February 2019 ION Praise & Prayer Update


FEBRUARY 2019 – Orality.Net Praise & Prayer Update

We are in a new season! This month we begin to open the door to allow Guest Writers and Editors to bring their stories to share with the larger audience what God is doing within the context of the Orality Network. You will hear from those who pray and are involved in the prayer movement. Sharing the idea of how one person’s story can impact many other peoples story. God used the pattern of allowing for the story of one, to launch us corporately into a much bigger story. We believe we need to allow the stories from the Prayer Room and those who serve the larger group to be heard. As we hear others share, the big picture of the ION Prayer Story is being written.

feb ion prayer guide 1

Throughout this year you will be hearing from Guest Editors and Writers as they bring their stories and experiences to the table in prayer.

One of our hopes is to release a desire or thirst to move in a new way in more informed intercession because of the Spirit’s work in us and God’s desire to bring the new thing.

Keeping in mind these things this year in having Guest Editors & Guest Writers:

1. We are shifting into the fullness of the “new thing”. As well we must share the stories of what God has been doing to bring into FOCUS the “looking forward” of the Network and what God has been doing since St. Louis when everything shifted.

2. Our purpose is to help share and bring experiences, learned and unlearned ideas, and Spiritual MOVEMENT forward in us that God has been teaching along our journey’s while being connected to the Orality Network.

3. Simply to steward well the prophetic gift or gifts that have been deposited, NOT to cause anyone to be uncomfortable or to drive anything. Just to simply be stewards and release the deposit to the larger group.

Again, we are shifting into the fullness of “the new thing”. The further movement into the “more” of God in Ephesians 3:20-21.

This year we are seeing the fullness of “The New Thing” that God has been doing with the Orality Network for several years coming into full view!

We want everyone to catch what God has been doing and try to put some of this into a story of what the ION Prayer Teams have been experiencing. Beginning this month we are going to push the pause button. Calling for a hard stop so to speak, so that we can look back in order to move forward!

We ask you to pause and pray with us for this year to be an astonishing year for everyone within the Orality Network!

It seems to many of us that serve or have served on the ION Prayer Teams that God has been taking the Orality Network and our partners on an accelerated journey. But for some who might not have caught the shift, you might not have as much clarity or vision for the forward movement that has been happening.

In order to move forward, it is always wise to stop and evaluate where you are and where you have been!

We are praying for everyone to come into the new place as one as we continue to celebrate where we are going.

Looking back to what we would say was a spiritual marker for ION and a definite shift happened in 2013 in St. Louis that stopped us from moving in old patterns of business as usual!

We are aware some of you do not go back with us that far. That is not the point, but we want to do some spiritual housekeeping so to speak in sharing what the Prayer Teams believes was a monumental shift that set in the Network to move forward into the place of much of what we are seeing come before us now in 2019.

As a prophetic prayer team, we look at what we “see” in a multi-dimensional sense. We are always looking for prophetic deposits…

Things like:

  • What does it look like for us individually and corporately in the “looking forward” & seeing the “new thing”?
  • How have we been challenged and what is God trying to say?
  • We take note of patterns, shift, and changes in mindsets.
  • We try to keep all of this within the context of and in the area of prayer.

There was a significant shift that happened in St. Louis in Sept. 2013 … everything changed in the format, purpose, and timing for ION that year that moved us into where we find ourselves today.


  • The Gateways were introduced.
  • The reality of the Annual Meeting not continuing
  • An intentional move from being an international group who met annually,  to operate as a truly global network.

Looking back at that pivotal point in ION’s history is a reminder to pay attention to the shift, which can be seen as the birthing of the beginning of the many Gateways and Regions that we see active today!

Something else happened. . . for some individuals that were in attendance that year, God was encountering them to open themselves up to the “more” He has in store for us at believers who trust fully in Him.

God Encounters Cause Change.

For the ION Prayer Team much has changed. We hope that as we share stories of those changes, lessons learned and new patterns, we might begin to see how it all fits into the big picture the Orality Network.

Looking back so that we can move forward. . .

Think back to the last session as Tara Rye who served as the MC led us in the closing session and in that precious prayer time. At the end of the conference, she was sharing on TITRATION and what happens when the last drop falls into the vessel that causes the OVERFLOW to happen… That was to us a no going back moment on God’s clock.

