Sept. 2017 ION Prayer Focus

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

The longer I serve as Senior Associate for Prayer with the International Orality Network the more I realize the need to have prayer as a foundation in everything we do, This verse brings us back to the center of it all.

Praying Without Ceasing: What Might That Look Like?!

As a network we want to share in this month’s ION Prayer Focus what this might look like:

Realize prayer is a “being thing” with God, not just a “doing thing”. Asking for prayer to be in the mix of everything.


• Keeping an attitude of prayer as we work. 


• Making a priority to have a biblical lifestyle of praying unceasingly (It is not saying a “pray before we start or asking God to bless the work”).

• Presenting the biblical model in Acts, as the foundation of everything.

• Recognizing our roles, as individuals or corporately together, we are responsible to be people who pray and encourage a sustainable measure of allowing the Holy Spirit access to all.

• In addition to talking about prayer, that we have as a foundation the goal of having a specific prayer connection point person such as a prayer coordinator & working toward having in place a physical prayer team as a basic element to every team in our network, as well as us as individuals or corporately together.

• When prayer is a natural element of everything we are, then we see the component of “praying unceasingly”.

We invite you to link in together each Thursday at 2pm (Eastern) in united prayer for the “more” of Ephesians 3:20-21 for the entire ION network as well as the body of Christ, in the area of having real tangible prayer in place.


In unity we pray. . .

Luke 10:2 & Matthew 9:37-38: 

Lord of the Harvest,

SEND Your laborers into Your harvest field. Lord, close the gap in having Scripture for the Every & All. In Jesus name. Amen

We join together to echo Your Son’s Request TO ASK:

He was saying to them, “The harvest is abundant [for there are many who need to hear the good news about salvation], but the workers [those available to proclaim the message of salvation] are few. Therefore, [prayerfully] ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”

We invite you each Thursday at 2pm (EDT):      

Dial-in: +1 (641) 552-9404  

Code: 818908#

Let’s pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as it will look differently for each group or organization as they put prayer into their foundation in a real way. Join in praying the Word from Ephesians 3:16-19:


Strengthen the inner man of each one, that Jesus would dwell in our hearts thru faith. That we would be rooted and grounded in Jesus. That we individually and as the Orality Network might be able to know the love of Jesus and be filled with the fullness of God. Let us allow for the freedom of Your work. May we celebrate the work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as we watch and pray. In Jesus name. Amen.

Let’s pray for a greater portion of not just the thought process of thinking that a couple of people who you think are praying –but the reality of knowing we have prayer support and full prayer coverage however that looks for each group withing the ION network.

In the month of September we invite you to join to pray for dedicated Prayer Associates for each of our ION Regions.

What might that look like?!

Each ION Region would have a dedicated person/s that would work toward providing prayer support and prayer mobilization for that specific Region. We are believing for the “more” as we see God bringing the different Regions into place. Those Region Prayer Associates would link together with the Senior Prayer Associate, so that prayer across the globe would be united in purpose.

We know this will be an ongoing need because the Regions are still being formed. But we are believing that if we put the priority on having prayer in place and being prayerful in everything, that God will hear and answer.

We have seen this to be true in the past 11 years, being involved in the prayer support and mobilization as a huge part of the acceleration we have witnessed in ION. There are Orality networks being birthed all over the globe. We join God in the place of prayer for what He is doing around the globe and are united in our prayer for the Orality movement and continue to ask Him for the “more”!

Anyone Can Pray for Oral Peoples

Join to pray for Oral & Oral Bible-less at:

In John 5:17 Jesus replied, “My Father is always working, and so am I.” We must be actively at work in the area of prayer and responsible to pray. It is not just the prayer team who engages in prayer with the Father, but everyone as a whole works together. Remembering back to the book of Acts, it happens in the mix of everything.

Prayer is not a formality

Our ION Core Prayer Team is praying into the reality of every group having an active prayer team.

We invite you to join us this month to pray.

We are seeing and hearing testimonies from several of our ION network partners who are actively putting into practice prayer as the foundation. It must be functional for a shift to occur. Do you have an active prayer director and how are you seeing prayer making a difference? We would love to hear from you.

If you would like more information or send us a note email:  We look forward to how we might connect further to each other in a very real way. So much more can be accomplished together than alone.

As we shift, it is a shift into the arena of extraordinary prayer as the norm. What God does is extraordinary, it cannot happen without our extraordinary God. So why would we think that “ordinary” prayer would be sufficient at anytime?

What does extraordinary prayer look like in this mix of collaborating together?!

