April 2017 ION Prayer Focus

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Praying for: Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples

Pray with us for Open Doors in the Midst of Trouble: 

When epidemics or natural disasters strike or trouble the just come to individuals and families, the results can be devastating. Often, in the midst of this difficulty and uncertainty there comes an opening for the Gospel.

Scripture: “O LORD, my strength and my fortress, my refuge in time of distress, to you the nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, “Our fathers possessed nothing but false gods, worthless idols that did them no good.” -Jeremiah 16:19

Prayer: Lord, You are the Good Shepherd. You look after each one of Your children. You are the only safe refuge and fortress in times of trouble.

Lord, today some of the Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples are facing trouble they cannot manage. They are in need of Your help. We ask Lord, that You would respond to their need, and come to their aid.

Use this crisis to introduce them to Your goodness. Allow this difficulty to soften their hearts to Your truth. Give them the grace they need to walk away from the god who has failed them and embrace You as their only Lord and Savior. Open their eyes Lord to see You as the lover of their soul, their refuge, and their fortress. In Jesus name, amen.

Join this month as we pray united for what God is doing alongside the Orality Network and our network partners.

If you have not visited the Orality website recently, we invite you to go back and check out the new articles and see the changes. Lots going on around the globe that needs prayer and your will enjoy seeing the work that God is doing in the area of Orality. Visit http://Orality.net

Praying for the Oral and Oral Bibleless around the Globe

Praying for ION Prayer Partners all over the globe:

A personal note from Linda Bemis: As the Sr. Associate with ION it is my joy to get to travel on prayer assignments all over the globe. I just returned home from Nairobi. While I was there I went to the market on Sunday. Not to shop, but to bring the Word AND to offer up to another House of Prayer the opportunity to join in prayer for Oral & Oral Bible-less Peoples. The Church very graciously committed to join in prayer.
What a beautiful group there at Rock Church -Adams Arcade headed up by Pastor Lawrence. There were so many different language groups in their church. This was a House of Prayer for the Nations.💨. Such a beautiful Pastor and people.

Rock Church in Nairobi

They have the Church there in the middle of the Market. Are open everyday for Prayer. God is blessing the market with their presence & His Presence.


As I was speaking people were passing by. There was one young man who God was speaking to. He was about 3 sets of stalls into the market directly out the eye sight of the pulpit. He stood there to listen and then gave me a thumbs up. Wow, look at God. He is allowing them to come to work or to shop at one of the largest clothing resale markets and they and the shop keepers are hearing the Word of God over the sound system that helps people find the church as well. Thank you Father, thank you my friend Dorcas in the work she is involved in there bringing Orality Strategies to and for her taking me to this church she works with in her ministry. Praising God for Pastor Lawrence and this precious group of believers who are in the field and so very faithful.

I did not take the pictures, we spent the entire time at the church. But walking in and out to catch our Uber, we could see rows and rows of shops. — at Toi Market.

God Centered Spirit Driven PrayerPrayer and much more prayer is needed across the globe for the reality of the Harvest and the Lost to be seen as valid items to camp out in for prayer at the throne daily. Thinking back to asking for more prayer, it might be said differently that God might, -Return us to the place where prayer was our priority- It really is not a new concept. A few years back we shared the Historical Timeline for Prayer by Pete Greig and the History of 24/7 Prayer from IHOP Mike Bickle as well as Building and Repairing our Houses of Prayer… see the links below to revisit those articles.

Lord, Rekindle our love for prayer as a Body of Christ to pray for what is on Your heart. To pray God Centered & Spirit Driven Prayers. In Jesus name. Amen

In light of that, a true understanding of the “Historical Timeline for Prayer thru the Ages” will help us to see this is not new:

Historical Timeline for Prayer Pete Greig http://www.getamericapraying.com/groupdocs/90_1409690952.pdf
History of 24 7 Prayer IHOP KC http://www.getamericapraying.com/groupdocs/90_1409690915.pdf
Building and Repairing our Houses of Prayer http://www.getamericapraying.com/groupdocs/90_1409690846.pdf

PRAY For Oral Bible Translation Work Around the Globe:

West Africa, F* Old Testament translation – The New Testament in F has recently been recorded as a dramatized reading. Pray for its effective distribution to those who are thirsty for it, for people to find it online and share it. Pray for its content to touch the hearts of many and transform lives. Pray for those who help with aspects of the translation process but don’t yet know the author for themselves. Pray for the word to speak and for our lives and attitudes also to communicate. Pray for unity of vision for the translation team so we can produce a high quality, consistent OT translation.  (*F name changed for security reasons)

Please pray for the technicians and readers working to complete the recording of the Fataleka NT at the studio in Honiara.  A number of setbacks have delayed the completion of the project.  Pray for the readers to have strong voices through to completion.  This is the first project by Faith Comes By Hearing and the new Solomon Islander recording team.  Pray for the project coordinator, and his assistant, as they are on a steep learning curve with this project. Pray for the recordist who is ill with malaria.

