October 2016 ION Prayer Focus


Second stack of bibles

How Many Bibles Do You Have?

Oct. 1st to Dec. 31st-Pray through the Bible in 90 Days. We are asking for our ION Prayer Partners to link in united prayer during this 90 day prayer initiative.

We continue to focus our prayers toward those who do not have access to Scripture in their heart language or mother tongue.

This month we are teaming up with the Ethne / Fellowship of Prayer Strategists, PRAYING FOR THOSE UPGs WHO HAVE NO SCRIPTURE in South Asia, who are of the Muslim religion.


Linking to the Ethne Prayer October Focus: http://legacy.joshuaproject.net/ethne.php?es=2&ethnemonth=10

We want to praying for those in SE Asia who are Oral Peoples. We want to focus on 12 UUPGs who have NO SCRIPTURE and little to NO Access to Oral Scripture & Bible Resources:

BHUTAN (8 UUPGs) – Deaf, Dzalakha, Kurtop, Lakha, Matpa, Nyenpa (NO Scripture & NO other Bible Resources) Tibetan & Tseku (NO Oral Scripture, some other Bible Resources)
BANGLADESH (2 UUPGs) – Dalu  & Ushoi (NO Oral Scripture, some other Bible Resources)
INDIA (2 UUPGs) –Dhobi (Kashmiri) & Parenga (NO Oral Scripture, some other Bible Resources)
NEPAL (0) – SRI LANKA (0) – MALDIVES (0) – The people groups in these 3 countries are some of the blessed who have Written & Oral Scriptures available. There are no UUPGs in these countries who need Scripture in their languages. Praise God!

We want to highlight two particular people groups that Finishing the Task (FTT) has said are a high priority. Please pray with us for the Dalu of Bangladesh and the Dhobi of India. [To see the most current FTT UUPG Listing: http://www.finishingthetask.com/uupgs.php?sort=Country]

Pray for the Dalu Unengaged (per Finishing the Task)
2,400 pop.
NO Oral Scripture, or any other Scripture Resource. They only have Written Scripture and  are an oral culture people group
Darlong language
There are resources available in Bengali, but not their mother tongue language.
100% Islam
Pray for the Dhobi (Kashmiri)(Muslim traditions)
This is one particular group of 7,000 in population. They were engaged previously, but have no believers. They are in need of oral resources specific to their heart language.
NEED Oral Bible Scripture, as they are an oral culture people.
Dogri language
There are many resources available in Urdu, but not as many their heart language and mother tongue.
100% Islam

Prayer Calendar:


Click here for the October 2016 Fellowship of Prayer Strategistis Prayer Calendar

  • October 2016 – Unreached Muslims of South Asia “The Maldives: A Place Where the Gospel is Viewed as a Threat”
  • October 2016 – Español
  • JOIN THE Fellowship of Prayer Strategists MONTHLY CALL: FPS Prayer Call October 13, 2016 at 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm7am CST/1pm GMT Please email prayerethne@gmail.com for information on how to connect to this monthly prayer call.

As we continue to drill down in prayer for Oral & Oral Bible-less Peoples around the globe, focus in on praying for Scripture for the every and all, especially these oral culture peoples. Those who most probably have never had the opportunity to be involved in Scripture Engagement in any way. They will not fully be able to comprehend correctly when they read Scripture even in if it is in their own language, because they are Oral Peoples whose culture is not geared toward the receiving of information in a literate (letters to paper) way. It is an 18″ issue – distance between the head and the heart.


How do we make disciples without the Scripture, the Word of God???

How do we pray for these people groups?

How do we understand how they receive info?

For the past three years our ION Prayer Teams have taken the last three months of the year and prayed as they listened to the Bible in Audio format. Asking God for Oral Bibles for every oral culture people group.

Bible in 90 Days – A different kind of prayer initiative

Praying & Washing in the Word Daily for the last three months of the year. ASKING for Scripture and Scripture Access to be available for the Every & All.

Bible in 90 Days – Prayer Initiative

Source: https://orality.net/prayer/bible-in-90-days-prayer-initiative/

Think about this. . .