A great model to check out, that might be helpful to you is Team ExpansionWhy does Team Expansion value extraordinary prayer?

“We value extraordinary prayer because we believe it’s the power behind missions, crucial strategy in reaching the unreached, and the key to the fulfillment of the great commission.”  Betty Byrd -VP Prayer, Team Expansion

Click here to read the full interview:

Another wonderful resource to take note of can be seen in the following screenshots ​from Pray4Tunisia, CLICK on the individual links to go directly to each page:

How to pray amazing prayers Pray4Tunisia

How to pray with amazing insight:


 How to Start a Prayer Group:

How to Start a Prayer Network:

Currently there are very few resources available to use in the area of setting up a prayer group or prayer network related to Prayer & Missions as the focus.

As we see a fresh desire again of Collaborating Together Prayer & Missions there is a move to join together to look at what it will take to collaborate together in a convergence of these two streams becoming one.

This month will you join to bathe this in prayer and ask God to let you take note as you see this convergence more and more. Both of these streams have much to learn about each other. In addition we must re-learn how to operate as one.

collage of prayer and missions over the ages



Collaborating Together Prayer & Missions is not new.

Look back over the centuries the History of 24/7 Prayer, not just the model of IHOP Kansas City or 24/7 Prayer (UK), but a return to the ancient path of unceasing prayer as a lifestyle that goes back to the biblical standard over the centuries.


See the previous ION Prayer post: The materials were written by some of these groups to help the church today return to the ancient path and model of the first century church in the book of Acts and the unfolding history of God’s pattern and stories of 24/7 prayer through the ages of the church.

Linking Together in United Prayer:

We invite you to pray this month for the ION North America Region (NAR) gathering in Colorado Springs, CO USA Sept. 11-13th. This Region launched last Sept. and is actively putting together their leadership teams and beginning to model the ION structure of Gateways & Pathways.

ION 7 Gateways Explained

Pray for a greater understanding of the new ION Structure that was released last year. It allows for all of the Regions to function in a similar way, but leaving it open to them as to how it might looks. This will allow for everyone to find their place and gives structure to our network in a very clear way.

Multiple Gateways

Multiple Pathways for Service

FTT InvitationWe also want ask you to pray for another opportunity for Orality and ION will be highlighted at the Finishing The Task gathering in Dec. 5-7, 2017 where we have another opportunity to link together. ION Partner FTT, will have their annual gathering and Orality will be featured as well as Prayer As Strategy with ION Teams being involved.

We invite you to consider registering and plan to join others for this event:

invite-to-ftt-2017.jpeg Registration and more information can be found at: 

Linking Together with Global Prayer Initiatives:

From The Fellowship of Prayer Strategists & Ethne Prayer:

September 2017 Unreached Prayer Calendar!  Join in the month of September to pray for those unreached peoples in South Asia!

Download the calendar at:


Hindi Prayer Initiative

NEW annual Hindu World Prayer Focus calls Christians & churches worldwide to take 15 days (Oct 8 – 22, 2017) to learn about and pray for our world’s over one billion Hindu neighbors.

This time period also encompasses the significant Hindu Festival of Light (Diwali). These informative prayer guide booklets will help Christians to know how to pray for the people(s) growing up within this major and very diverse world religion. (Of course, if this 15-day time frame does not work for you, there is no prohibition to taking another 15 days.)

Diwali (or Deepawali) is known as the Hindu Festival of Lights, and is one of India’s most important annual celebrations, lasting about 4-5 days.


5.7 Billion

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Little to No Access to Scripture!

Lord Close the Gap blog post picture

The prayer need. . .

Little to no access to the Scriptures for far too many peoples of the world. We acknowledge the reality of. . . 7102 languages in the world, yet only 664 have a full complete Bible. – 4.2.20 Foundation

Father, we pray for You to close the gap in the area of peoples (5.7 Billion) of the world of which 2/3 are oral, who have limited to no access to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through His Word in a way they can really understand!

Far too many have little to no access to the Scriptures or who are in fact Bible-less Peoples.

We link together in prayer for the completion of Scripture for all languages in our lifetime.

We are praying for the innovative ways You are bringing, to make the reality of Revelation 5:9 & 7:9 possible.

We believe for the “more” of Ephesians 3:20 and trust You to bring it to pass. Draw Your Bride to step fully into John 17:20-23 as we collaborate together in prayer and missions. Make us one, Lord!