What follows here is a testimonial from one of our Prayer Team members, Barb Morrow as well as what God downloaded to her in the form of a visual message received during those closing moments in prayer.

Back then what God gave in St. Louis seemed to be just for the prayer team. We prayed into it and asked the Holy Spirit to release the meaning. It was not the right timing then to release what was shared with the Prayer Team from that spiritual moment in time. But in looking back so that we can move forward, we believe it is the correct timing now!

Be sure to follow this to the end and ask the Holy Spirit to let you see if maybe what Barb saw was a beautiful first view of what we call today “REGIONS”.

Personal Testimony from The International Orality Annual Conference
St. Louis, Missouri September 19, 2013

A Memorable Quote that quickened the heart of this Intercessor:
“Let us become that one drop that unlocks transformation!” – Tara Rye

This conference was my first introduction to the concept of Orality. I found it to be an excitingly unique style of learning and of conceptualizing information and building memories. Those in my age group, sixty-five and older, may remember an attitude prevalent within some churches at the time of our development “You can walk alone, you don’t need anyone else but God!” Evangelism centered around inviting others to church, church activities, and contributing money to missions. Although witnessing of our faith was highly stressed, I struggled with this problem of: “How are we to influence others to believe in Jesus if we are not to build interdependent relationships with these others?” There was also the problem: “How are we to learn to relate to God effectively, whom we cannot see if we cannot depend on the relationships with those we can see?”

Having internalized this mindset, it has taken me a lifetime to trust that God is willing to provide the kind of Love that will satisfy our most intimate desires! The learning style of my past had been excessively literate. I was lacking conversational proficiency, due to a very mobile childhood in an age where children were to be seen but not heard. There was a great deal of insecurity as I attempted to convert private thoughts and subjective experiences into the speed of conversational interactions.

Being a stay-at-home mom, in the decades when such an occupation had fallen out of favor, did not help me cultivate opportunities for conversational practice either. My Christian witness retained a very silent nature, depending primarily upon obedient behavior. Yet this left my heart isolated to deal with daily frustrations all by myself. Without meaningful social connections, the struggle to bring my soul into alignment with my spirit consumed so much energy, that the call to reproduce my faith was often a burden of obligation, rather than a joy. At the Conference in 2013, I gained a new perspective of a more relational way of seeking Truth.

Listening to the basic differences between oral learning and abstract learning, turned out to be an extraordinary awakening for me. I saw that there is no abstract standard operational procedure that we are called to attain; His will is indeed personal! My concept of God was transformed! Previously, I held an image that resembled a god that was examining my every self-expression, testing to see if it was worthy of Himself. Since then, it has become evident to me how very much involved Our Lord is in the process of creating reproductive relationships. These person to person connections carry His own self-image within each intentional, unselfish expression of Love.

It makes sense that such a creative Abba would gain much pleasure in witnessing His children’s expressions of their love for Him, in each of their own unique ways. Could it be that Our God desires to be known and welcomes our expressions of love, recognizing their sacrificial quality? Then He responds with the wisdom and skill of a perfect parent. Is this not the way we enjoy our children? What better way to motivates our will into agreement with His own? The security offered in such a relationship has inspired me to share such experiences openly. I believe the character of this kind of joy would be found more difficult if relating to expressions of truth and love were only stored upon the printed page. Would not the contextual cues of intimacy become much more dependent upon one’s past experiences and leave more unsupervised room for self-centered interpretation?

Immediate correction for misunderstandings is not as accessible when depending upon a book for revelation, as it is in face to face communications. How does one expect to have their questions for clarification answered by pages of paper?

The interaction of dialogue generates a different quality of energy and helps me organize my thoughts into conversational packages, which can more readily become reproductive within multiple relationships.

I’ve observed, concepts developed through attentiveness to written monologues require some deconstruction to get them to fit into the flow of conversation. They are largely dependent upon the skill of recall and organization from only one member of the discussion at a time. Understanding, within the literate realm, is more private and individualistic favoring those who have read the subject material. Does this literate conceptualizing not tend to have a passive character, which is more suitable for private reflection, than it is for active conversation? I found the learning I gleaned from printed text needs a big picture perspective to provide structure for a meaningful attachment of the details. This need becomes frustrating when attempting to learn technical information. The learning I cultivate from interpersonal dialogue possesses the whole relationship as the structure for the attachment of details, which allows me more processing space.

