance steps” along the way!

Look at this topic as a part of your prayer strategy. A good prayer strategist looks at and accesses the situation and then relies on God. So rely on God to walk the ones you are instructing in a new way to look at prayer. The God-centered & Spirit-directed method of trusting the Father.

There are so many different types of intercessors and pray-ers talked about in the Bible. In the past several years I have begun to share more openly that in ministry especially with ION being a network the value of asking God for the more. With that comes more diversity. With diversity you have to learn to not only allow for us to come together to serve, but even more so the value of us coming together to learn more from each other.

We have seen first hand how God uses our teams who come from various back grounds and streams to flow in unity as we focus on worship and prayer keeping in the foundation the asking of “What might the King want? What about the question of “What might the King want us to pray?”

That is for another blog. . .

You cannot fully appreciate unity in diversity until you acknowledge that it all comes in and of God and for the purposes of His plan. We are simply vessels to be willing to be used of Him.

In case the idea of understanding biblical models of different types of intercessors and pray-ers is new to you, see the pictures and link below for a teaching that I often do at conferences.

Truth is many of us have had more than one or two of these ever modeled for us. It might be because of denominational backgrounds. But I contend it is more so from our own bias and ignorance. By that I mean that we are comfortable praying a certain way or using a certain format. And simply denominations do not always provide the means of walking in this new way. It is extremely challenging to put yourself in a situation that you have to “stay the course” so to speak to learn another method. Or more importantly to learn the value of the “more” of prayer.

Here are SOME examples of the different types of Intercessors from Scripture:

These slides are from the ION Prayer Slideshow featuring Biblical examples of intercessors:


You are welcome to use them, but please share that they come from http://IONPrayer.com

We invite others to link together in a “two way conversation” format. One of not just wanting to share, but one of being ready to receive from others in the ministry of prayer. There is always more to learn about prayer. It is a great gift to quiet yourself to learn the discipline of learning to receive.

– See more about how to partner in prayer with the ION prayer teams at: http://orality.net/prayer_partners

Could you as a prayer leader or mobilizer of prayer, possibly be called to a different type of prayer leadership? Such as that of being a prayer strategist? A prayer strategist is one who shares and helps their organization, agency, or church to make prayer the foundation of all the work.

We desire to connect and ask the Father how together, He might use all of us in a greater way in the finishing of the Great Commission. If you would like to talk about taking on the opportunity to be a prayer strategist where you are or are looking for a place to share with others who love to pray, we ask you to connect today.

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