JULY – AUGUST 2018 ION Prayer Focus

July August ION Prayer Focus

The activity around the globe in Orality is very powerful for individuals as well as for organizations. Orality has become not just a tool, but the foundation of how they work.

We invite you to link into as well as pray for the next two Orality Network events:

ION Africa Consultationhttps://orality.net/content/ion-africa-consulation-26-30-nov-2018/ for more information and to register.

ION North America Regional Eventhttps://ionevents.org to register and find out more information.

It is time to register and make your reservations for either one or both of these opportunities. Do not hesitate, there is limited space.

Lausanne Upcoming Events – https://www.lausanne.org/upcoming-gatherings/

For some of our ION partners the idea that each month a different ION Prayer Focus has been published since 2007 might be new to you.  But all along the way, we continue to see God answering the prayers of His saints. If you are new to praying for the Orality Network, WE WELCOME YOU!

This next two months we invite all our partners to slow down and take some time to ponder with God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit and to praise Him for His activity.

We invite you to ABIDE in new ways over these next two months. . .

John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” 

We join together to intentionally —ABIDE— in July & August in new ways!

Since 2006 a small group of intercessors and ION partners have gathered each Thursday, that opportunity continues. We have had to change the “dial in number”, but the idea that each week the Orality Network STOPS TO PRAY on Thursday at 2pm EDT wherever you are, with whoever you are with continues!

We invite you to jump on the call and share what God is doing with you in Orality or just join the intercessors to pray!

NEW ION Prayer Number Box


For some of you in areas where the internet is hard to find, we invite you to download and use the http://www.FreeConferenceCall.com App to Dial in using your WiFi connection, it will help you to save on your data use.

Collaborating Together Praying PRAY TO THE LORD OF THE HARVEST

For the months of July & August – We ask you to join in praying for these public prayer items from ION Partner Groups:

Pray for the dubbing of the JESUS film in two languages of Asia to go well. Pray for those who will be the different characters for the films. Pray they would act out their roles in a way that best depicts the Biblical characters and that God would be glorified in the process.

Give thanks to God for the production of audio materials, Scripture Apps and Youtube videos in various Romani languages in Romania. Pray for the publishing process of these materials to go smoothly. Pray these Scripture materials will be a blessing to many Roma* people. (*The Roma people, often also referred to as Gypsy, are originally from India and now live scattered all over the world, especially Europe.)

Pray for the preparations for the launch of audio Scriptures in two languages, Abidji and Agni Sanvi. Facilitators are being trained to listen attentively to the Scriptures and to interact with them. Pray for the facilitators as they take the new skills to share in the language communities. Thank God for the staff of Faith Comes By Hearing who have recorded and edited the Scriptures and prepared them for distribution.

Praise God that everything has been finalized to go ahead with the recording of the JESUS Film in a language of the Caucasus. It is a huge job to prepare a dozen actors to read their parts dramatically and then to record them. Pray that everything will go smoothly.

Praise God for the completion on the Yakan New Testament recordings. Pray for the six to eight month editing and finishing process by FCBH before the final product can be released to the public. Pray that many people will hear the message of the New Testament. Pray also for more interest in the many materials available at the Yakan website.

Praise God the whole of the New Testament and Genesis will be recorded for the Flame* people in West Africa over the next two months. Over 99% of Flame speakers are Muslims. Pray they will hear this recording and turn to Christ as their Saviour. (*Pseudonym, fictitious name to protect this people group.)

Pray for the successful recording of audio stories of Solomon, Jonah and Jesus with speakers of the Luma languages in a sensitive country in Eurasia. Pray against significant spiritual opposition such as they have encountered during previous recordings.

Pray that God will use the JESUS Film in two languages in Eurasia to draw many people to him.

Pray that the trauma healing radio programmes being recorded in the Kabba language this month will bring hope and healing from God’s word. The Kabba area has been especially hard-hit by rebel violence.

