Oct. – Dec. 2019 ION Praise and Prayer


Welcome Prayer Warriors!

We are excited to have one more guest writer with us to share their journey and connection into how Orality and Prayer have connected in their life. This time we welcome Donna Manor, who has been connected in for several years to share:

My Journey To Strategic Informed Intercession Within the Orality Movement
by Donna Manor

Strategic Informed Intercession, what is this?  This is a question I am constantly asked.  For many years, I did not even know!  Here is my story.  In 2007, I was recovering from a serious illness.  Six weeks after the near-death experience, I had a grand mal seizure, which resulted in my being placed on long-term disability.  I was unable to drive as the doctors found there was no medication that would work for me.  So I sat at home feeling sorry for myself and wondering if the rest of my life would be affected.  During this time, I became very close to a neighbor that lived across the street. We would visit daily and talk about God and His Word.  It was wonderful to share with someone that was so bold and free in her faith.  So I began to see that God was using this time as a ‘set apart’ time in my journey.  I was able to spend many hours in the Word and in prayer, what a change to my previous routine!

I began to look forward to every new day, wondering what I would learn that day!  As I began this new journey, I got involved in the prayer ministry at my church.  Before I knew it I was attending one Prayer Leader conference after another.  The opportunities continued, I began to question, “why am I here, I am not a prayer leader?”  My mentor tried to help me answer the burning question and would respond, “I know, I don’t know why, but you are supposed to be here”.  So off I went month after month, conference after conference. And the journey continued.

I got involved in a prayer group whose focus was praying for the Nation, Church (The Body of Christ/Ekklesia) and the Lost of the World.  A new dimension of prayer, a Kingdom Focused Prayer life began to emerge.  Where we were no longer bound to a list of prayer points to check off but moved into a God-centered, Kingdom-oriented prayer life.  Folks these were life-changing, eye-opening shifts in my spirit.  I learned how to listen, to be patient to really hear God’s still small voice.  God’s voice being, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as I believe all three speak as well today as they did in Paul’s life.  Think of Acts 16:6-10, God’s Divine Strategy.  These were wonderful times with great people, entering into the presence of the Lord!  This is where I discovered Prophetic Prayer and the power of God’s presence.

In September 2010, my life was changed as I was asked to help staff the prayer room for an International Orality Network (ION) Conference that was being held at the Winshape Retreat Conference Center.  Little did I know that this would shape my life going forward.  I was asked to help the ION prayer team assemble the Interactive Prayer Garden, where we hung pictures of the unreached and unengaged people groups that we had printed from the Joshua Project. They were attached to strings from ceiling to floor. It was very impactful to all who took the time to go through it. It was at this time that I really became aware of people outside and beyond my own sphere of influence.

From the connections I made at the 2010 ION Conference, God opened the door for me to go to work for TWR (formerly TransWorld Radio) with Tom Watkins in the Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships Department as their intercessor.  God laid on my heart that I was not just interceding for Tom, but that I was to be a Strategic Informed Intercessor.  I had previously never heard this term or phrase used. Tom was ahead of the times by inviting prayer into meetings, usually hidden to intercessors.  I was not only in the ROOM when they had their meetings, but prayer had a place at the table!  I began to finally understand what Strategic Informed Intercession looked like. Look at the value God put in their hearts for prayer!  It became clear that those in the room were interested to hear what God was saying and what His plan would be.  We often make business plans, and then ask God to bless OUR plans, but what if we asked God for His plan and followed that!  A very good friend of mine often says, one Divine Inspiration is better than years of human perspiration.  We would be able to accomplish so much more.

Tom, invited me to join him to serve the OneStory Executive Team.  OneStory does Oral Bible Storying and is an offshoot of Table 71 (who also birthed ION).  Through Tom, I met Rob Harvey.  Rob and I serve with Mission Advisors, I am responsible for Strategic Informed Intercession with that ministry.

So after all these years, I now have the definition of Strategic Informed Intercession.   

Strategic Informed Intercession happens when a person has been allowed into the inner circle of an organization through spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear what God is doing and to have a voice when God wants to impart a word of knowledge to these brave men and women that are making the hard decisions. Using Strategic Informed Intercession is a life style.

Look at how God works! As my journey has finally brought answers to my question of many years ago, “Why am I here, I am not a prayer leader?” God does have a sense of humor!

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.  -Jeremiah 29:11


-Join us in saying, “Thank you, Donna Manor, for sharing your story with us!”


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