Might this be due to the built-in feedback system from an external source of opinion, combined with my own, providing two witnesses? Later in life, when I was introduced to the spiritual culture of the Prophetic Rhema Word conversational discipleship, I felt liberated to express my Christianity with the confidence that I was being led by the Holy Spirit and not a self-centered one. It was during this time that I received my calling as an Intercessor. The guilt I had felt for not sharing my faith was relieved when I learned to confess my trust in the revelation God provides, rather than my own reasoning.

Out of submission to the Holy Spirit, I am learning to sow His Word into the personal relationships within our culture. This is a way I thoroughly enjoy serving God for the advancement of His Kingdom in the earth. The new experience of mutuality within relationships and this outlet for the expression of my love stimulated passionate gratitude to Our Father. How could I ever thank Him for the covenantal relationship He redeemed for us? It required the lifeblood and perfect sacrifice of His treasured son, who willingly submitted to death, on the awful crucifix. He agreed to do this to fulfill the requirements of God’s Eternal Law in my place! My intercession was transformed by the new understanding of God’s contextual conversations through human relationships.

Revelation-based relations which are submitted unto the expressions of His Will, supply more joy, than the will of my human desires to serve Him from the basis of “factual” truths. Relationships are Eternal, but they are fed by time invested in the culture of the present.

Let the conversational wisdom of our Gospel message translate across cultural boundaries and learning styles and become gloriously fruitful in the Power of the Spirit of Holiness! Amen

Gratefully submitted by
Barbara Morrow


St.Louis,Missouri-Wednesday-September 19, 2013

DoubleTree Conference Center - Ballroom

Submitted by Barb Morrow

The prayer from my heart to our Big-Big God was: Let ION be entrusted to become the vessel of Yeshua’s Love Language which is being poured out into the Love Languages of each “one” of God’s creation!”


I saw with the eyes of my spirit a huge wedding goblet in the Hand of God. It was tipped, and out of it poured Living Water which was being transformed into Wine. This Wine was filling another wedding goblet beneath it.  The second goblet had three letters engraved on the side of it. The engraved letters were I.O.N.

Around the ION goblet were a multitude of other goblets waiting to receive the wine of Divine Love.

These waiting goblets were animated in their eagerness to receive the outpouring of Yeshua’s Life!  When the Wine was filling each cup it was being transformed into the love language belonging to each goblet. Yet at the same time, it was revitalizing the receiving language with new Life.

This part of the vision reminded me of the Pentecost outpouring of the Holy Spirit; it was an invitation to all who will believe and come to the table to commune in the Love that God provides.  

Next, I saw a great movement, and at first was unable to discern what I was seeing.  It is difficult to describe these great swirls and powerful movement.  So, I asked The Lord what this was.   

He told me it was the winds of His Spirit moving through the Harvest Fields.  I could sense a real weightiness to this part of the vision. Then I began to see distinct waves of grain, as I imagine it might look like if a windstorm came through the wheat fields of Kansas. Only these stalks of grain were much taller than I was. I was taken back by the Beauty of the moving waves of grain, when I heard, My fields are now white and ready for the Harvest!

Then I felt a sinking feeling in my soul, as I saw how few workers were available to help harvest the fields, as they were so beautiful in their ripeness. I heard the Word “Pray to ME for more laborers for I AM able to supply the workers needed—have no doubt!

Next, I saw this giant sickle begin to move across the field, swiftly cutting through the stalks of grain.

I could only wonder at how sharp it must be to move so quickly. Suddenly I was surprised by a big red sickle appearing in the vision. The red one was not as large, or as sharp as the first one.  I said, “Lord, this one looks like the symbol the Arabs use.”

Again, there was a terrific weightiness to the atmosphere as I heard, I have prepared and raised up this Orality Movement to be my instrument to overcome the spirit of Islam at loose in the world. My Kingdom is advancing on the earth and it WILL overtake the kingdom of darkness. I was awestruck . 

The tone of the vision began to change as the image of the two harvest fields and the two sickles faded. It became like twilight turning into night, and a sense of seriousness pervaded, as I had a sense a warning.