Pray for the translation and linguistic adviser working with a people group in SiberiaPray that God will guide her as she trains people for a Bible storying project.

Praise God for the storying workshops that were completed in Northern Thailand. As a result, future storying workshops will be conducted for church leaders so that they can use storying in their churches. Pray for the team of consultants who will come and help with storying in Northern Thailand. Pray for those who participated in the workshops, and that they will share what they learned and promote the good news of Jesus in this part of Thailand.

Praise God for the 14 oral stories from the Bible that were checked and approved by consultants. Pray for the team as they look for two people who do not know the good news of Jesus to do the initial readings. Pray as these stories are shared to proclaim the good news of Jesus to the people in Southern Thailand.

Pray for more than 50 pastors in a restricted region who have committed to stand in unity. If one of them is arrested and thrown in jail, the rest will go to that place and demand they all be jailed or that the jailed pastor be released if he has not done wrong. They are determined to continue spreading the gospel with confidence. They are distributing SD cards with New Testament Apps (audio and text), a whole evangelistic film, worship songs and sermons. Their goal is to distribute 6,000 SD cards and 4,000 audio players. Pray for those who receive the material as there is a lot of hunger and openness to the gospel.

Pray for 13 new oral Bible storying projects beginning in one region. Some of the language communities have few Christ followers. More than 50 languages in South Asia have storying projects. Pray for newly trained mentors and story checkers going through a training-of-trainers phase. In another region this phase will expand from three to nine language groups. Pray that these trainees will have time to check stories and train others, even though they have additional administrative responsibilities. Praise God for renewing His church in this region and bringing many to faith through these oral storytellers.

Pray for a mostly Muslim-background language community in South Asia has a completed New Testament translation and is working on the Old Testament. Progress has slowed recently. Pray for renewed progress and continued funding. Ask for God to provide a new translator when the current translator retires in 2019.

Praise God that during the month of Ramadan, videos were used in portions of the Sermon on the Mount and were posted daily to the Facebook page. There are over 15,000 views were recorded. Pray for the spread of these Scripture videos, as well as the spread of the new Android and iPhone Scripture apps.

Praise God that the introduction to Bible storying was well received. Five churches were represented, and 20 people participated in the event. There is a strong interest in an Oral Bible Storying project. Pray for the staff who will begin to interact with churches and individuals to set up a storying workshop in the near future.

Praise God for new songs in several vernacular languages of Asia. Pray for those doing the recording and editing so they can be distributed widely. Thank God that the songs are a useful took to enable local believers to share and build bridges with others in their communities.

As we move forward in the final months of 2018, we want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for partnering to pray for Oral & Oral Bible-less People Groups. THANK YOU for praying Matthew 9:37-38 and Luke 10:2 Lord, Close the Gap in people groups who need Scripture in their heart language. And THANK YOU for being intentional to catch what God is and has been doing within the Orality Network today and for the past 14 years since the Lausanne 2004 gathering where ORALITY was presented and the launch of the official International Orality Network come forth!

As those who pray for the Orality Network join in asking God for the “more” of what He has in store for everyone going into the future!

We invite you to take time in these two months to intentionally:






Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God; / I will be exalted among the nations, / I will be exalted in the earth.”. This verse comes from a longer section of Scripture that proclaims the power and security of God.



August 2018

For the third year in a row, we are calling our partners to join in fasting from Social Media for the month of August. 

United in Prayer. . . Lord, close the gap, bring Your Word to the Every & All across the globe. We unite in the prayer of Luke 10:2. In Jesus name. Amen

Let’s pray for a greater portion of not just the thought process of thinking that a couple of people who you think are praying –but the reality of knowing we have prayer support and full prayer coverage however that looks for each group within the ION network. Last year we invited you to join to pray for dedicated Prayer Associates for each of our ION Regions.  That it would be a shift, into the arena of extraordinary prayer as the norm. What God does is extraordinary, it cannot happen without our extraordinary God.