We pray in unity. . . Luke 10:2 & Matthew 9:37-38, we pray Lord of the Harvest, SEND Your laborers into Your harvest field. In Jesus name. Amen

We join together to echo Your Son’s Request TO ASK: He was saying to them, “The harvest is abundant [for there are many who need to hear the good news about salvation], but the workers [those available to proclaim the message of salvation] are few. Therefore, [prayerfully] ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”

We invite you each Thursday at 2pm (EDT):      

Dial-in: +1 (641) 552-9404  

Code: 818908#


The Worldwide Status of Bible Translation (Wycliffe 2017):

  • More than 1,400 languages have access to the New Testament and some portions of Scripture in their language.
  • More than 600 languages have the complete translated Bible.
  • About 7,000 languages are known to be in use today.
  • Up to 160 million people need Bible translation to begin in their language.
  • More than 1,600 languages* still need a Bible translation project to begin.
    *Does not include sign languages

Stats from Davar Partner (Specializing in bringing the Old Testament into every recording)

Reports a total of 714 full complete Bibles available around the globe – only 636 languages have a text translation of the complete Bible and only 78 audio full versions exist.

2.7 BILLION PEOPLE remain without access to the Full Bible and 350 MILLION PEOPLE are without a single verse of scripture in their primary language. Of the 7,097 living languages, only 636 languages have a text translation of the complete Bible, and only 78 audio versions exist. Sobered by this reality and strengthened by His grace, we press on to make audio Bibles available to people of every tongue.

From our Friends at The Seed Company

Finishing the Task – UUPGs & Scripture
493 UUPGs Engaged, but with NO SCRIPTURE      469 UUPGs with NO KNOWN RESOURCES

United in Prayer. . . Lord, close the gap, bring Your Word to the Every & All across the globe. We unite in the prayer of Luke 10:2. In Jesus name. Amen

If you would like this in a pdf send an email to:

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Step into praying for the Oral & Oral Bible-less Peoples


Sharing a PowerPoint presentation that might help you or your prayer group to Step in to Praying for the Oral & Oral Bible-less Peoples around the globe.

It is best viewed directly from the PowerPoint screen. . . To view the entire PowerPoint presentation, click here:


Here is a sampling of the information available on this presentation. . .

slide 16

slide 19

slide 15

slide 14

slide 13

slide 12

slide 11

slide 10

slide 9

slide 8

slide 7

slide 6

slide 5

slide 4

slide 3

Slide 2

slide 1

slide 20

where is orality needed

Everywhere you see a “red dot”, that is where Unengaged, Unreached People Groups (UUPG) are located. Much more prayer is needed.


The ION Prayer Teams invite you to visit the ION Website and find out more, so you can pray in a more informed way. Thank you for linking in prayer and missions.

Please join us to pray through the months of June – August:


The ION Weekly Prayer Call has a NEW number!

PLEASE take note and keep it for later use. . .

Dial-in: +1 (641) 552-9404                          Access Code: 818908#      

If you are outside the USA, we have Int’l Country Codes available. Send us an email:

NEW ION Prayer Number

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June, July & August 2017 ION Prayer Focus

Welcome to the first Summer ION Prayer Focus!

We wanted to let your summer months be less crowded, but hope you will continue to pray thru these three months.

So much is going on in the IONOralitySphere as Samuel Chiang would say! Much you may not be able to see, much we cannot even share here. But be assured God is at work and for many around the globe ORALITY is coming into focus for the first time or maybe even coming into focus more fully at last!

Join in united prayer each Thursday at 2pm (EDT) GMT-4
Dial:     +1 (641) 552-9404

Code:   818908#                    The call is for one hour.

The ION Weekly Prayer Call has a NEW number!

If you are outside the USA, we have Int’l Country Codes available. Send an email requesting your country to:

Asking for you to stay faithful to the Thursday ION Prayer Call each week. THANK YOU

NEW ION Prayer Number

FIRST, let us be praying for the ION Conferences & Convergence Events including the North America Region ION Conference coming up in September. It will be held at the Focus on the Family facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can register and find out more info at:



Pray for the program team and the North America Region Team as they work behind the scenes to finalize plans and content.

Pray for those who God is calling to REGISTER and ATTEND. Bind the enemy from any work and Ask God, the WayMaker to make a clear way for them to come.

Pray for the larger family of ION to pray alongside and support this new region. For many of them this is a season of change. The North America Region (Canada, USA, & Latin America) is a large body of geography and as a network that can be hard to stay connected. Ask God for more ways for them to begin to function as a Region and be able to communicate as a Region. Pray for the different Gatekeepers (Door-openers) who need to be in place to find their places. Pray for Jerry Wiles, who has taken the lead for the NAR. Pray for those who are active in this region to reach out to him.

