January 2017 ION Prayer Focus

Look at what God is doing. . .

Monthly Prayer Calls for Prayer Leaders involved in Great Commission Work  -You are invited to connect! 

  • JOIN THE CALL: The Aroma –  Seed Company
    These first Thursday of each month Prayer Calls will have special guests who are leaders in the front lines of Bible translation and the ministry of prayer. We will hear of inspiring stories and critical points of prayer. We will listen to God and pray together fervently for His hand to intervene in all we ask.
    Will you join us once a month in partnering with Christ in prayer? Need more info? Contact: Solomon Lujan  

    Please email marj_walton@tsco.org for international number options.
Next Call Feb. 2nd
How do we pray faithfully for what we committed to and what we know is most important to God’s heart?
  • JOIN THE CALL: Fellowship of Prayer Strategists (FPS) Prayer Call
Next Call

February 9th

This is a global prayer leaders call, linking those working globally together.
 February 9, 2017 at 1:00 pm – (2:00 pm 7am CST/1pm GMT)

For more info and call information: Email prayerethne@gmail.com on how to connect to this global leaders monthly prayer call.  https://prayerstrategists.net/about-2/

Prayer Calendar for January based on Global Prayer Digest UPG’s


Visit Global Prayer Digest: http://www.globalprayerdigest.org/


Message from the ION Prayer Team

Can you imagine with us for a day when every people group will have been adopted and someone is praying for each one of the people’s of the world?

Adopted meaning, “Someone has said they will be responsible to work toward bringing the Gospel directly to the people group.” It will be a wonderful day, when the sons of man will have been fully obedient and have taken their place with God to see a fulfillment of every people group having the opportunity to hear of the great gift of salvation in the name of Jesus, God’s perfect gift to mankind.

While 2016 has been a great year, there remains the work God has called us to join Him in. For those of us who pray each Thursday from all around the globe this is a unique gift. The gift of having the opportunity to join in united prayer, to collaborate and cooperate in prayer for His work.

As we look into 2017 we are asking for a greater ability to influence the Body of Christ to make disciples of all Oral people’s and to the bring Oral & Oral Bible-less Peoples into a greater focus in our prayers. We further ask the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to help others to see the need to advocate in a more intentional way for the Scriptures to be available to the EVERY and ALL. We are individually and corporately blessed to be a part of what God is doing.

We want to take this opportunity to also wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The ION Prayer Teams pray together each Thursday at 2pm (EST).

Dial: 1+ (712) 432-0926

Access Code: 373000#

We invite you to join as you are able.

Matthew 24:14 (WEB) 14 This Good News of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.

Believe with us for this promise.

September 2016 our team celebrated finishing 10 years of working in the place of prayer officially with ION. Some of you know we were behind the scenes for about 3 more years than that spiritual marker. When Avery Willis asked us to step into the place of prayer alongside him to quietly pray for what he was involved in regarding the Great Commission such as Table 71 and the work God was igniting in those “three times yearly working sessions” that have continued since the meeting held Amsterdam 2000  Lausanne leaders gathering where, the group said, “Table 71 takes the rest.”

Since that time God has been unfolding quite a story.

We have been blessed to see God’s activity from the place of prayer. Along the journey God continues to teach us about UUPGs, Unengaged Unreached People Groups and the global partners who are working collaboratively. We continue to watch and pray, learn and advocate for the UUPG peoples. We were asked to pray for every people group to be adopted. The numbers we were asked to pray for over the last 13 years ago have been given directly to us, originally from the 639 UUPG List (all with populations of over 100,000). Each time the numbers were updated we watched in awe and our faith grew.

We watched God birth a new journey for the Body of Christ, one of learning to collaborate together in unprecedented ways. Huge strides forward in reaching into people groups where previously no one was working.

In Dec. ION Prayer was asked to go and serve in providing On-Site Prayer for the Finishing the Task (FTT) Conference. ION has been involved over the years with FTT and as a Count for Zero Organization with Issachar Initiative.