It’s important for ION to follow hard after me as Abraham did, trusting ME in each step of the way so the same blessing given to Abraham may become a reality in the ION movement.  (Genesis 22:18 “In your seed, ALL the nations of the earth shall be BLESSED, because You have obeyed MY voice.”)  And if you open the way into the Promised Land of Eternal Lifeby submitting to the shepherding wisdom of the Holy Spirit as Yeshua did, then the Power of Divine Love will be the essence of the movement.

This ended the vision!  But to help me remember the vision I asked God to give me symbols or a picture for the three different parts.

  1. Cups
  2. God’s Cup being poured out into – ION then ION’s Cup being poured out into the smaller jiggling cups… with many cups waiting 
  3. The Harvest Fields

The illustrations are included below:

We invite you to link in each week to the Thursday Prayer Call

ion prayer call phone image with call numbers

We invite you to link to the Orality.net website to find out more about how you can get involved in shareing the Gospel in a way that can really be received!

Multiple Gateways

Prayer Requests you can join in to pray for this month from our Orality Partners 

Please join to pray through all of the events posted on the Orality.net website:

ion europe consultation


Pray for the translation facilitator working on a proposal and budget for dubbing the Jesus Film in four languages. She wants to process the direction with the denomination and to make a trip to the village before a church meeting on February 10. Pray for quick approval of the proposal which she partly translated to be more understandable by the local community. Ask that she can contact the four regional church offices affected by the Jesus Film before they hold their region-wide meeting, so that plans for the Film and its use can be included in their plans. Pray for God’s direction in each detail and for the choosing of voice actors for each language community.

Three Scripture videos in a major language of Asia are now available on YouTube. The videos are The Bride’s Ten Friends, Job’s Spring, and Daniel’s Tomb. These short films incorporate scenes shot in Central Asia and present Scripture stories in a culturally relevant way. Pray that the distribution team will have stamina, wisdom and skill to promote the videos successfully through social media. Pray that those who view the videos will become curious and will explore more of the Bible. Anyone interested in sharing these video links please first contact prayer_eurasia@sil.org.

A translation team praises God for the completion of the audio recordings of the book of Genesis in their language. Pray for the three team members who will use images and resources to produce three separate sets of videos from the audio recording. Pray that God prepares the hearts and minds of people who will watch and listen to these videos through social media.

Audio recording of the Bible in a major language of Central Asia began in January. Praise God that the Bible Society received permission from the government for this project. Praise God that the required number of voice actors have been found. Pray that the actors will remain committed. Pray for mutual trust and good rapport among those involved and that studio equipment and logistics will run smoothly.

The Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation (EMDC) will be held in the Netherlands April 8-11, with training sessions before and after the event. A total of 30 different training tracks will be offered. Pray for the team who is organizing all this. Registration is going well. Some 200 organizations will be represented in the 600+ attendees to create great networking opportunities. Obtaining a visa can be difficult for people from some of the 60+ countries represented. Training mother tongue workers is a high priority for EMDC. Pray for God’s help in obtaining visas.

Praise God that the recording of the voice actors for the JESUS film was almost completed in December. Only the part of the narrator needs to be recorded. Pray for this final important role and that the production of the film will be successfully completed by partners in Asia.

Connections staff in Bangladesh are helping to train people to install Bible apps and other resources into mobile phones. Connections personnel are looking forward to developing language-specific apps. Pray for the Lord to bring people to do this work and to provide the needed resources for this project. Praise God for the partnership with a mobile app development training group. As a result, the Connections team has also partnered with YouVersion to develop a Bible app for kids. They are praying for more people to help out.

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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1 Response to February 2019 ION Praise & Prayer Update

  1. tararye says:

    Thanks for the prayer update. I feel as if I must read a couple of times. It was a surprise to see my name there. I loved the word titration. God certainly has poured his one drop in me and that ION proved very pivotal in my walk for His kingdom. I left and started my Intro to Orality class. I am praying through the Bible this years over the Internationals in my city. It is crazy what God is putting on my heart. The nations are right here in our city. I am serving on the board of Global Friends. It is a ministry to international students. On the web it looks like a secular club for International students, but when they attend we allow them to choose to go to a cultural lesson or a Bible story. We use oral strategies to equip the nations right here in our city. We bring them in. Build them up. And then send them back. In Japan there is a guy that went back and there are now 3 church plants because of this ministry. Crazy God. So good. 

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note8.

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