Pray for the Program and Content Team for the conference as they reach out to speakers and workshop facilitators.

Praise God for the connection to Focus on the Family. Pray for us as the ION Network to reach out to our Colorado Springs friends and invite them and they be able to attend to find our more about Orality and how they might fit in and find their place in the network.

Praying as well for the ION Africa Regional Conference, July 16-21, 2017 in Jos, Nigeria. Thank you Father for the strong leadership team of ION Africa under the leadership of Dr. Victor Madziakapita and the ION Africa Leadership Team. Each of their Gateway Leaders in place at this time. We pray a blessing on this upcoming gathering.

Praying alongside ION SE Asia as the details for the upcoming ION South East Asia Regional Convergence: November 28 – 30 in Manila City, Philippines are beginning to be released. This group also has solid leadership and nationals in each of the Gateways leading out. Praise God. Psalm 24:7-10.

Lift up your heads, you gates;
    be lifted up, you ancient doors,
    that the King of glory may come in.
Who is this King of glory?
    The Lord strong and mighty,
    the Lord mighty in battle.
Lift up your heads, you gates;
    lift them up, you ancient doors,
    that the King of glory may come in.
10 Who is he, this King of glory?
    The Lord Almighty—
    he is the King of glory.   


SECOND, Let’s remember the Orality Network around the globe. Several areas are very active and planning events to bring the ION family together. There are a couple of areas that seem to be coming out that we have not had much “public” activity seen in the past. Please pray for these persecuted church areas where Orality is an everyday reality. These are areas of the world where oral peoples are the norm. No other way of communication is really going to have lasting effect.

PRAY for Areas where Orality is coming more public:

MENA map

PRAY for the Middle East & North Africa Region

PRAY for Areas where Orality are the norm:

West and Central Africa

PRAY for the areas in the West and Central Africa Region

East Africa map

PRAY for the areas in the East Africa Region

PRAY as the ION Africa Region begins to take their place:

Pray for the ION Africa Regional Conference, July 16-21, 2017 in Jos, Nigeria. Thank you Father for the strong leadership team of ION Africa under the leadership of Dr. Victor Madziakapita and the ION Africa Leadership Team where this gathering is being planned for in West Africa. The areas of East Africa, West Africa and Central & South ION Regions will gather together. This area of the world is very unstable. Pray for them as they plan. Pray for grace as they work out the details to bring together the ION friends and family in these regions.

PRAY for new areas and emerging regional areas


As you pray think about the hardships on the people of India


Praise God for the ongoing growth of the South East Asia Region:

South East Asia Region — leadership of Romerlito Macalinao

Want to hear or share updates about orality and storying within SE Asia? Check out this group:

*Interested in the International Orality Network FaceBook updates? Check out:


THIRD, We ask you to pray for those behind the scenes working as the International Orality Network at a global level. Those working in core areas of support. Those working in specific title areas representing ION to global partners. Those who serve as Senior Associates representing specific areas of the network. Those who serve as Ambassadors at Large in the global and regional areas helping to put in place a network of those who are working in Orality. There are so many who will remain nameless and faceless, yet whose face and name is out there to those they work alongside of!

If you look at the history of the Orality Network, you can see how God has and continues to lead the leadership to have a very “hands off” approach. The leadership is driven by God and is given favor in so many areas. Their calling to ION is apparent to those who know them. Yet for the most part, many in the network are unaware of the work the individuals do to make the network work effectively.

PRAY for those nameless and faceless champions who are working tirelessly behind the scenes. PRAY for their families. PRAY for God to guard, guide and protect them and their family.

You can go to the ION Website and pray for the specific regional areas:

PRAY for ION Leadership 

See the leadership function here:

See those to pray for specifically here:


PRAY for where is orality needed around the globe:

where is orality needed

Do you see the red dots? This is where UUPGs have been documented to be located. But what about those who are not documented as unengaged, but unreached? How do we track them and reach them with Christ in a way that can be really received? We have to know what their needs are. There is a project right now being done for that purpose:

global research project   PRAY for the Global Orality Research Project that is documenting the “orality” of peoples all across the globe. No current research has been done that will significantly document the fact of the reality of Oral Peoples across the globe. This project will begin to document the reality of Orality and Oral peoples in a way that will call for more research and will begin to cause us to look even harder at how to do missions with Orality and Oral peoples as a focus into the future.

Ask and it shall be given Ask and it shall be given. . . Ask for the Full Bible for the Every and All. That every people group might hear the name of Jesus and receive the Gospel in a way they can really understand.