At this gathering God allowed partner groups to step up to produce an unprecedented number of adoptions.


And another milestone was seen. . .

639 UUPG’s were adopted (all with populations of over 5,000).

Did you catch that?

13 years ago the list was at 639 UUPG List (all with populations of over 100,000).

At this gathering the list contained UUPGs above 5,000 in population.

There are still 7 UUPG’s over 200,000 in population, who are still on the list from the original list.

L👀king at the list it is interesting to note the 8 UUPGs left who are over 300,000 in population. More prayer is certainly needed. These people’s are most difficult in more ways than just sheer numbers of soul’s of men.


Click here for the “Prayer As Strategy” Workshop Resource Document from the FTT Conference in Dec. 2016 :

Prayer as Strategy – A Roadmap to getting your prayer strategy in place.

By Linda Bemis †Prayer Strategist/Sr. Associate  International Orality Network (ION)  https://IONPrayer.com


What might it look like to be a part of the work of God using Prayer As Strategy?

To “Pray first, then join God in what He is doing.”

Prayer must take on the priority status above everything else, so that everything else can effectively be done.

International Orality Network (ION) Prayer has been asked to help resource others to see prayer as “An invisible, yet tangible platform from which everything flows, as it did in the first century church”. It has been said, “Every great move of God was birthed in a movement of prayer.” We believe that goes directly back to the birth of the Church, when the disciples and the 120 were praying in the Upper Room. This we consider was a movement of prayer going into Pentecost.

For far too many, prayer is an area the Body of Christ “assumes” is being done. We are at a critical juncture in missions. Each and every leader must know there are tangible, physical groups praying alongside them. ION Prayer seeks to encourage others to advocate in prayer for Oral and Oral Bible-less peoples. In the process we help others see the great need for strategic prayer to accomplish the work with which we all are tasked. This requires getting prayer advocates and even prayer strategists in place for each of the least reached people groups, as we work alongside each other. The need will continue until there are ZERO people groups still waiting to hear the name of Jesus.

prayer-as-strategy-graphic Prayer As Strategy – Workshop presented at the Finishing the Task (FTT) Conference

Purpose: To have a foundational Prayer Component in each group working with or adopting a UUPG.


  1. Who drives your prayer strategy?
  2. Who is your team (pit crew)?
  3. How do you find them?
  4. What will it take?
  5. What are the elements an Executive Leader or Minister needs to contribute?
  6. Crafting a plan before the end of the workshop.

The most effective setup & format for a workshop is Round tables, using an interactive format.

For the full resources spoken about in this workshop we have placed them in a google document for everyone to use:



Can we ask the Father to help those working toward any path of ministry to make it a priority to have prayer as their foundation. That they might see the need to have a Prayer Champion in place that would come alongside the work and who will keep the fire of intercession hot on the altar for the work.

This might look different to different groups, but at the core, there is one person who connects to the Prayer Strategist and one person who serves on your team whose primary focus is Prayer As Strategy working with the larger group. Seek the Lord’s guidance for your organization for the right person.


Linking in prayer across the globe:

JOIN the Ethne Prayer Strategy Workgroup and the Fellowship of Prayer Strategists (FPS) to ask for more prayer for every religious background group such as the 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims into the future. This group is working on a NEW prayer resource for 30 Days of Prayer for Buddhists.

See the information to join here:  https://prayerstrategists.net/about/prayer-guides/ 

JOIN in asking for more prayer resources in this coming year of 2017. One of these that is in the works also is: “Love Muslims” from OneWay – PrayerCast.com Would you link in prayer and praise for this new work. This will be launched in 2017. It will offer education and prayer resource prayer videos to pray in a more deeper way for the Muslim world.

We hope you enjoy this trailer highlighting what’s coming in 2017 from PrayerCast: https://vimeo.com/192482449/5547e52000

As the ION Prayer Team prayed and asked God what He was saying during the FTT Prayer Assignment we took note of one specific thread. . .

