JUNE 2016: ION Prayer Focus Guide

Here we are at the 1/2 year mark of 2016. Wow! Time is moving, time is ticking. .  .

PicsArt_05-29-08.46.12Yet at the same time in the middle of it all, it seems so slow. Sometimes we do not take the time to stop and look at where we are as things are moving so fast. But when we do, it is always a treat to look back and see the hand of God right in the middle of it all.

50 days of prayerOne year ago, we were ending our 5o Days to Pentecost Prayer Initiative (https://ionprayer.com/2015/04/06/ion-pentecost-prayer-initiative-50-days-easter-to-pentecost-7-weeks7-topics/).


50 days of prayer 2Screenshot_2016-05-26-15-09-45-1Screenshot_2016-05-26-15-09-54-1

As our ION Core Prayer Team looks out into today and into tomorrow, we are seeing and we are believing for the answers. In this year of “REFRESH”, we are believing for the MORE. Yet still not all is in full view, so to speak. We see God’s activity and His answers are upon us. Things are moving at mock speed in many ways. Can we pause and stop to take note?!

We want to ask you to link in prayer for what God is doing in and with those involved in Orality around the globe. As we share the picture of what God is doing in and on behalf of the Oral and Oral Bible-less that you might not be aware of in the world of Orality.

4 New Focus Areas

  1. Global Positioning
  2. NEXT Generation – Students and Younger Adults
  3. Media-ization – Getting the Story out
  4. Maintaining the centrality of all we do to be the Bible – The WORD

What does it look like to move out into these areas?

  • Fresh Vision
  • Looking out & seeking out to those who may not yet be a part of ION
  • Focus our listening – intentionally focusing on hearing
  • Exploring Needs
  • Discover God’s View
  • Seeing the Potential
  • Serving Effectively and Stewarding the Sacred Gift  – fostering and encouraging a Global Orality Movement

Seeing the ANSWERS

Global Positioning Regional Orality Communities

ION’s mission is to influence the body of Christ to make disciples of all oral learners. To do this we must become truly global as a network, as oral preference learners are in every people group. – Click  and take a listen and pray alongside the vision into the future that has been released.  https://soundcloud.com/ion-690149754/becoming-truly-global-as-a-network

Orality – Changing the Paradigm

Be sure to visit https://orality.net/about/

September 12 – September 14 · Houston’s First Baptist Church

A new step for ION – North America Regional Conference. Ask with us for a strong drawing and continued answer to our prayers to engage the NEXT Generation. As well to see the media-ization come forth as this conference will be linked in REAL TIME to Social Media.

Word Without borders
Orality: making Him known through creativity and culture.

Together, we will be exploring how we can both be inspired by the creativity of God and also honor the diversity of the communities in our midst as we seek to use new forms of media, oral and creative expression to communicate the richness of God’s story.

Register at http://ionevents.org

Serving Effectively. Walking together along the Gateways & Paths of Orality

Gateways-Innovation Research & Innovations Gateways-EducationEducation
        Gateways-MediaMedia               Gateways-ArtsCultureArts & Culture
        Gateways-DevelopmentDevelopment (Integral Mission)
Gateways-FocusedOutreach Focused Outreach     Gateways-StoryingStorying

See more at: https://orality.net/networks/gateways/

Looking into June: Recalibrate


Looking to the Global Prayer World: Partnering Together in Global Prayer Strategies 

ION Prayer invites you to link in alongside millions around the globe in the 30 Days of Global Prayer for the Muslim World, prayer initiative again this year. Mark your calendars and share with your prayer teams. Note: The 30 Days of Prayer begins at Sunset on June 5th. Join  June 6 – July 5  for 30 Days of Prayer  – To find more information, you can visit http://30daysprayer.com 


PTAP Praying Thru the Arabian PeninsulaIntroducing a Ramadan Prayer Guide…

As Muslims pray and fast during Ramadan, we pray for them.
Ramadan is June 6 – July 5, 2016


