I serve as the Sr. Associate for Prayer with International Orality Network

Global Prayer Partnerships
History of broad experience in all aspects of administration, mobilization, specifically & primarily focused in the area of strategic prayer. Extensive history with executive leadership and on-site opportunities. Strong gifting in areas related to prayer, prayer mobilization, kingdom initiatives, servant leadership & training.

Desire to connect with others involved in International Prayer Ministries who are network and Kingdom oriented.

12243217_10153089975786207_6428719963288062773_n (1)  Linda Bemis

  • Born in the USA and currently residing in the USA
  • Married to my childhood sweetheart we grew up on a barrier island on the east coast of Florida. We have been married for 40+ yrs., have 3 children & 7 living grands.
  • Ministry call of Pastor/Shepherd/Administrator 
  • Gifting in Mobilization and Intercession
  • Serve with the International Orality Network 
  • Senior Associate – Prayer [International Council Member] · September 2006 to present

    ION Prayer seeks to link with others in prayer support & mobilization working to reach UPG’s & UUPG’s. ION seeks to link with missionaries, mission agencies and churches who are working to reach oral* communicators who make up 2/3 of the world. Yes, 2/3 of the world are oral learners.

    [*Oral peoples sharing information in ways other than “letters on paper” or formats that would require reading. They primarily use stories, songs, dance, poems, etc. to disseminate their history or to teach. In areas that are highly literate, it would be the people who prefer getting their information in means other than just reading, such as digital, audio, visual, such as internet. Oral learners are very intelligent, just use a means that speaks to them and allows them to understand at a heart level. Visit http://www.Orality.net ]

    We need to change the way we are doing missions to reach those who still wait to hear! Does anyone else believe we really do not have a good understanding of LOSTNESS and the need to get to ZERO in God’s Work of the Completion of the Great Commission? Would love to talk to you and ask God how we go at this in unity and love, so that a watching world might know Him.

I am a self support prayer missionary. In International Orality Network operates under the category of a “decentralized network”. It is all God… and the NT principle of helping each other and sharing the resources of God along the way. Along the way, the network has sacrificially supported prayer as a foundation of the work of ION. We hold to the request that intercessors serving do not have to pray to pray! In the 10 years our teams have been providing prayer support, we have seen several thousands of dollars be shared back and forth to get the job done.

In addition, this work has been a journey of faith in ways other than financial. We liken the journey to be like a “rocket ship ride of sorts”. We share with others who join us that they might just strap on the harness and learn to just enjoy the ride that God has prepared for us. This literally has beyond our understanding. The cry of our heart being “If you do not go with me I will not go, I NEED the Presence of God on all of this.

Working with a network, compared to working with the denomination has been life transforming.  Read the entire article: https://ionprayer.com/2016/03/15/getting-to-know-me/

Over the past few years we have seen things change dramatically for our teams. We have had the opportunity to work alongside executives and currently are coaching and mentoring 2 networks & 3 organizations as they seek a new wineskin of prayer in this season that includes prayer as a strategy and using the position of a Prayer Strategist within their structure. Focusing primarily on being a God Centered and Spirit Driven model, on mission with God in prayer.

Back in 2008 we began to ponder and ask God about the process of prayer as a foundation of the ministry of the network. He began to download to us a different mindset on how we might change the way we “do” prayer, prayer requests and prayer rooms. 

You can read about the history of our ION Prayer Teams in Chapter 15 of “Orality Breakouts” – http://www.getamericapraying.com/groupdocs/90_1363824706.pdf

Visit the Orality.net website to find out more about ION and using orality tools at: International Orality Network

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