ION Lost A Treasure

RenderedImageRob Harvey was a true treasure, wonderful husband, father and friend. What can one say about Rob?  He was a one of a kind.  God broke the mold when He made Rob.  He lived life with a Joy so deep and real that I have never seen before. He lived life walking this earth in communion with his Savior.  Now, Rob walks in communion with his Savior in Heaven.

I met Rob in January 2017 in Tyler, Texas at a OneStory Executive Team Meeting.  As he would often say, “Our hearts were knitted together over enchiladas!”  I sat across from him at the dinner table that night; we shared “our stories”.   He believed that the Church could work in unity to finish the Great Commission.  I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Rob believed with ministries working together, we could unleash a generosity of shared resources that could be used for Kingdom work that can finish the Great Commission!  He had a love for Orality and the UUPGs that do not yet have one verse of God’s Word in their  heart language.

I was blessed to run alongside Rob for the past 3+ years, as his Strategic Informed Intercessor. He had a heart for prayer and he believed that, “prayer had to be the steering wheel, it could not be the spare tire.”  Rob was quick to go to prayer, even in the middle of a conversation, he would go to the throne and pray into a situation or a topic.

Rob had very unique gifts, one of which was his thought process.  He would sit and listen, by the end of the conversation he was able to drill down to the heart of an issue, help identify the vision that was lying just under the surface and then help organize that vision and facilitate a plan forward to realize that vision.

Rob was such an encourager.  He never missed an opportunity to make you feel appreciated, and treasured.  I can’t count the times that I received a text message or a voicemail where he was encouraging me; it always came on a day when I really needed to hear it.  God used Rob as a conduit for His love and Rob shared it freely.  I never heard Rob say anything negative about anyone, ever!

Rob worked with so many groups that are connected to ION,  including Table 71.  He served as the ION Storying Gateway Leader, and served international on the IC leadership team.  In recent years he represented the Orality Movement and spoke from the platform and led workshops at the Finishing The Task gatherings.  One of the areas he was passionate about was his work alongside OneStory where he was hosting the website so that resources wouldn’t be lost.

All of these things and many more were done out of his love for the unreached people and to spread the Gospel, they were done on a volunteer basis, asking for nothing in return.  

He was quick to ask someone that he just met, “How can I serve you?” Oh,  if the Body of Christ would learn to have that selfless spirit in all we do, we would all be better off.  

May I challenge everyone reading this post, put a little Rob into everything we do.  Let’s spread Joy, Peace, Encouragement, Love and Unity into our troubled world.  This is my plan, will you join me?

ION leaders are all volunteers and Rob, like many of them, was self-funded.  Friends of the Harvey’s have opened a GoFundme Account to help his wife and six children,


Here is the link if you would like to donate:

About Praying for Oral & Bibleless People Groups

Prayer Strategist/Mobilizer Prayer International Orality Network
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1 Response to ION Lost A Treasure

  1. Larry and Janet Blair says:

    So very sorry for this loss to ION, his family and friends Praying for all, in Jesus Name.

    Janet Blair

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