JUNE 2018 ION Prayer Focus

ION PointofTheSpear

We invite you to pray each Thursday:

If you are available to pray with others we invite you to dial in at 2pm EASTERN

Dial: (641) 552-9404

Code: 818908# (USA)


Teams meet on this conference prayer call and would love to have you join. If you would need a number to use for your country so you can join just send an email to: IONPrayer@gmail.com

So much to pray for and yet, so much more that we need to know in order to minister to the heart of God and for us to be effective in a life of prayer.

We continue to ask God for the “more” of Ephesians 3:20-21!

What does being effective in prayer look like?

Recently I ran across a new friend who writes about prayer, J.D. Walt. Take a few minutes and click on one of the links below to listen to or look at what he has written about learning to rest from prayer. . .  which may be foreign to many in the world of wanting to bring to their sphere of influence a prayer culture.


We must rest from prayer jd walt

Check it out here:

Audio:  http://s3.amazonaws.com/ats-dailytext/05-23-18.mp3

Text:  https://www.seedbed.com/why-we-must-rest-from-prayer/

J.D. Walt may be on to something! He is on of those nameless faceless ones who have the ability to hear from God in a way and in a quality that is foreign to many. But God has primarily used the nameless faceless ones to do what only He can do.

Join to pray for those who will be those “next” nameless faceless that move God’s work into the next generation…

Father, we thank You for the heart of obedient servants.

We ask now for qualities in those laborers You are calling into His Harvest fields to be men & women such as this man —wanting to do exactly what the Master is requiring of them and quite content to not need to be known.

Pour out the spirit of trusting in You for the strategies that will be needed and for Your sheep to walk together in prayer into the future in more intimacy.  

Allow for hearts ready to listen and hear His voice those that He knows and those that will follow Him no matter what the cost. So grateful for the Shepherds voice… My sheep hear My voice…

John 10:27My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

pray BIG

Join to pray BIG (These are all public items):

Praise God for websites in eight new languages that are now available for distributing Christian materials and Scripture. Ask God to use these websites to draw people to Himself. Pray for the Scripture engagement workshop planned for April. Several teams will work to prepare additional material for the web.

Praise God for the progress made so far in preparing the JESUS Film script for recording in a language of Asia. Ask God to send the voice actors needed for all the parts, so the recording can go forward. Pray for the recording team as they make the recordings and then edit them to fit the Film. Pray for the people of the language community as they read the New Testament and interact with Scripture on Scripture Apps. Pray for the audio recording of the New Testament to be completed soon.

Praise God for the commitment of Brooke’s Point Palawano believers to plant churches in difficult areas through Bible Listening Groups with the audio New Testament. Health issues, lack of proper nutrition, dirt floors that turn to mud in rainy season, threats from outsiders are just a few of the trials they face with their church members. Yet by God’s grace through prayer in the power of His love, they persevere. Please join in prayer for them.

Praise God that the books of James and Mark were checked* in 10 languages in the Aitape West area in early 2018. Ask God to use the recent visits into thesed areas to encourage the community members to support the translation projects for these languages.

Praise God for the recording of the Bwanabwana New Testament at the Alotau Regional Centre in early March. Pray for the Gumawana translation team as they read through the New Testament a final time before beginning publication. Pray for protection and good health for the staff and translation teams working during this time.

Pray for guidance for the people from four language communities in Southeast Asia who are gathering next week to craft two oral Bible stories to share with their communities.

After some delays, in 2017 the New Testament translation in a language of the Americas was sent to South Korea for printing. A Scripture launching celebration is planned for this year. Ask God to guide those planning the event. Pray that it will bring followers of Jesus together in unity. Pray for unity among the churches in the area and that people will join together to use and promote the New Testament. A multi-voice audio recording of the New Testament is available on “Proclaimers,” solar-powered digital players. Because this is primarily an oral society, pray that many people will listen to the recording. Ask the Holy Spirit to touch and transform many lives as people listen to and read the Word in their heart language. (Adapted from the 2018 Wycliffe USA Finish Line.)

