Sept. 2016 ION Prayer Focus


September 2016 is here!

The ION Prayer Team will have a 12 person team at the Houston ION Regional Conference. We will be floating around ready to connect. We want to hear what God is doing within your Oralitysphere. And we look forward to sitting together and praying with you.

Screenshot_2016-05-17-16-36-07-1-1For those not already signed up, there is still time to register at:

We will gather at 7401 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas United States:

Before everyone arrives for the conference the ION leadership will be gathering for a few days for their twice a year “face to face” time of praying together and meeting.

Please join in praying as the ION Leadership gathers. And for the Regional Conference.

After the conference STS will offer Training. September 15September 19

STS Logo - transperant

Simply The Story: Inductive Bible Study – Oral Style. Plan now to stay a few extra days after ION and take home a skill that will last for years. Learn how to easily remember and tell Bible stories, and teach through discussion. Practice using questions…

Faith Bible Church
5505 Research Forest Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77381 United States  
For more info and the link on how to register go to: 
Full workshop Thurs., Sept. 15 – Mon., Sept. 19, 2016
Practitioner workshop Sat., Sept. 17 – Mon., Sept. 19, 2016
**Special ION Attendee Practitioner Workshop Schedule**
**See Brochure for Details**
For teaching content or to REGISTER: 951-658-1619
To download a workshop brochure click here
To download a registration form click here
ONLINE Registration – 5Day Full Workshop ONLY – click here (opens new window)

Connecting in prayer for the Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples

Sept. 2016: Sudan

This month we are praying for the 23 People Groups of Sudan with NO SCRIPTURE (Written or Oral)
 How can this be?! Pray NOW!
FTT# UPG Name       Population  Language   Religion WS OS J F R G C B   
5933 Acheron           13,000  Acheron       Islam   N N N N N Y N N 
1260 Bokoruge          84,500  Daju,Dar Sila Ethnic  N N N N N Y N N   
1006 Dar Fur Daju     107,000  Daju,Dar Fur  Islam   N N N N N N N Y 
1007 Deaf             215,000  Unk           Various N N N N N N N N
5938 Delen              5,300  Dilling       Islam   N N N N N Y N N
1011 Erenga            10,500  Assangori     Islam   N N N N N Y N N
1261 Fanya             50,500  Fania         Islam   N N N N N N Y Y 
5282 Fur            1,300,000  Fur           Islam   N N Y N N Y N Y
1262 Gulfan            48,000  Ghulfan       Islam   N N N N N Y N N  
5460 Gulud             34,000  Katla         Islam   N N N N N Y Y Y 
5283 Ingessana        107,000  Gaam          Islam   N N N N N N Y Y  
0581 Kimr             185,000  Assangori     Islam   N N N N N Y N Y   
1021 Lopit             76,500  Lopit         Ethnic  N N N N N Y N N   
1023 Mima             138,000  Amdang        Islam   N N N N N N Y Y    
1191 Ngile             58,000  Ngile         Islam   N N N N N Y Y Y   
5239 Shatt             23,000  Shatt         Islam   N N N N N Y N N 
1268 Sungor            21,500  Assangori     Islam   N N N N N N Y Y 
1029 Tagale           131,000  Tegali        Islam   N N N N N N Y Y  
1030 Tama              92,000  Tama (Chad)   Islam   N N N N N Y N N  
1269 Togole            49,500  Tegali        Islam   N N N N N N Y Y  
5242 Tulishi           12,500  Tulishi       Islam   N N N N N N N N 
1192 Wali              58,500  Wali (Sudan)  Islam   N N N N N N N Y    
1032 Zaghawa          150,000  Zaghawa       Islam   N N N N N Y Y Y
Column key:
WS - at least some Written Scripture - 23
OS - at least some Oral Scripture - 23
J - JESUS Films -1
F - Faith /Evangelical Films -23
R - Christian radio broadcasts -1
G - Gospel Recordings -13
C - at least one known church -7
B - at least one known believer -10
All 23 of these people groups have No Scripture, 
No Faith or Evangelistic Films and No Christian Radio
Let’s Pray in unity for the seven people groups in particular who have NO RESOURCES AVAILABLE at all:
Acheron, Bokoruge, Deaf, Delen, Erenga, Gulfan and Tulishi
Today we remember these 388,800 souls waiting for someone to take note alongside You for them of these particular people groups in Sudan who have NO RESOURCES. We pray for Scripture, both Written and Oral Scriptures to come to all 23 people groups. We further stand together to pray for an Bible Project to be on some groups planning table soon for each and every one of the 23! Praying in agreement with Jesus, the Lord of the Harvest prayer. Father would you open the hearts of key individuals who will have the courage to proclaim their faith in these peoples. WE PRAY NOW FOR PROJECTS TO CRAFT ORAL BIBLE STORIES IN THESE LANGUAGES. God’s arm is not too short, now does He slumber about these issues. Lord we come into agreement for the needs of these peoples to know you and to have your Word available. In Jesus name. Amen.
Pray NOW!