We are seeing firsthand the effect of extraordinary prayer in this mix of collaborating together! God has and is answering our prayers!

To honor His work let us look back over the past few months and years on a stroll of prayer reminders and answers He has given.

REMEMBERING BACK. . . As we pray God has continued to bring us the “more” of Himself out into the answers to our prayers. Let’s take a few minutes and think back to the shift of ION receiving Dr. David Swarr as the “new” Executive Director. Do you remember how God led the Orality Network to unite? We took a 50 Day/ 7 Week Journey in Prayer:

Week 1 Listen Afresh:  Lord, Teach Us To Pray — Lord, Teach Us To Finish Well: Weaving the 4 new focus emphasis items into the topics each week:
1. Global Positioning
2. Next Generation — “students and young adults”
3. Media-ization “getting the Story out
4. Maintaining the centrality of all we do to be the Bible — The WORD

Asking the Lord to give us fresh vision and insight into what He wants to do with and through the network in the next few years. 

Week 2 Let us pray: Lord, take us where You want us to go. Let us meet You this week in our prayer times. Let us see Your Presence in the work You have allowed us to be a part of, for Your Glory. Prepare us to step back from what we think we know. Lord, take us to where You want us to go. Let us be ready and willing to receive. Let us be open to discover what You are wanting us to see and receive from You. Give those open spaces, open chairs, open arenas to allow for others that You are wanting to bring, to step in. We are making space for You and for those You are drawing. Let us receive them to bring the portion that only they can bring.

Lord, let us see the big picture. Align the body, to see our true global positioning. We know that in order to fulfill what You have called us to be a part of in Your plan, things may change, we trust You. Father, we are asking You to show us how that might look in these coming days.  May we be waiting expectantly and ready. Just as the early disciples had to wait, we wait on You. May You pour out a greater portion of the Holy Spirit, may we receive power from on high to be Your witnesses in (our) Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. For Your glory. Father, link us together as one body, in unity and in fellowship, so that the world might know YOU. Amen 

Week 3Focus our listening — Really focus on hearing the dreams, visions and aspirations you and others have for the movement. 

Week 4 Exploring Needs — Exploring the felt needs that the network should be serving. Everyone at Pentecost heard the Word proclaimed in their own heart language. Who is still in need of Scripture?

Week 5 Discover God’s View — Focus on hearing from a broader circle of those from around the globe who would like to contribute.

Week 6Seeing the Potential — Recognizing the potential of the orality movement that lies within the next generation. 

Week 7 Serving Effectively, Stewarding the Sacred Gift — Join in prayer that the network can serve the Church with increasing effectiveness, fostering and encouraging a global orality movement to disciple all oral learners.

Pentecost 2015 — Let us pray for a fresh, historic outpouring of the Holy Spirit, upon the International Orality Network and ION Partners, so that we might fulfill our call to Influence the body of Christ to make disciples of all oral learners.  Asking for a new anointing as we seek to influence the body of Christ to bring the Gospel to those oral peoples, unengaged unreached people groups, and oral Bible-less who still wait to hear the saving message of Jesus Christ in a way that they can really understand and receive.  Amen

We have seen answers to those prayers and answers to prayer specifically for the work of prayer in ION. And in the answer in prayer for Dr. David Swarr to continue on for another 3 years.

We STOP to REJOICE that in January 2018, we were able to announce we now have Prayer Associates for three ION Regions!

What is on the horizon? Only God knows, but we know for sure that we must still move into the “more of prayer” such as is spoken of in Ephesians 3:20-21. Thinking back to the original path and the shifts that have happened even to the small group that began the work of prayer as we see it today behind the Orality Network and where we are believing God is taking the network is wide open because of the work of the Holy Spirit in the partners connected in collaborating together in prayer and mission.   

Enjoy your July and then in August pull back with us.

We will still be praying, so continue to stop to pray each Thursday and join in on the dial in number if you are available. 



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