Pray the Lord of the Harvest Just as we are called, Ask for others to begin to

Pray Matthew 10:35-38 “Then He said to his disciples, The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.'” 

Collaborating Together Prayer and Missions

Keep this topic in your prayers as the global prayer leaders and mission leaders continue to link together. For more info see:

Linking together across the globe:

PRAY for  Lausanne Mission Leaders Gathering

Global Prayer Leaders & Prayer Groups,

Would you kindly pray and share with your key prayer leaders this Prayer Request on behalf of The Lausanne Mission Leaders Gathering. The number of those who will gather has risen to 90+ CEO/Executive Directors who will gather at Wittenberg, Germany. They are acknowledging the need for extraordinary prayer and have asked us to partner in prayer.

Would you join to pray for their gathering that will happen in June 2017*, in just a few weeks.

Phill Butler writes, “I have the opportunity/ responsibility of designing/facilitating the process by which these 90+ leaders engage with God, the challenge, with each other, and with a plan for action. It’s a process we’re well into. Many very encouraging things. BUT – We are coming into the final 7-8 weeks – the ‘homestretch’ of this thing and if anything of lasting Kingdom value occurs over these next few weeks – during and after Wittenberg – it will be because of prayer. Will you and your praying friends/network(s) take up this cause? This small team behind the scenes, will be lost without the extra prayer support. And, as always, this comes with my profound thanks for your commitment to Kingdom collaboration and the prayer that’s so essential. Your support over the years has been such a huge encouragement!”


Pray with us!


PENTECOST SUNDAY • International Day of Prayer For The Unreached • 4 JUNE 2017

Operation World Releases Mobile Prayer Resource

New mobile app makes Operation World prayer content even more accessible

London, UK – 2 June 2017

Operation World, the ministry behind the definitive global prayer handbook, is pleased to announce the worldwide release of a new, free mobile app this Pentecost Sunday. Millions of Christians have used Operation World (OW) resources since the 1960s to pray for the nations. The OW team hopes an even greater number will now gain access to the content and join the global prayer movement.

“There is something of ‘God on the move’ that occurs through the united, fervent, sustained prayers of His people, that otherwise does not occur,” said OW author, Jason Mandryk. “Imagine the possibilities of what can happen when thousands upon thousands unite together from across the whole earth to lift up the world before Him, day after day, nation after nation!”

The app allows users to set reminders to pray for the “country of the day,” easily retrieve OW research statistics, explore in-depth prayer requests and praise reports given for each country of the world, see how many others are praying along, and favourite countries for future reference.

The OW app was developed in partnership with Global Mapping International (GMI) and Missional Digerati.

“It has been GMI’s great privilege to support Operation World over so many years,” said Jon Hirst, President and CEO. “Few resources in the history of the Church have done more to challenge believers to pray for the nations.”

Download the Android app on Google Play, and a version for Apple on the App Store. For more information, go to


About Operation World

Operation World is widely regarded as the definitive volume of prayer information about the world and is the recipient of the ECPA Gold Medallion Award for Excellence in Evangelical Christian Literature. Operation World is published by InterVarsity Press.

About Missional Digerati

Missional Digerati is a Christian non-profit mobile and web application development team dedicated to using technology to deliver the Gospel to every nation.


27 May – 25 June 2017



PRAISE GOD: Over 200,000 downloads!

Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Initiative over the 10 days leading up to Pentecost.

God is allowing for an all time global wave of prayer to happen.

Father, we ask you to awaken the Church world wide to begin to pray for the Harvest!

Read the article from Lausanne:


Follow the PrayerCast Ramadan Challenge via Facebook or email them directly at:

Together let’s watch and pray,
The Prayercast Team
*Ramadan is one of the months of the Muslim calendar, landing on 27 May – 25 June this year. During this month Muslims around the world will intentionally seek Allah through prayer and fasting – one of Islam’s five pillars – the most important requirements of their faith. Abstaining from earthly pleasures, they seek the cleansing of their souls from sin.

Click here to see the prayer schedule and learn more about the Prayercast Ramadan Challenge. You can also like us on Facebook, and/or follow us on Twitter for daily prompts and reminders.
See what’s happening on our social sites:
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1496343345436 (1).jpeg

Download the Unreached Prayer Calendar today at


Praise God for this collaboration:

18193977_10154304700296207_4410815565413629694_n (1)

Join in praying for the ORALITY COMPONENT of this MAC Gathering:

Please pray for Mark Snowden  as he leads a one hour seminar for a workshop group of 30 who have signed up. Please pray was well for Byron Spradlin who will lead up the Orality in Arts in Evangelism, a part of the Creative Arts Track. He will be presenting to the entire large group on Wednesday, June 28th at 11 am Central Time.

