ION Praise and Prayer Update January 2019

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all who joined us last year and welcome to all who will come alongside the family in this New Year! We invite you to pray for the ION partners, a network of over 1,200 member organizations, networks, agencies, denominations and groups who aligned with us to bring orality into the norm of “how we operate in ministry” and “who we are as those who are implementing orality strategies”.

Since 2004 Orality and Oral Strategies have been on the open platform of ministry with individuals and groups who collaborate together. Orality is more than StoryTelling. Orality allows us to understand and thrive in the world of Oral Reliance on God as a first priority.

ION asks our partners to be truly global as a network, and to provide multiple onramps for engagement with serving oral learners, ION’s activity is organized into Regional Orality Communities, Gateways and Pathways.

Regional Orality Communities: 12 Regional Orality Communities across the globe which are interdisciplinary in nature and geographically defined.

Gateways: 7 affinity areas around which we associate together to learn and collaborate, defined generally by discipline or sphere of influence. These gateways may be active at a local, national, regional, and international level to allow anyone, anywhere to engage with serving oral learners.

Pathways: Multiple avenues for serving among specific target groups (destinations), functionality or demographically defined. Pathways will be visible under each Gateway as they emerge.

Learn more at:

ION seeks to radically influence the way oral communicators are encouraged to follow Jesus.

Vision – Every oral communicator freely following Jesus.

Mission – Influencing the body of Christ to encourage all oral communicators to follow Jesus.

Each Thursday those involved with the Orality network and our partner groups unite to pray. We ask you to pull away and gather together as a group and really pray! If you are able to connect to the weekly prayer call. You are invited to join on any Thursday at 2pm (EDT) GMT-5.

Dial: (641) 552-9404 Code: 818908#

Our first ION Prayer Call for the year will January 10, 2019.

Each month we offer an open invitation to come and join others to pray for UUPGs, all Oral Peoples & Oral Bibleless, partner groups and Great Commission Partners. This is a small group who gather to pray together. We invite you to join to pray or to come on the call to share what you are doing in Orality and let us come alongside you in the place of prayer for what God is allowing you to be involved in. Since ION is a network and our partners are all around the globe, the best way to connect is to ask everyone to link together each month in united prayer through posts like this one, and the ION Prayer Focus each month. Visit or for more information.

UNITED PRAYER: The ION Prayer Team encourages you to be an advocate for helping others see the great need for strategic prayer for oral communicators!

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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1 Response to ION Praise and Prayer Update January 2019

  1. Mukul Prasad says:

    May God mobilize prayers and efforts accordingly.
    May God be Gracious…
    Psalm 67

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