May 2019 Praise and Prayer Update

Easter Season

This month we will step away from having a guest article to share a little bit about what God is doing in the bigger picture of the Orality Network and share some Events and Praise & Prayer items related to the calendar and upcoming events!

May 2019 Prayers Please

Praise God for the completion of three short films that incorporate Bible texts with themes and images from Lenthomi* culture. Pray that these videos will be shared widely and will generate interest in the Scriptures.

Praise God the recording of the Lenthomi* Bible is now underway – a complex process that will take up to two years. Pray for wisdom and guidance for those coordinating the project.

Pray alongside a team of four Papua New Guinean audio technicians demonstrated their commitment when they traveled to Tatau Island to record the Gospel of John in the Mandara language. They used a portable generator to power their computer. They encouraged the actors to read with good expression and made the recorded parts sync with the pictures shown on the screen. Their mentor said, “Although I was there to coach them over any rough spots, there was little I needed to say as the technicians far exceeded my expectation.” Pray that this recording impacts the speakers of Mandara and for these technicians as they go on to record Scripture for other languages.

Pray for the voice actor who plays the role of Jesus in the New Testament recording of a major language of Asia is a traditional-sounding villager with warmth in his voice. One night after starting to record the words of Jesus he had a dream. He saw a man in long white robes holding a big walking stick in his hand, but his face was too shiny to make out the features. The actor sensed that he was seeing Jesus. This assured him that he was doing the right thing to take part in recording the Bible. Pray that this actor draws closer to God because of playing this part.

Praise God that the recording of the multi-voice portions of a New Testament in a major language of Asia was completed. The project coordinator reported: “It was not an easy time for us and we faced many challenges, but thank God for the wonderful team He has given us. We’ve had wonderful communication with our voice actors. They all said that they loved the atmosphere and the way we treated them. We had so many opportunities to share Truth with them and they are very interested in the Bible.” Please pray that the actors will read more of the Scriptures and draw closer to God.

Praise God that in mid-March the recording of the multi-voice segments from the New Testament in a major language of Asia was completed. The technical director will return to the language area at the end of this year to work with the actors on the multi-voice segments of the Old Testament. In the meantime, recording the many single-voice segments will continue. Pray for God’s protection over the ongoing work of this audio Bible project. Pray for the health and the cooperation of the narrators, technicians and reviewers.

Praise God that the YouTube channel of a language of the Mediterranean region is very popular. One way to measure the use of a video is the number of minutes it is watched in a month. Recently the Bible story videos were watched more than 2 million minutes in one month. No money was spent on promotion, but still many people found the channel. Pray that the watch time will continue to grow. Pray that those who view the videos will to want to know more about God.

We invite you to join the Intercessors each Thursday:

New Thursday Number


UPCOMING EVENTS from the website:

There are NO events posted for May 2019

June 2019:

Orality Training with Jerry Wiles

June 1 @ 8:30 am4:30 pm UTC+0
Saint James Episcopal Church, 9845 McCree Road
Dallas, TX 75238 United States

Living Water International’s Contextual Bible Storying, with advanced Orality applications and impact stories  Find out more »

Orality Training Workshop

June 1 @ 8:30 am4:30 pm UTC+0
Saint James Episcopal Church, 9845 McCree Road
Dallas, TX  75238 United States

Living Water International’s basic Bible Storying Training with advanced Orality applications and impact stories Find out more »

ION Africa Youth Conference Zambia 2019

June 6June 8

We are pleased to announce our upcoming ION Africa Youth Conference, which will be held in Lusaka, Zambia Thursday 6th June – Saturday 8th June 2019. Objective Of The Conference The Youth Conference will aim to attract up to 100 young people between the ages… Find out more »


PRAY for and View All Events

This week we find ourselves right at the 40-day mark to Pentecost. 

To follow the story we have to go to the book of Acts… 

Let’s take the time to really L👀K?! And really Listen👂

Can you not sit for an hour with me

We can go thru the Scripture in several different ways:

Using YouVersion Bible App there is a wonderful study that you can use to go thru the Book of Acts in 28 days reading (letters to paper version) or listening (audio version), and bring yourself directly into the Story of God in the READ to HEAR – The Book of Acts in 28 Days:


        28 days

Our Orality network friends at The Bible Project offers a couple different ways to approach the book:

The Bible Project: Book of Acts in TWO parts video series version:




The Bible Project: The Book of Acts FOUR part video series version:


No matter how you go about it, can we encourage you to take this next 40 days leading up to Pentecost and dig deeply into the backstory of Scripture according to the Bible for this season of the biblical calendar?!

At the end of the month we will touch back to you and offer a Ten Day plan for the TEN days of Ascension:



Thank you God for the INTERCESSORS

ION Thursday Prayer Line Number


You are invited to pray with us over the next year for Year of the Frontier. This is a joint prayer initiative of global prayer groups through the Joshua Project.

Joshua Project is beginning a fresh cycle of people group profiles for Unreached of the Day. For the next 13 months, through the end of May 2020, we will feature nearly 400 people groups with populations larger than 500,000. These groups have fewer than 1 in 1,000 who are followers of Jesus. The term being used for these neediest of the needy is “Frontier People Groups.”

We are coordinating with several other organizations and initiatives, such as Global Prayer Digest, GO31, 24:14 Inherit the Nations and the Ethne movement, to promote these groups together. We hope to see tens of thousands praying each day for one of these groups needing a gospel breakthrough.

We’ll be praying together with sisters and brothers in Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese and will soon be joined by German and perhaps French speaking intercessors.

We’d like to invite you to pass this word along to others, encouraging them to receive the e-mails or download the app that will allow us all to be interceding for the same people group each day.

Who and where are “Frontier People Groups”?

Try out these Resource Options in support of this initiative and find out more information at

Printable prayer guides & Abbreviated Calendars: Or

To get daily prayer materials via email: or  Then submit your email in the top right-hand box.

For the podcast: Go to iTunes and search for “Global Prayer Digest” or try this link:

To download the App:

For Android:

For iPhones:

MAY 5 – JUNE 4, 2019

Love Muslims a prayer initiative to change the world. Praying globally together!

Love Muslims will launch on May 5, 2019, which will guide believers around the world on a 30-day prayer journey through the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. A new, free video will launch each day. Watch sample videos and sign up now to join the global prayer movement!

Prayercast (, a ministry of OneWay (, uses the arts and compelling media to activate world-changing prayer for the sake of the lost. 

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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