Amplify Conference

Amplify Conference

June 27-29, 2017  Wheaton, IL (National)

Sponsored by the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College in partnership with Mission America Coalition, Amplify is a 3-day event to reimagine an evangelism for our day that is winsome, soulful, creatively, and deeply grounded in scripture – with a mix of plenary speakers, case studies, research, breakout sessions, tracks, and networking times intended to meet the needs of everyone who attends.

Ed Stetzer: Source:

Mark Your Calendar to Join Me at #Amplify2017: A National Evangelism Conference | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

The last recorded statement of Jesus before His ascension was, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  (Acts 1:8).

Friends, we cannot shut our ears to His commands and our eyes to a field ripe with harvest. We mustn’t be the workers who are few (Luke 10:2). Our call is to go and declare His goodness (Ps. 96:3).

If we are honest and look at the fruit of many churches and Christ-followers today, we might say that many hold evangelism to be a low priority in their daily lives. Regardless of the reason this is so, we must admit that the Church in North America is at a critical crossroads of witness.

That is why I am inviting you to join me, Luis Palau, D.A. Horton, Nikki Toyama-Szeto, Trip Lee, Will Graham, Michael Frost, Dave Ferguson, Andrew Palau, Jerry Root, and many others on June 27-29, 2017, for Amplify 2017, a national conference on evangelism.

We are coming together to reimagine what evangelism looks like in our mission to be followers of Jesus. We will creatively work towards a united gospel witness that can impact our communities, cities, and nation for Christ.

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May 2017 ION Prayer Focus

Collaborating Together Prayer and Missions

Are we willing to pray BOLD PRAYERS?

Here is one example of bold prayers shown in Scripture. . . Praying BOLD Prayers, comes from the reality of having been with Jesus. . .  look with us at this one that begins in Acts 4:23.

23 On their release, Peter and John went back to their own people and reported all that the chief priests and the elders had said to them. 24 When they heard this, they raised their voices together in prayer to God. “Sovereign Lord,” they said, “you made the heavens and the earth and the sea, and everything in them. 25 You spoke by the Holy Spirit through the mouth of your servant, our father David:

“‘Why do the nations rage
and the peoples plot in vain?
26 The kings of the earth rise up
and the rulers band together
against the Lord
and against his anointed one.’

27 Indeed Herod and Pontius Pilate met together with the Gentiles and the people of Israel in this city to conspire against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed. 28 They did what your power and will had decided beforehand should happen. 29 Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. 30 Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

31 After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the Word of God boldly.

This month let us unite together for GOD’S TIMING in the Collaboration Together for Prayer and Missions, that the places where we meet might be shaken and we might be filled with the Holy Spirit, to speak the Word of God boldly.

Many are saying there is an acceleration of God’s timing right now in the area of collaboration of prayer and missions.

This is not new.

We believe the early church began in a prayer meeting and grew because of their culture of prayer (click to read about this). You can see this so clearly in Acts 1. Let’s pray for that same culture of prayer and missions to be apparent in the Church today.

We stand at a critical place in history. Do you believe we might be standing at the beginning of a season of another “Great Awakening” that is sweeping across Nations to bring the Gospel? We see the Spirit of God visiting His people with power. At the same time, the powers of darkness are raging. As the light of Christ grows brighter, the darkness becomes darker. But we know the end of the story, Revelation 22:16 “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you and to give you assurance of these things for the churches. I am the Root (the Source, the Life) and the Offspring of David, the radiant and bright Morning Star.” Jesus, the Root and True Light is coming!

As we move into this accelerated season, the lines are beginning to blur from where we have been, to where God wants to take us. Might there be a freedom to hear from Him as to how things need to be done. Even in prayer. We see more and more no set way to do things as we have had in the past few years for most of the world in many things. That is not a bad thing, but it is a time to really be sure you are seeking God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit.

As we seek Him in prayer, there is so much that we need to unite in prayer for in regard to God’s Word come to the EVERY AND ALL across the face of the globe.

What might it look like to unite in prayer & missions?

We, those who pray and we, who are in missions, must unite and walk together. To collaborate together in prayer & missions!

How can we understand how to pray? How do we move from where we are to where we need to go -in praying for the Gospel, God’s Story, His great gift, JESUS to go the EVERY AND ALL. . .

Let’s begin to unite and pray in celebration for what HE IS DOING. One of those things that He is doing right now is uniting those who are working to bring Scripture to every person on the earth! We want to share with you the stats, the newest numbers from the United Bible Societies (UBS) DEC 2016:

2016 Bible Society Report 5These stats are from the UBS 2016 Global Scripture Access Report, which charts progress in Bible translation and the availability of Scriptures.

