January 2020


As the New Year rolls in as well as the start of a new decade, ION is in the thick of some shifts behind the scenes and at a clear juncture in time as we see the opening of a new era!

As of December 31st, there has been a “Changing of the guard in prayer leadership”. 


In a note from our Executive Director, David Swarr released internally mid-December he writes,

There is so much to celebrate during this joyous Advent and Christmas season! The Lord has shown his faithfulness in so many ways to each one of us and to all of us together this past year. One of the milestones we get to celebrate is the “changing of the guard” with Linda turning over her responsibilities as Senior Prayer Associate to Donna Manor. As you are aware this process was begun earlier this year and Donna has been walking alongside Linda for a good number of months. Linda will be ending her time in this role as of December 31.

We celebrate Linda and her years of invaluable service to the ministry of ION and the orality movement! We celebrate new beginnings with Donna as she picks up this leadership mantle! We celebrate the gift of Jesus for whom and through whom the  beautiful service of these two lives, and that of each of you, is made possible! The Lord is GOOD!May the Lord’s richest blessings be upon each of you this Christmas and New Year


David Swarr PhD | E.D. Int’l Orality Network

President/CEO Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation A program of 4.2.20 FoundationThe Whole Word for the Whole World

All of us in ION share these thoughts and rejoice alongside ION as we say goodbye to Linda Bemis and all she has been to ION. And as I am received as the new ION Senior Associate in Prayer Leadership.

It is a new season and a bit overwhelming to me as I feel the heaviness of stepping into the shoes of someone as vital as Linda. I am not Linda and do not know what God has planned, but I do know that God has placed me in this role. So as we moved into the year 2020 – clear vision – may the Lord guide this new birth and season.  I want to extend an invitation to anyone who is involved or has been involved in ION prayer and would like to become involved again, please reach out to me personally.

Donna Manor
Senior Associate | Prayer
International Orality Network Influencing the body of Christ to make disciples of all oral communicators – 80% of the world (5.7 billion) are oral communicators of which 1/2 are children!
📰 ION Prayer Blog: https://IONPrayer.com

In my new role as Senior Associate in Prayer I am hitting the ground running and so excited to see where Jehovah leads us next.  Please join this journey with me.

Items for Prayer:

ION ongoing leadership and Regional development across the globe.

The ION Global Executive Team and the Executive Director (ED) succession planning and future selection.

The Changing of the Guard in prayer with Linda Bemis as she leaves this area of leadership and moves into fully engaging with the 4-2-20 Foundation.

ION Prayer and my part, as we move into the new season of what the Lord will reveal and what it will look like into the future for prayer and prayer mobilization in ION.


🙏 Please join to pray for upcoming travel as the new ION Sr. Associate for Prayer:

  • February 3rd – 5th Travel to Orlando for Table 71 Meetings providing eyes open intercessory prayer coverage and support
  • February 15th – 23rd Travel to several US cities East Coast from Florida into DC: Prayer Strike for the Harvest      
  • March 10th – 14th Travel to India ION Consultation and ION Global Leadership Face to Face Mtgs.
  • May 21st – June 2nd Possible Travel to Israel for Table 71


🙏General ION Prayer Regional Item:

Upcoming ION India Consultation  12 -14th March 2020 (Lunch to lunch)  Location: Bangalore

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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