How many Bibles do you have in your possession? Did you know that currently there are 1,778 languages that do not have ONE VERSE OF SCRIPTURE in their heart language! How can that be?!! Most of us reading this have the ENTIRE BIBLE ALL 66 BOOKS available as well as in different versions. Anytime we choose to, we are able to open our Bibles and take God’s Word into our hearts. Sadly that is not the case, around the globe.

Audio in other languagesAre you willing to try it? 

Pick a language and just step into Bible Engagement each day for the next 90 days. While you are listening to the Word, remember to pray Matthew 9:35-38, The Lord of the Harvest Prayer.

Think about what it might be like to not have access to God’s Word or NO SCRIPTURE. Pray for the 1,778 languages that have NO SCRIPTURE at this time.

Simply we are calling the intercessors and pray-ers to be intentional to begin to step into Scripture engagement in the form of listening to the Word of God daily. Don’t get caught up in checking off the chapters. Just let the Word wash over you as you pray. Thinking about how hard it must be to be without the Scriptures. Praying for more Bible translations projects to be started to fill the gaps in Full Bibles, New Testament portions, Oral Scriptures/Oral Story Sets/Recordings, etc. and in small portions for the EVERY & ALL who still wait to hear. . . really hear in a way they can respond and receive the good news of God’s salvation through the gift of Christ Jesus.

To participate:

One way to get startedscreenshot_2016-09-29-13-50-59-1

  1. GO to: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/13- bible-in-90-days
  2. Sign up: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/13
  3. Click Start Plan
  4. Pick your preference of Bible version
  5. Be sure to use the AUDIO ‘listening mode’
  6. Set up a reminder to come into your email
  7. Then Use it daily (Don’t stop if you get behind, the point is to give it a try & listen to God’s Word and pray for others to have access to Scripture!)
    Follow the plan “Bible in 90 Days” in the AUDIO ‘listening mode’. . .

For a sample click here: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/13-bible-in-90-days/day/1

If you would prefer to use a chart rather than an App:screenshot_2016-09-29-13-45-51-1


We welcome you to plan to join with the group of those who pray together via Conference Call each week.

Praising God for our PRAY-ERS all over the globe who participate in united prayer.

We are grateful for those who link in united prayer each Thursday. We want to continue to lift up the oral peoples of the globe to the Father.

Would you pray with us:

Praying for: Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples

Pray for Unreached Peoples
Strategy for Workers

Intro: Gaining access and favor among an unreached people group can be very tricky. Workers need the wisdom of God to navigate cultural, political and religious issues.

Scripture: But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. -James 3:17

Prayer: Lord, You are the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega, and there is nothing hidden from Your sight. You are the wisest counselor of all. I thank You for Your promise, that You give wisdom to those who ask.

I’m asking now for Your servants working with the Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples, that You would give them the strategies they need today. Fill them with heavenly wisdom that is pure, peace-loving, and considerate. Reveal to them the divine strategies they need to navigate the cultural issues they are facing with the Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples.

Inspire them with creative solutions to the political and religious challenges that hold back the Gospel among the Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples. Lord, release Your wisdom and light the path before them to penetrate this people group with the truth of Your love.

In Jesus name. Amen

We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you our pictures and praises from the Houston gathering.

picsart_09-16-08-11-55 picsart_09-19-10-44-38received_10209251316173779 fb_img_1474170245150 fb_img_1474124209662fb_img_1474909681104 picsart_09-19-10-43-34 picsart_09-16-08-21-50fb_img_1474909696191 picsart_09-26-09-34-02fb_img_1474069813501-1 What a joy to be a part of a network that encourages and celebrates prayer as a foundation of everything we do and everything we are! The Global Executive Team (GET) presented 10 year awards to Galen Miller, Lucy Knight, Barbara Worley Clark & Linda Bemis who were a part of the original start of ION Prayer as we know it today. Thank YOU Father for sending the Prayer Warriors!
🙌  🔥  🎉  💓  🙏  Screenshot_2016-06-24-14-54-42-1

 Plan to join each 5th Friday in 2016 for the Prayer Call for the Persecuted Church –  Fri. 9pm thru Sat. 9pm — Sept. 30th – Oct. 2st

[Be sure to mark in your prayer calendar, Nov. 6th & 13th IDOP and the final 5th Friday Prayer Call for 2016 -Dec. 30th]



About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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