Praying for Sudan – PrayerCast

Video Download Links:

We continue in the format of Kingdom focused, God centered and Spirit driven prayer. We are asking for a greater capacity for intercessors and pray-ers to pray as the Lord and the Holy Spirit are leading you.

Again we are linking to ION partner group -as you pray you might want to click here to use the Sudan PrayerCast video during your prayer time.

As we pray this month for these 23 People Groups who have NO SCRIPTURE, let’s link into these prayer points together:

  • Pray for definitive peace and stability between tribal groups and military commanders who continue to vie for power.
  • Pray for government leaders to rule with integrity and justice.
  • Pray for the church to grow spiritually strong despite intense suffering and persecution.
  • Pray that Sudanese believers would remain faithful to Christ in persecution and join together as a unified body of believers.
  • Pray for each of these people groups to have an Oral Scripture Project on the planning table.

The information in the table we use each month comes from our ION partner group Finishing the Task (FTT)

Praying specifically for Oral and Oral Bibleless People 

The remaining Unreached Unengaged People Groups (UUPG) are for the most part oral societies. We need to shift our understanding to include prayer for the Oral and Oral Bibleless peoples as well. Realizing that large portions of the globe still do not have access to Scripture, we need to learn to pray for those who communicate in oral ways or prefer oral methods. Let’s ask God to teach us to understand the needs of oral communicators, recognizing that they need to hear the gospel story in a different way or format in order to properly understand its message. Let’s pray for God to use technology to bring His story to the masses of this day so that soon there are  ZERO peoples left to hear the name of Jesus. Let’s pray for new gateways and new pathways for the gospel to every tongue, tribe and nation.

How does that happen within the Orality Network


Technology is opening doors that previously have not been available:

Through the internet the availability of Scripture has shifted the landscape of access to the Bible in multiple languages and mother tongue languages that previously were not open to access by individuals. Praise God with us for the Repositories of Scripture sites like  and YouVersion .

Another great resource is the Open Access Websites for Oral Scripture and Story Sets from ION network partner websites such as OneStory: Listen Now and IMB Partner Connect and Global Recordings Network (GRN) . God is making a way!

Connecting with ION Partner – CRU Prayer

As a part of the movement of missions to complete the Great Commission, we partner with others. We would love for you to partner as well with our friends at CRU for #Pray2020.

Strategic Prayer Matthew chapter 9 verses 37thru38

1. Start with a simple daily prayer – Pause for a moment to pray something as simple as this:  Jesus said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Matthew 9:37-38).  Sign up:

2. Invite others to #Pray2020 – There are a number of ways that you can encourage people to be a part:

  • Invite people personally to pray
  • Refer people to
  • Print a PDF version of a flyer
  • Use a Twitter hashtag (#Pray2020) to let others across the Body of Christ know you are involved: Tweet simply: “I’m in!”

3. Share what you’re seeing God do – Use the same hashtag (#Pray2020) to share specifics of your 2020 prayers, or to link to stories of how you, your ministry teams, or others are seeing God’s Spirit move toward the fulfillment of His Great Commission.

Movements Prayer Journal: Aug.-Sept. 2016

Connecting in Global Prayer

Fellow Prayer Strategists (FPS):

You might be interested in joining to further connect with other global prayer leaders.

  • 2nd Thursday of Each Month FPS Monthly Call  for Prayer Catalysts/Strategists to gather to pray together through a sequence that allows us to pray around the world. See below for the link for the Sept. focus. This call allows for us as a group of fellow believers serving teams, networks, organizations or denominations in different capacities as prayer catalysts/strategists additionally to join regularly to “talk shop”–to discuss aspects of the ministry we are involved in and learn from one another. NEXT CALL: Thursday, Sept. 8th at 9am (CDT)

These calls are also for those who serve to mobilize prayer and who would like to connect to other global prayer strategists.

Join from your PC, Mac, iOS or Android by clicking this link: 

If you would like to receive an invitation or have any questions, email  Also see

Join as we pray in September for the Unreached People’s Calendar for South Asia.  Here is the link: 

Subject: 📢 🙏  A Call to Christians to Pray for The Hajj 2016

Reply-To: Global Prayer Resource Network <>

A Call for Prayer to all Christians for Hajj Prayer 2016:


HAJJ PRAYER 2016 is a call for Christians to pray for millions of Muslims as they go to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to perform The Hajj Pilgrimage which takes place from  9 – 11 (14)* September 2016. * Because of the millions now going on this Hajj, some will complete the Hajj in three days, others will take longer.  Source:  Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula  (PTAP)


“God’s House can only become a House of Prayer for all Nations,
when His people become People of Prayer”  

~ Unknown 

Prayer Resources from GPRN – Visit Global PRN At this web site you will find many PRAYER RESOURCES with which you can enrich your prayer life.


Partnering Prayer Strategies:

Unie in Prayer daily at 11:55 am
STOP what you are busy with,
FOCUS on the Lord and
LISTEN to what He is saying to you,
FINISH with the LORD’S PRAYER at 12 noon.


Check out these global prayer partner groups:




ION Brochure: If you would like to download a trifold brochure explaining ION and Orality, follow this linkThe ION trifold brochure

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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