Prayer & different types of Intercession

Types of Intercessors

Today’s topic:

Making a priority of the lifestyle of prayer.

What does making a priority of the lifestyle of prayer look like? It can involve spending days and sometimes nights in prayer, learning to put being above all about prayer and teaching about prayer, leading in prayer and leading/facilitating in prayer. Understanding along the way our primary job is to bring God glory. Not in us being known for prayer or being a specific type of prayer warrior or intercessor or in how we “do” prayer. But rather can we just “be of prayer”.

God wants to bring us to a new understanding, He has made it abundantly clear that He it wanting to reorient the body of Christ for this season to look differently of prayer and to look of Him for what He is saying of prayer!

Finally in His involvement of prayer, prayer rooms and facilitating of prayer around the globe.

When I became an adult believer, God allowed me to search out what I really believed. Having been brought up to attend a church on Sunday was just not enough (at least in my point of view). So my journey began, I thought. . .

In my searching, I realized that a good amount of what I was finding “out there in my search” was already implanted into my spirit and I had received in training in my early years or a foundation of it was there. Now some 42 years later, it seems as if there is a deeper level of rest in what I THINK I have to know. It has been very much a journey of learning to trust.


A journey of learning to trust in Him is one each one of us is doing, all along the way of our journey with Him.

Back when I became a believer in elementary school in a liturgical church setting, being a person of prayer was a given. I like many of you might have been taught the LORD’S PRAYER as a child.

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Somewhere along the journey, I picked up an incorrect functionality of prayer. I had begun to think it was more about the doing. When in fact it is always about “the being” of and in Him. Owning my part in the responsibility, maybe down the road it will help others.

It cannot get any more simple to look at prayer as more than we are called to “be” people of prayer.

The journey to “demystify the idea of prayer intercessor” has became a part of prayer ministry. But the reality and crossover to victory comes in making a choice to take on a more healthy life pattern that goes back to my beginnings as the person who facilitates prayer for ION. God is looking to reorient us in the area of prayer. It is shaping the teaching of prayer.

The key is it is all about being “of prayer”. . .

I have and will continue to teach on the different types of biblical prayer and biblical types of prayer people in Scripture. It is biblical to see that God used and allowed different types of both items. We need more written specifically in simple examples. But let’s not miss the obvious, it is all about the assignment that He needs to be accomplished. He will use willing vessels. He does, but His purpose in having you be a specific type of prayer intercessor or warrior is not so your identity is in your job or assignment, but in what He needs done.

Some have made prayer a business. Some have avoided prayer at all costs. For all of us, being a person of prayer is a given. To follow Jesus means, 1 Cor. 11:1-2 “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.”  1 Peter 2:21 “…leaving you an example, so that you might follow in His steps.” Do we believe that Jesus made prayer a priority of His life? That He now sits at the right hand of the Father, to make intercession on our behalf?   Jesus now sits at the right hand of the Father, making intercession for us. (Click here for Scripture links)

Yes we do believe, now we must walk in it to a greater level.

On mission with God, in prayer.

That is a worthy and honorable assignment, but be aware He can and will shake it up from time to time, so don’t get too comfortable in the doing, rather make a priority of the being of prayer.

Want to find out more?!

To view the powerpoint slide presentation on ION Prayer & Understanding Biblical Intercessors click here

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