A translation team in South Asia has high goals for this year. They desire to finish translating and finalizing 1-2 Thessalonians, 1-3 John, 1-2 Peter, Jude and Philemon. Then they will review the entire New Testament. They need God’s wisdom to create an audio recording and an Android app with the New Testament. The team wants to produce at least the Gospels and Acts into both formats this year. Tools like these are very useful to speakers who are not accustomed to reading their own language. Ask God to direct the team as they work toward publishing the New Testament with the text in three languages: the local language, a national language and English. Mother-tongue translators desire to start literacy classes in their villages. Pray for God to open doors and for interest to be high. (Adapted from the 2018 Wycliffe USA Finish Line.)
Pray for the successful recording of audio stories of Solomon, Jonah and Jesus with speakers of the Luma languages in a sensitive country in Eurasia. Pray against significant spiritual opposition such as they have encountered during previous recordings.

Praise the Lord for the completion of the audio recording of the Gela New Testament recently. Four men from the Gela language community in the Solomon Islands worked hard with staff from Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) to do this recording. They completed the work in a period of six weeks during April and May. Praise the Lord for their good health, stamina and strength throughout the process. Pray for the Lord to use these audio Scriptures to bring the Gela people to salvation in Christ. The Gela translation project is one of the 14 languages where Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership Solomon Islands (BTLP SI) members work. The New Testament was completed and launched in December 2016.

Praise God for the release of the New Testament Scripture App for a language of Asia in early May. Pray that it will spread widely, be well received and used, and bear fruit. The New Testament will be recorded sometime between September and November. Pray for strong voice actors to come forward for the recording, and that they come from all the denominations in the language area. Pray, too, that the newly released dictionary portion will be a blessing to readers of the language.

Pray for the team working to prepare an oral translation of the “JESUS” Film script for a language of West Africa.  Thank God that all of the translation team are from the language area, and that the project is community led. Pray for this oral method to be successful, so that it may be used for other as-yet-unwritten languages. Pray for God’s direction in the use of this oral approach.

Did you know that there are now over one thousand new top-level domain names, such as .app, .bank and .news? One of these is .bible and it’s fast becoming the leading online destination to discover more about Bible work. Among the millions of websites available, the .bible domain name is instantly recognizable, mobile-friendly and clearly identifies the website as one where people can engage and share God’s Word.

Find.bible is one example of how this has been used. Find.bible is the worldwide web directory of Bibles and biblical resources in the 6,000+ languages of the world, cataloging all kinds of print, digital, audio and visual Bibles. United Bible Societies (UBS) is one of the partners that has helped to catalogue over 3,500 Bibles and 77,000 resources.

Ongoing Global Prayer Calls to be involved with:

Monthly Aroma Prayer call for Bible-less1st Thursday of each month at 5pm Eastern;  Focus is on PRAYING FOR ZERO – Zero Peoples Group that have NO Scripture. Asking together for the acceleration of Bible Translation so that every people group would have access to the Scripture in their heart language. NEXT CALL: 7th June – You can join via the Pray for Zero Facebook group’s LIVE Call or through the Seed Company’s Prayer Call number. To be added send an email to Marj_Walton@tsco.org   (For security reasons, you must ask for the link, but the call is open to those of you connected thru ION.)  

Monthly Ethne Prayer call for UPGs:  2nd Thursday of each month at 1pm UK time (BST) / 8am Eastern; Focuses on the UPGs and region of the Global Digest Prayer with a Guest Speaker who is able to bring the latest information on the region and UPG engagement. NEXT CALL: 14th June  (note the time as UK is now on Summer time not GMT) – Diaspora in Toronto. Aim is to take the information shared on this call along with the GPD to our prayer networks and ministries to share with them the up to date situation and motivate prayer through the answers and breakthroughs heard on the call, and needs shared on the call. zoom.us/j/7867380647

Monthly Ethne Team Call : 3rd Thursday of each month also at 1pm UK time (BST) / 8am Eastern; One hour to share news from our ministry situations, UPG engagement in our regions, events, personal needs, Aim is to grow our regional teams of those who are mobilising prayer for UPGs in our nations and regions. Also to be aware of the status and need of UPGs in our regions with the global body. NEXT CALL: 21st June 1pm UK Time/8am Eastern   zoom.us/j/7867380647 



Praying Unceasingly: What Does That Look Like?!

by Betty Byrd, VP Prayer for Team Expansion 



A gift from American Bible Society (ABS) Prayer Bookmark:  http://storage.pardot.com/369561/28036/prayer_bookmarks_final_e4.pdf

Praying alongside ION Partner, TWR Women of Hope in their new audio prayer guides each month: https://www.twrwomenofhope.org/monthly-focus-archive

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Find out more and to pray alongside the Orality Network Events posted there: Orality.net

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