Every year most Muslims fast for a month from sunrise to sunset. Muslims follow the lunar calendar. In 2016, Ramadan likely will begin June 6 and end on July 5.
Christians serving in the Arab Muslim world are asking you to pray specifically during this time frame as Muslims take the month to fast. Muslims eat at night during Ramadan, but this fast is a challenge and many take it as a spiritual time. We pray Muslims will come to know Jesus Christ during this month focused on prayer and fasting. In this prayer guide, you will find suggested Scriptures to pray through. Many prayer points are from Christians living in each country, and there are prayers of blessing for these nations. Isaiah 58:1-12 is a great Scripture to read to understand more about fasting. This prayer guide was created by OM. The prayer guide is free and you are welcome to share it. PTAP will send out an email on the dates the countries in our region overlap with the larger prayer guide. 
Please download the complete daily Ramadan Prayer Guide from PTAP at:

Grateful for PTAP & their 18 years of sharing and advocating for the 30 Days of Prayer. To connect to them visit: http://www.pray-ap.info/



Grateful for WorldChristian.com making a way to distribute the prayer guides each year. You can order your copy at: http://www.worldchristian.com/productdetails.php/product_id=37263

JOIN Prayercast on a prayer journey across the Muslim world during Ramadan.  We are bombarded almost daily with news of barbaric acts of terrorism. But if all we know about Islam is what we see on the news, we are missing an incredible story:
  • The greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history is happening NOW.
  • Everywhere Islam exists people are being drawn to Jesus Christ.
  • This is happening in direct correlation to increased movements of prayer.
God is MOVING and He’s inviting YOU to join Him. Now is the time to PRAY because Jesus loves and died to save every one of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today. 
From 6 June – 5 July Muslims will intentionally seek Allah during the month of Ramadan*, presenting powerful opportunities for encounters with Jesus
Would you join believers around the world in strategic prayer for Muslims by committing to the Prayercast Ramadan Challenge? We ask two things:
  1. Pray with us as we focus on different regions and nations each day for 28 days.
  2. Invite at least one friend to join you. 
As we prepare for the month of Ramadan, let’s pray along with a former radical Muslim who is now a follower of Jesus – that Muslims around the world would encounter Jesus as they fast and pray.
Together let’s watch and pray,
The Prayercast Team
*Ramadan is one of the months of the Muslim calendar, landing on 6 June-5 July this year. During this month Muslims around the world will intentionally seek Allah through prayer and fasting – one of Islam’s five pillars – the most important requirements of their faith. Abstaining from earthly pleasures, they seek the cleansing of their souls from sin.
Click here to see the prayer schedule and learn more about the Prayercast Ramadan Challenge. You can also like us on Facebook, and/or follow us on Twitter for daily prompts and reminders. #PrayercastRamadanChallenge

Please check the ION Website for information on the 30 Days Prayer Initiative: https://orality.net/event/30-days-of-prayer-for-the-muslim-world/?lang=en

Picture #WorldRefugeeSunday

June 19 & 26th, 2016          Find out more Info & Find Resources: ow.ly/m8yU300lACh

We continue to ask you to link in prayer for the Oral & Oral Bible-less thru http://fetchaprayer.net/?page_id=5&target=Oral%20and%20Oral%20Bible-less%20Peoples&pronoun=group&pcwpnl=1&cat=35 You can sign up to receive a prayer prompt into your email or text message.

Praying for: Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples

Pray for Unreached Peoples
Revelation for a Pioneer

Intro: In every people group there are pioneers who are ready to break with their culture and tradition, and explore something new. Our prayers can focus the attention of the Holy Spirit on one of these pioneers.

Scripture: Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. -1 Chronicles 16:24

Prayer: Lord, You are God over all the earth, Your kingdom extends beyond the heavens. There is no one more worthy of praise than You. You are God, and there is no one else.

Lord I lift up the pioneers among the Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples, those who have a drive to explore new places and new ideas. Who are not satisfied with what is, but are always longing for what could be.

Holy Spirit, I ask that today you would visit one of these pioneers and spark in their mind the revelation they need to embrace the Good News of Jesus. Fuel their heart for discovery to seek Your truth, and Your face.

Break them free from traditions and superstitions, and stir their pioneering spirit to search for the one true God, and to carve a path for others to follow. In Jesus mighty name, amen.

Let us know you prayed…

On going Ethne Prayer Initiative

Ethnê & GPD Prayer Calendar for June:  Click Here
For Espanol: Click Here

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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