Praise God for the fruit of listening groups in a country of Southeast Asia. The groups use Bible stories to share God’s Word with listeners and then encourage response. Six people have begun to follow Jesus as a result of these story listening groups. Some of the Bible storytellers in this region are sharing the Bible stories in daily life activities. Ask God to continue to work in hearts and lives through the Word in oral form.

There are very few Christians among the Nyra*, please pray that some will hear God’s message through the Nyra* Bible Story Project. (*name changed for security reasons)

Pray with us for ION Partners:  


The Power of One!
I will bring honor to your name in every generation.
Therefore, the nations will praise you forever and ever.  Psalm 45:17
In the past six months:
  • Through KIDStory staff and volunteers, there have been 37 trainings
  • 1208 people have been trained through these workshops which means at least that many StoryClubs have been initiated. 
  • This will impact over 8800 children
  • Trainings these last 6 months have been held in Myanmar, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Congo, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Costa Rica


The Power of One
One moment in time.  One frustrated pastor.  One Bible Story.  This is where one would think the story begins, but not quite.  Let’s go back 10 years to a village in South Sudan.
Moses is a young pastor looking to make a big impact for the Kingdom of God.  Yet his church remains stagnant:  10 women and 15 children.  Moses continually considers leaving this fledgling church and do something else.  Tony, a missionary to this war torn country, confronts his thinking and poses this challenge:  You can’t quit now. These children are the future leaders of the church.  Moses acquiesces and reluctantly continues to pastor this small church, remaining faithful to God’s calling where he is.
February, 2017:  We have the opportunity to hear from Moses and discover that over 500 children and 250 adults are coming to hear the Bible Stories.  God continues to have Moses enlarge his tent and open wide the curtains.  Moses is not holding back; his cords are lengthened and his stakes are strengthened.  (Isaiah 54:2)  
Oh … those 15 children in the South Sudan church … they too attended the KIDStory workshop and are planting churches under Moses’ leadership!
It’s all about impacting children (Of all ages!) with God’s transforming hope through the telling of His Story and the working of His Spirit.

To know more of the ministries of KIDStory, you may log on www.katw.net Also check out their video that explains why they do the training. Kindly click on this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwbse-_m4ZNLdWpGQTkzYmU4NjQ/view 


visionsynergy logo  The power of networks

Check out this months March-April edition of Mission Frontiers magazine that visionSynergy helped to coordinate. It provided a great opportunity to invite colleagues in different organizations and networks to join us in writing these articles.

Be sure to read the feature piece on the emerging trends and powerful impact networks are having on the mission movement. Additionally, there are great success stories about several networks they have advised. For a historical perspective on collaboration in mission, don’t miss the article visionSynergy founder, Phill Butler.

To find the magazine online:
PDF version
Website (and Kindle download) version

Ways to build collaboration in mission, together

We ask you to join in continued prayer and support of visionSynergy and the collaboration.

Advancing collaboration in global Christian mission

  visionSynergy helps Christian organizations work together for maximum impact by developing and strengthening strategic ministry networks and partnerships in critical areas of world mission. And plays a unique role in the worldwide Christian movement as one of the few mission service organizations specifically dedicated to empowering ministry collaboration. They  act as a catalyst, coach, and consultant – providing advisory services for numerous multi-lateral networks and partnerships of Christian mission organizations. To empower these groups to accomplish together what they could never do alone as they seek to advance the Gospel in every part of the world where Christ is not yet known.



International-Prayer-Council-IPC-2The Following Article is shared from the International Prayer Council:

40 Days of Prayer for Transformational Revival and Mission Breakthrough
April 3-May 12, 2017

Seeking God together for the International Prayer Leaders’ Consultation in Herrnhut, Germany, May 8-12, 2017

We want to invite you to partner with us in 40 days of prayer, April 3-May 12, to pray for the upcoming gathering, “The International Prayer and Mission Leaders Consultation: Uniting in Prayer for Transformational Revival and Mission Breakthrough.” It will be held in the historic village Herrnhut, Germany, site of the Moravian prayer revival that sent out the first Protestant missionaries to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

120 international prayer and mission leaders are convening in this tiny Germany village to cry out to the Lord as the Moravians did before them: “May the Lamb who was slain receive due reward of his sufferings!” Along with cutting-edge mission leaders, participants will pray and strategize that the unreached peoples of our day be reached as the prayer movement focuses more intentionally on the fulfillment of Christ’s Great Commission, still so much on His heart!

Prayer, revival and mission have always gone together since the book of Acts. It’s our desire to see a massive, prayer-based revival erupt throughout the nations of the earth!

During these 40 days of prayer we are asking for another historic move of the Holy Spirit to sweep across the nations and awaken a whole new generation to wholehearted love and surrender to Jesus in His mission to those who have never heard of His love and truth!

