March 2018 ION Prayer Focus

March 2018 ION Prayer Focus

Will you not watch and pray with Me?

If you are able to connect to the weekly prayer call, we invite you:
Join each Thursday at 2pm (EDT) GMT-5
Dial: (641) 552-9404
Code: 818908#

Each month we offer an open invitation to come and join others to pray for UUPGs, all Oral Peoples & Oral Bible-less, partner groups and Great Commission Partners. Each Thursday at 2pm (EDT) GMT-5 a small group gathers to pray together.

We invite you to join to pray or to share what you are doing in Orality and let us come alongside you in the place of prayer for what God is allowing you to be involved in.


Will you not stay with me

We invite you to #PRAYtheWord in Matthew 26:36-46 & Mark 14:32-42 in this Lenten Season.

And He said to Peter, “So could you not watch with me one hour? Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
To listen to the Scripture portion, click here

Each Thursday those involved with the Orality network and our partner groups unite to pray. We ask you to pull away and gather together as a group and really pray!

Since ION is a network and our partners are all around the globe, the best way to connect is to ask everyone to link together each month in united prayer through posts like this one, and the ION Prayer Focus each month. Visit or for more information.

ION PointofTheSpear

​The ION Prayer Team encourages you to be an advocate by helping others see the great need for strategic prayer for oral learners!

Romans 8 26

As we move forward in this Season, I was reminded of our challenge to know the “backstory” to who God is by our dear friend, Avery. May we introduce you to an orality partner group again that is working toward bringing the Word to every people through the God’s Story?

BlazingTrees300 Names of Father Son Holy Spirit

This month as you pray for Oral Peoples, and those who still wait to hear the Name of Jesus –would you ponder with us the “backstory to some of your favorites”? Our dear friend, Avery Willis shared with me, “Linda, you know all the names of God and use them well, but let me ask you pointedly, do you know the story behind the names? The backstory of each one released the story of who God is and each one give another layer of God releasing Who He Is and the power of the I AM in greater ways.”

The “backstory” is always the best part of the story… because you get to know what it was that God was trying to bring to His people that could only be told through a story!


Do you know the “backstory” to your favorite name of God?

In Wikipedia it is described this way: A backstory, background story, back-story, or background is a set of events presented as preceding and leading up to that particular place in the story or plot. It is a literary device of a narrative history all chronologically earlier than the narrative of present or primary interest. Even a purely historical work selectively reveals backstory to the audience.

We invite you to visit our Orality friends at

We think the Master Storyteller was on to something in His pattern of presenting Himself through Who He presented Himself as and to His Timing!

Master StorytellerVisit: and for more on the story and book highlighting God’s oral communication in the Bible and Hebrew Tradition. A Book, Short Films & Interactive Learning Platform.

Linking Globally with others in Prayer: Ethne Prayer Partners Call

  • JOIN THE MONTHLY CALL TO PRAY FOR THE REGION OF THE MONTH!April 12, 2018 (2nd Thursday) at 7:00 am – 8:30 am7am CDT/12pm GMT/1pm BST
  • To Join Online:
  • To Join by Phone: Please email us for instructions.
Download the March Unreached People Daily Prayer Calendar
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Spanish: Click Here

Download the April Unreached People Daily Prayer Calendar
English: Click Here
Spanish: Click Here

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