Join us in giving thanks to God for the progress made in Bible translation, and asking him to bless efforts to unblock obstacles that prevent people from accessing and engaging with Scripture.

Because of Him,

Michael Perreau
Director General
United Bible Societies

See the full report from UBS

2016 Bible Society Report 830 First Translations spoken by 95 million people (17 Bibles, 6 New Testaments, 7 new portions)

31 New Translations, Revisions and Study editions spoken by 333 million people (16 Bibles, 5 New Testaments, 7 Portions, 3 Study editions)

648 languages now have a full complete Bible and further 1,432 languages have a New Testament. This leaves us with 1,671 languages without NOT ONE VERSE.

434 million people with only some portions of Scripture and a further 253 million people who have NO SCRIPTURE translated in their heart language at all.

Let’s PRAY for the many people groups who still do not have access to or only have limited access to the Bible, God’s Word, His Scripture.

PRAY for the 253 MILLION who have NO SCRIPTURE.

 2016 Bible Society Report 3

2016 Bible Society Report 1

PRAY for the 434 MILLION who only have Portions & Selections of Scripture. PRAY Father, close the gap and bring Your Word to the EVERY AND ALL. Think about the reality of those who still wait for God’s Word.

Bible Translation Prayer

Here is the hard reality:

2017 Translation Reality (Current number of full Bibles is 648 –These numbers are continuing to be updated)

What might be needed right now to help to come alongside the work of God in bringing His Word to the EVERY AND ALL.

There is no better time than now to be obedient to His command in Matthew 9:37-38 & Luke 10:2 – PRAY TO THE LORD OF THE HARVEST. Join in praying LORD, Mold our hearts to be one with Your heart. Multiply our lives through others. Mobilize laborers through our prayers and ministry efforts.  -#PRAY2020

Then He said to His disciple, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send out workers into His harvest field.” -Matthew 9:37-38

How is this done? It might be seen in a more fuller way as we think about how a collage is made. Different pictures are put together and sometimes even overlaid to make sure everything can fit into the big picture.

Could it be that we are in such a season? Where we must go back and see what it has looked like in the past to pray.

Look at this collage:

collage of prayer and missions over the ages

This is the same picture from the beginning of this post, with the “more” of where we find ourselves at in this season. With the elements of the timeline of prayer over the ages superimposed upon it, with some of the critical questions of the day we are seeing.

It is a perfect example of where we find ourselves at in the movements called prayer and missions. There is a blurring of lines. . .  a blurring of different concepts and strategies of prayer from over the ages being seen again. Maybe for some, even for the first time. It will require a 2 Chronicles 20, the Battle is Not Ours, but the Lord’s kind of mentality. Where God shifts the strategy in order to take His people where they could not have gone on their own.

We are in that same kind of time, we believe. Things will be different. Things will not be the same. It is time to ask again, “What does the King want?”

For our ION Teams it reminds us of the launching of the Call2All group when our ION Prayer Teams were called to pray alongside this group as they launched in 2008 in the Orlando, FL USA location. It was a convergence time. . .

We found ourselves doing the work of “working the prayer room” and at the same time, we began to see a new journey of how prayer might look differently into the future.

Our teams saw a clear shifting to a different pattern – “to get positioned in the room to pray if at all possible”.

This came as a by-product of listening in the place of prayer and knowing we had to follow God’s call for our whole team. Those serving on the Congress Onsite Prayer Team took a consensus, so we could pray into what was happening, rather than “stay where we had been placed”.

We followed God’s prompting and saw a clear picture, of “the intercessors have broken thru” as God led us. Over the years, we now know we are to bring the model of being “in the room” wherever we are blessed to serve, no longer just staying in the prayer room if at all possible.

This was a classic example of learning to move into the uncomfortable zone of the Holy Spirit’s calling as we chose to obey. This was a historic launch for those of us who got to be there and witness what God was doing. At the end of that gathering the group moved into the following event as a collaboration with TheCall (Lou Engle) followed.

Here are a few of the pictures from our album.

Collaborating together in this current time

As those that gathered from the two events watched, up onto the stage came the Table 71 group as God wanted to set in place something historic.