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Hab. 2:14).

During this gathering, we want to more closely and effectively connect the prayer and mission movements for the final push to the accomplishment of Matthew 24:14, that everyone may hear and respond to the glorious gospel of the kingdom in these last days!

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matt. 24:14).

During the run-up to the Consultation and continuing through it, would you please be praying with us for these specific outcomes?

· That those prayer and mission leaders coming would deeply connect with the Lord and one another, experiencing the reviving work of the Holy Spirit in this historic place of prayer, revival and mission.

· For a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the glory of Jesus Christ! Acts 1:8, 2:17-2:21 that will start at Herrnhut again and flow out to the nations!

· That the participants will prayerfully discern together how the international prayer and mission movements can be better integrated for their mutual benefit and for the sake of those still unreached with His Gospel (Matt. 24:14).
· For God’s empowering of the Next Generation youth and children’s prayer movements, both during and following this gathering, and that every nation will have a thriving Next Gen prayer movement in the coming 10 years.

· For canopies of united, strategic and sustainable prayer to be raised up in every nation and city across the earth.

· For a Great Awakening and New Reformation to erupt in Germany and across Europe.
· For a ‘Spirit of Unity’ during the gathering, that we would come together ‘in one accord’ loving and supporting one another in the diverse missions He has called us to as members of His Body (John 17 and Psalm 133).

· For a mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit to rest upon each one presenting and leading us in prayer and for His prophetic insight to flow among us!

· That we will develop valuable, ongoing relationships and friendships that advance His Kingdom.

· For key moments and inspiring stories to be captured via video and distributed effectively to the prayer, revival and mission movements around the world.

· For favor with authorities, the granting of visas, and safe, peaceful travel arrangements for all those coming to Herrnhut.

· For protection from the evil one and all the forces of darkness (Psalm 91).

· For the Lord of the Harvest to thrust forth missionaries to the ends of the earth and that every unreached people group will have a viable movement of Christ followers within the coming decade (Matt. 9:37-38).

Thanks so much for partnering with us in prayer for this historic gathering. In His hands, your prayers will make all the difference!

For the Supremacy of Christ in all things,

Jason Hubbard, Director, Light of the World Prayer Center www.lowpc.org, and John Robb

John Robb
Chairman, International Prayer Council

Partnering Strategies:


Unite in Prayer daily at 11:55 am
       STOP what you are busy with,
       FOCUS on the Lord and
       LISTEN to what He is saying to you,
       FINISH with the LORD’S PRAYER at 12 noon




Want to change the world? PRAY.      

Are you looking for a good prayer resource?

Check out PrayerCast – Activating world-changing prayer for the lost

Praying for Nations: http://www.prayercast.com/nations.html 

Praying for different Religions: http://www.prayercast.com/world-religions.html

Special Prayercast Videos: http://www.prayercast.com/special.html

Prayercast, a ministry of OneWay


Lent Devotions with YouVersion

Lent Journey One With Him .jpg  WHO IS THIS?

Mark 4:35-41     Mark 5:1-20    Mark 5:21-43

These passages and the stories tell of Christ’s power. Mark records how no one could control or bind the demon possessed man (v.4). He howls wildly and roams the tombs. No one is strong enough to subdue him (v.4). But when he meets Jesus, he falls to his knees (v.6). He pleads and begs Jesus not to harm him (v.7, 12). We shouldn’t be surprised, since Mark tells us Jesus is all-powerful. He commanded the storm to cease (4:35-41). A life-long hemorrhage was healed at the touch of his garment (5:21-43). Jesus awakened a dead child a few hours later. Jesus has power over nature, sickness and even death. A legion of evil spirits was no match for him. ‘Who is this?’ the disciples asked (4:41). He is the almighty God, who is also our Savior. And as long as he is my Savior, I have nothing to fear.

• What do we actually think Jesus is like? Is he only meek and mild? Feeble even? How does the Bible portray Jesus?
• Even as storms raged and the wild man howled, Jesus was calmly in control.
• In a similar way, as others led him to the cross, it was he who was in full control.
• Can we take comfort in knowing that Christ, God Almighty, is in control today over all areas of our life and fully trust him?

King of heaven, thank you for your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit whom you’ve sent to be with us. Thank you that even as the situations around us escape our grasp, nothing surprises you. Help us to trust in your Son Jesus Christ, not only for our salvation, but in all areas of our lives. Help us to rest in your presence and be freed to live each day to the fullness of your glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

Don’t miss last month’s ION Prayer Blog post:

Using Mobile Apps for Prayer & Prayer Mobilization

It has been a while since we posted on the subject of using mobile devices in ministry. https://wordpress.com/post/ionprayer.com/67  So it is time again look at this topic. . . In this day of technology, how might we use … Continue reading

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