November 2016 ION Prayer Focus

We continue in the ION 90 Days of Prayer thru Dec. 31st

Bible in 90 Days – A different kind of prayer initiative
Praying & Washing in the Word Daily for the last three months of the year. ASKING for Scripture and Scripture Access to be available for the Every & All.

Bible in 90 Days – Prayer Initiative

Second stack of bibles Think about this. . .

How many Bibles do you have in your possession? Did you know that currently there are 1,778 languages that do not have ONE VERSE OF SCRIPTURE in their heart language! How can that be?!! Most of us reading this have the ENTIRE BIBLE ALL 66 BOOKS available as well as in different versions. Anytime we choose to, we are able to open our Bibles and take God’s Word into our hearts. Sadly that is not the case, around the globe.

Are you willing to try it?

Oct. 1st to Dec. 31st-Pray through the Bible in 90 Days. We are asking for our ION Prayer Partners to link in united prayer during this 90 day prayer initiative.

As we listen, we continue to focus our prayers toward those who do not have access to Scripture in their heart language or mother tongue.

Pick a language and just step into Bible Engagement each day for the next 90 days. While you are listening to the Word, remember to pray Matthew 9:35-38, The Lord of the Harvest Prayer.

Think about what it might be like to not have access to God’s Word or NO SCRIPTURE. Pray for the 1,778 languages that have NO SCRIPTURE at this time.

Simply we are calling the intercessors and pray-ers to be intentional to begin to step into Scripture engagement in the form of listening to the Word of God daily. Don’t get caught up in checking off the chapters. Just let the Word wash over you as you pray. Thinking about how hard it must be to be without the Scriptures. Praying for more Bible translations projects to be started to fill the gaps in Full Bibles, New Testament portions, Oral Scriptures/Oral Story Sets/Recordings, etc. and in small portions for the EVERY & ALL who still wait to hear. . . really hear in a way they can respond and receive the good news of God’s salvation through the gift of Christ Jesus.

To participate & get started,

GO to: bible-in-90-days
Sign up
Click Start Plan
Pick your preference of Bible version
Be sure to use the AUDIO ‘listening mode’
Set up a reminder to come into your email
Then Use it daily (Don’t stop if you get behind, the point is to give it a try & listen to God’s

For full info and details, see

As we continue to pray for those who are in need of Scripture in their own language and mother tongue, we partner this month with Finishing the Task (FTT). We invite you to download the most current listing published in Sept. 2016:

Current Listing for UUPGs

393 Ethnolinguistic Unengaged* Unreached People Groups with no Scripture (sorted by Country)  Click here to download the most current UUPG Listing of Peoples who are in need of Scripture


As you Listen & Pray each day using audio Bible in this 90 Days Prayer Initiative, we invite you to pray thru the info listed in this NOV. 2016 ION Prayer Focus and take the time to download the UUPG list from the link above. From your “printed copy” pay close attention when you see columns with RED markings like this:

WS= Written Scripture  OS= Oral Scripture
No                                        No
No                                        No
No                                        No                                     

This means these people groups have NO WRITTEN AND NO ORAL SCRIPTURES available to them in their own heart language or mother tongue. ION continues to publish and believe our figure of 2/3 of the world’s population are oral either by culture or by preference. We are asking for prayer as we walk out this research and seek to influence the Body of Christ to make disciples of all oral peoples.

We further ask for prayers as we research how to identify people groups and how we must use oral strategies to reach them at a heart level. Join in praying for the ongoing Global Orality Research Project by clicking here for more info.

This also presents another problem, in regard to meeting the current needs into the future for getting Scripture and new translation work finished into the future. We need to think beyond our current situation.

Would you join in dreaming with us as we partner with the Holy Spirit work of how this situation might be handled into the future. Join with us to believe for the more. . .

Please PRAY for this work: 4.2.20 Foundation & IBLT launch School of Biblical Hebrew

The School of Biblical Hebrew uses oral teaching methodologies to take participants from beginner level to translation proficiency in Biblical Hebrew within 8 months, equipping them with the skills necessary for proficiency in translating the Old Testament directly from the source language. The SBH is a one-of-a-kind program that trains translators to make independent decisions about the meaning of the source text in Old Testament translation projects. –by 4.2.20 Foundation   Download File

Download the Press Release:


For specific prayer this month we share these interesting stats:

393 People Groups, with a total population count of 16,936,324 souls

Number of People Groups with no Written Scripture* (yellow)      243

Number of People Groups with no Oral Scripture  (red)     386

Number of People Groups with NO Written or Oral Scripture** (red)   236

People Groups still unengaged since the original “639” list (bolded)      6

* Researchers are currently investigating whether a people group is an Oral-reliant or preference people group; the outcome of that work will impact the feasibility of written Scripture needs within the people group(s).

** This includes 52 Deaf people groups; there is very little Scripture access or resources available

Further fuel for our prayer times. . .

Going by the REDs marked, here are the Top 5  NO SCRIPTURE UUPGs
#1 China = 44
#2 Chad  = 20
#3 Sudan = 16 + S. Sudan = 2  Total = 18
#4 Laos    = 12
#5 Indonesia = 10

Also of note are 52 UUPGs that are Deaf Peoples

We hope you are enjoying your daily “washing in the Word” as we LISTEN & PRAY for Scripture for the EVERY & ALL this second month of our 90 Day ION Prayer Initiative. See this link for more details. It is not too late to join us!

In the meantime, we invite you to join the ION Prayer Team each and every Thursday (except Thanksgiving & Christmas in the USA) at 2pm (EST) for one hour.

Dial: (712) 432-0926     Access code: 373000#

You are invited again this November to join in the Two (2) IDOP Prayer Calls:


Blessings to you. We appreciate your partnership and prayers.

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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