November 2017 -ION Prayer Focus

We invite you to link together each Thursday at 2pm (EDT) for one hour from wherever you are! If you are able to join, we welcome you to the ION Prayer Call via Conference Call.
Dial: +1 (641) 552-9404
Code: 818908#
If you are in a country other than the USA, we have a Country number specific for your country. Please write to: so that we can get it to you.
We continue in the Bible in 90 Days Prayer Initiative… you can join at anytime.

As we move into the last 90 days of 2017, we continue in our annual prayer initiative,

screenshot_2016-09-29-13-50-59-1Bible in 90 Days Prayer Initiative

As we LISTEN, we PRAY:

  • Praying for Oral Peoples & Oral Bible-less People Groups
  • Praying for those working in Orality/UUPGs & Great Commission Partner groups
  • Praying for the Bible-less around the globe
  • Praying for Bible Translation groups who are working tirelessly to complete Scripture projects in every mother tongue.
  • Scripture for the every and all in a way they can really receive.

A United Call for Prayer:

“Devote ourselves to prayer being watchful and thankful… that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ.” (Colossians 4:2-4)

We invite you to join in this 90 Days Prayer Initiative. You can join in with us at any time during the 90 days.


For more info go to: 

Each first Thursday, we invite you to join the Aroma Call hosted by The Seed Company (TSCO) Prayer group. Calling from outside the U.S? Or if you would like to be added to the group for email reminders each month please email for international number options or additional questions.

Aroma Prayer Call
4:00 p.m CST

 1st Thursday of each month
The Aroma
A Monthly Prayer Conference Call

Join us on our next Aroma call and learn more about the new i.Bible app being released this month. We are excited about the potential of this app to revolutionize the Bible Translation experience, connecting prayer partners to field partners in real time.  In the words of Shawn Ring, Chief Information Officer, “Today in Bible translation, we see the Body of Christ being joined together as never before.  And once the Body is connected, God will bring life.”

Prayer focus of November:
An App for Bible Translation
Download Prayer Focus
Special Guests
Matt Knisely
Vice President Interactive, Seed Company
Brad Stroup
Founder and Director, The Prayer Room, Dallas-Ft Worth House of Prayer
You do not need a Zoom account to participate!
Just click here the day of the Aroma call.
Or call: 1-646-558-8656
Enter 444-668-0885 when prompted for meeting ID
Press # when prompted for participant IDCalling from outside the U.S?
Please email for international number options or additional questions.

Two Sunday IDOP Prayer Calls – November 5th & November 12th
To find out more:

If you are outside of the USA, we invite you to join us… click here to get your country code number to connect to the call:

What can we do?

This weekend and next weekend, individually and corporately, we will have the opportunity to join with millions of other believers around the world to lift up our persecuted family in prayer. The first two Sundays in November (11/5 and 11/12) have been designated as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP 2017). Persecution Watch and Voice of the Persecuted, in collaboration with International Orality Network and other global ministries(TBA), will unite to host two 12-hour IDOP prayer conference calls for our persecuted family. This is your opportunity to come and pray and be the voice of the persecuted Church through those prayers. Please mark your calendar to stand in the gap and join the calls to lift-up our brothers and sisters suffering for Christ.

We believe prayer works. Stay on the call 5 minutes, 5 hours, or as long as you feel led. Your prayers make a huge difference in the lives of our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

Meet you on the call!

Blaine Scogin ( and his Persecution Watch Team will be hosting the call…

Participating Global Advocates:

Persecution Watch  – Voice of the Persecuted  – International Orality Network (ION)

SPEAK UP against persecution—DEFEND those discriminated—HELP those in need—PRAY for those suffering.

Location: Any location from your phone or device you dial in and join together.

Coming up Dec. 5-7, 2017 Finishing the Task Conference:
It is time to register to get the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.  Go to:
Click on Finishing the Task Conference and register today.
Plan to join Orality network representatives as we collaborate together prayer & missions!  


Early Registration: $175/person (ends November 14th)
Registration: $200/person Note: Registration cut-off is December 2, 2017

Paying by check? Please print and follow the instructions on the downloadable registration form.

Registration link: Register Here

Conference Starts: 7:30am on Tuesday, December 5th

Conference Ends:  4:00pm on Thursday, December 7th

Closest Major Airport:  Orange County/Santa Ana Airport (SNA)

Registration Includes:   Conference fee; three lunches; Tuesday and Wednesday dinners; daily refreshment breaks; and resource materials.


How do we make disciples without the Scripture, the Word of God???

How do we pray for these people groups?

How do we understand how they receive info?

For the past several years our ION Prayer Teams have taken the last three months of the year in united prayer as we listen to the Bible in Audio format, using the ear gate. Remembering all those who do not as yet, have the Scriptures in their heart language and mother tongue.

We are asking God to close the gap, for Scripture to be made available for every mother tongue and for Oral Bibles for every oral culture people group.

Praying for Oral Peoples & Oral Bible-les People Groups. Praying for those who are working in Orality around the globe.

Praying for us to understand how to pray more effective strategic informed prayers. 

We are asking you to listen rather than read. Let God’s Word wash over you each day for 90 days. Listen in a different mode!

We are asking God to allow us to understand what it is like for oral peoples who sometimes prefer use the ear gate to receive information. For those who are blind, for those who are deaf and cannot hear in the way “we think of”, but who desperately are in need of His Scriptures. . . In a way they can really receive.

That looks differently for different peoples, but the reality is: 1671 people groups do not have ONE VERSE of Scripture and for the vast majority of the globe, they do not have access to the Word of God.

Only 8% of the world have the full Bible. (4.2.20 Foundation)

80% of the world’s population are oral preference learners – people who do not read, or prefer to learn by oral-visual means.

Bible in 90 Days – A different kind of prayer initiative

Praying & Washing in the Word Daily for the last three months of the year. ASKING for Scripture and Scripture Access to be available for the Every & All.

Asking the Lord, “Close the gap for there to be Scripture (FULL BIBLES) for everyone. Praying Luke 10:2 & Matthew 9:37-38, Send the laborers into His harvest fields.”  

Praying for the Orality Network

We invite you to continue to pray each month for the Orality Network (ION) as God continues to grow us. Currently there are two additional Regions that are about to launch. As you pray, for informed intercession, you are invited to visit the Orality website and as you go through the different areas, please PRAY. See these few below that will help you to strategically pray for the way God is providing organization of the work. Thank you for linking and connecting in prayer.

ION 7 Gateways Explained

This organizational model allows for everyone to find their place. It also allows for the different gateways and pathways to be accessed by individuals & organizations and agencies. Each one can find their function and are encouraged to work in more than one gateway if that if that is what God is calling them to in His work.

Praying alongside ION Partners

We continue to ask you to learn more about ION & its partners. To collaborate together and see God’s activity and join Him there, where ever possible.

Pray this month for ION Partners. So much is going on around the globe. So much that we can pray for and that others might connect to. Pray for more ION Partners to catch the opportunity to post their Orality Training and Orality Events directly to the ION Events Page.

Post Your ION Event

Can we come to share with your group?

Here is the link to download the IONPrayer Brochure: IONPrayer Brochure

IONPrayer Brochure

(IONPrayer Brochure – Sample copy)

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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