Prayer Report for the ION NAR Gathering

The ION North America Regional 2018 was a wonderful gathering. It was a joy to be with the Orality Network partners and leaders from around the globe. We saw the Nations gather to support the NAR Team. PRAY for this Team to find their full identity. So that they might influence the body of Christ here in North America to reach oral Communicators in a way that would effectively help to encourage them to be Christ followers and disciples that make disciples.

Lucy Knight and the Onsite Prayer Team did a spectacular job of providing prayer support for the ION NAR program Team and participants as well as our global guests.

As a recap, let me share that much was accomplished in the physical realm and in the spiritual realm. Lives were touched, transformed and people moved forward. We hope those of you who made the trip to Orlando, FL USA also made a stop in at the Prayer Room! If not you missed a wonderful opportunity to see the activity of God first hand. We heard, “It is finished! several times.” It was as if the gavel came down and the sound of earth shifting was heard. We are in a new Era we believe.

The ION NAR Program Team made it possible for prayer to be featured from the platform to model different times and types of corporate prayer. We are grateful for the opportunity to lead the people through the gate of worship as we prayed together.

A new sound of intercession is being released. We invite you to PRAY out your prayers. So that they might physically be released into the atmosphere here on earth.

God centered
Spirit directed
Kingdom focused

Begin to make some shifts in the way you pray. Move into the new! The ION Core Prayer Team and Regional Prayer Associates have been believing for a shift of the “more” of Ephesians 3:20 to come. We believe it is here.

You can join in this work as we partner to PRAY in the new sound of intercession and the army of intercessors needed to bring about the reality of 80% of the globe’s population being oral communicators.

Get a copy of the new prayer book, “Praying for Oral and Oral Bibleless People Groups either through Amazon or on the website. And begin to go thru the prayers saying them out loud. Let your voice be heard! We encourage you as you step into the deep water with God to engage in praying God’s Word in a more intentional way.

Sept 2018 It is finished

Orality website pic Praying for the Oral and Oral Bibleless

The new book, Praying for the Oral and Oral Bibleless People Groups is now available as a digital eBook at and on Amazon at

final book cover


About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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