INTENTIONALITY on the part of the FTT Team. God was bringing into reality His desire of INTENTIONALITY. It was unmistakable! A definite bringing into focus, of two specific areas: Deaf Peoples and People’s who have NO SCRIPTURE – No Written Scripture and/or No Oral Scripture.

We will continue to pray asking God how to respond. We will continue to ask Him to bring a larger number of Intercessors and Pray-ers into play in the finishing of His task of reaching the world.

We will continue to ask, “Who is He raising up for such a time as this?”

We will continue to persistently prevail and endure until every Deaf people group has access, as well as pressing in further for the Every and All to have access to Scripture just as we in the West have access to the Bible. At that point another milestone will be marked:

  • Then the real work continues, of #makingdisciples across the face of the globe.
  • We invite YOU to step in and get fully engaged to be on mission with God in prayer.
  • Let us move into 2017 with a higher expectation.
  • EXPECTING AND BELIEVING GOD IS ANSWERING the prayer we have been commanded to pray from Jesus. Some have called it the “least prayed prayer”.

Lord, draw the Body of Christ into obedience and turn up the fire on the altar for workers. 

Matthew 9:38 (NIV) 38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Luke 10:2 (NIV) He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

Holy Spirit come give wisdom, come give new strategies for Bible Translation. Come with YOUR ability to finished so that Every and All people’s might have greater ability for sustainable church planting movements, especially fulfill the current need of those who are without Scripture in their heart language or Mother tongue.


Thank you for the blessing this past year of Your Word in digital format in our lives as we finish out 2016 listening together again, in the “Bible in 90 Days Prayer Initiative”. We have been able to saturate ourselves & take in deeply Your promises, wisdom and instructions as we participated in opening up our ear gates to allow His Word to wash over us these 90 days. You are our resting place. Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Spirit of God, Mighty One, God of angel armies! Come, YOU are welcome, Come Presence of the Most High.

“Deep within me I have hidden Your word so that I will never sin against You. You are blessed, O Eternal One; instruct me in what You require. My lips have told how You have delivered all Your wise rulings. I have celebrated Your testimonies as though rejoicing over an immeasurable fortune. I will fix my mind on Your instructions and my eyes on Your path. I will find joy in Your ordinances; I will remember Your word forever.” Psalm 119:9-16 (VOICE)

In Jesus name. Amen

Thank you again for collaborating and cooperating in united prayer with ION. We rejoice together for another year to finish out the year in the Bible in 90 Days Prayer Initiative Dec. 31st together.

If you have not yet been making the time daily to spend in His Word… open up your app market on your phone and download an app that will let you carry the Word around with you.

We encourage you to begin to make it a habit in 2017 to get INTO THE WORD & FALL IN LOVE AGAIN WITH GOD’S WORD. Drag out your ear buds and let the Word RENEW you!

The ION Core Prayer Team is praying for the blessing for you to get fully plugged in to daily Scripture Engagement in this upcoming New Year.

Get Plugged In Daily to His Story in 2017!

We invite you to join in prayer alongside the ION Core Prayer Team for FTT & the ongoing work of the Issachar Initiative:
Dr. David Pope
Chief Operating Officer
A Partnering Organization with

Finishing the Task (FTT).

International Orality Network is pleased to be a Count for Zero partner with the Issachar Initiative.
Here is a copy of Dr. Pope’s Oct. Prayer Update for Issachar Initiative:screenshot_2016-12-13-09-51-05-1screenshot_2016-12-13-09-51-16-1
Persistently prevailing,
Linda Bemis
International Orality Network
Sr. Associate – Prayer
International Council Member
Email: IONPrayer@gmail.com
Skype: ionprayer
ION Prayer Blog: http://www.IONPrayer.com

International Orality Network
– Influencing the body of Christ to make disciples of all oral learners
– 80% of the world (5.7 billion) are oral learners and of that group 1/2 are children!  ~ Visit: http://www.Orality.net

Isaiah 42:16 “I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.”

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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