REPORT ON A HISTORIC GATHERING IN ORLANDO – JANUARY 2008 “A historic meeting of international missions leaders, prayer leaders and church planters was held from Jan. 29- Feb. 1, 2008 called the Call2All-Orlando. Mark Anderson gave leadership to this gathering which was attended by 600 leaders including the CEOs of 170 of the primary mission organizations in the world with the leaders of prayer ministries and church planting moments. Call2All are called to reach “all”: the least, the last and the lost.” – Mike Bickle

As Lou Engle and Mike Bickle walked the young and old who were gathered through the need to understand the convergence of prayer and missions which really is the model of the first century church: To serve one another and promote each other for the sake of the Gospel.

For the most part, to date only the young people and prayer movements have actively modeling and intentionally carried forth this message. We believe this must be seen in a greater measure, even among the mainstream groups involved with prayer and missions to be intentional to collaborate and work together

screenshot_2016-12-23-20-24-07-1As you look at this Essential Elements of the Great Commission, we take note that Item (6) Prayer & Unity can be seen as a foundation to help to make the first five (5) elements that have been called “Currently Very Strategic” work more effectively. Call2All is one of the Table 71 Initiatives, like International Orality Network that has come out of the work of God through the managing partners.

As we all partner together, we must understand what God is calling us to do. We ask you to watch the Call2All video to understand more fully: Video for the five (5) #FinishLines.

Finish Lines are a way we can strategically focus on what Jesus commanded us to do. Mark Anderson puts into perspective and shares the importance of orality to discipleship.

The Five Finish Lines of the Great Commission:  Learn more

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  –Matthew 28:19-20

Many of the “finish lines” that Jesus gave us are now in sight. The Kingdom of God is advancing rapidly across the earth. As Christians concerned with missions, we need to know what is going on in the world and what Great Commission activity looks like in this new era.

Let us give ourselves fully to the task of “making disciples” of all “tribes, tongues, peoples, and nations”.

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. –Matthew 24: 14    Mark Anderson, Call2All

We are seeing a restoration of David’s tabernacle being set in place as we see movements of prayer and missions joining across the globe today. There is a movement to return to the spiritual model of David’s Tent. You may not be aware, but day and night prayer is not a new model. To see the full picture through the ages of the Church in 24 hour prayer, see our recent post: Pray therefore to the Lord of the Harvest that He may send out laborers into His harvest field.

At this point in church history, what if our only strategy should be to link together and collaborate together in prayer and missions as this is seen as the plan throughout the Bible.

Let’s pray for the mainstream church and evangelical missions groups to catch the vision again of the original first century church, to move on the foundation of prayer and missions.

There are some gatherings on the horizon that are doing this very thing like the gathering with IPC & guests in Herrnhut in May 2017. And some are being planned. Please join and unite in prayer for the “more” in this arena.

Mark you calendar for Dec. 5-8, 2017 and plan to be with us at the next Finishing The Task (FTT) Conference. Finishing the Task (FTT) is an association of mission agencies and churches focusing on Unengaged Unreached People Groups to learn more about how these fit together.

Finishing The Task Conference 2017

Date: December 5-7, 2017
Location: Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA

Save the Date! 

All across the world we see the Spirit raising up prayer and missions movements for such a time as this. This is His pattern, see the parable in Luke 18:1-8 which Jesus shared to demonstrate the need for praying persistently. The parable in Matthew 25:1-13 shows the need to not only have your lamps ready, but we have to keep them lit. The fire on the altar must never be allowed to go out, as is written in Leviticus 6:12.

We ask you to believe and join to pray for a collaboration of prayer and missions that will cause an unprecedented amount of movement in bringing the Gospel to the Lost so that all might hear, believe and receive salvation through Christ Jesus.

To take a look back at the timeline of prayer & missions over the ages, asking for a true understanding of the “Historical Timeline for Prayer thru the Ages” that will help us to see this is not new:

Historical Timeline for Prayer Pete Greig
History of 24 7 Prayer IHOP KC
Building and Repairing our Houses of Prayer

Partnering in Prayer and Missions:

Image may contain: text

30 Days of Prayer Int’l

ION Prayer invites you to partner – 30 Days of Prayer invites you to set aside a few weeks to pray with love and respect for Muslims. Learn about Muslim families, pray for them, and be challenged to love them more! Join us May 27th-June 25th. Get your prayer guide at


PRAY for these upcoming gatherings:

Linking Movements of Prayer and Mission
Herrnhut, Germany
May 8-12, 2017

Join in prayer for the 120 global prayer and mission leaders as they meet up to pray, connect and honor the Moravian legacy! May the slain lamb receive the due reward of his sufferings. (The event registration is closed, as the consultation is FULL, PTL.)

Pray thru the Schedule:

Believe for the spirit of revival and spiritual awakening as you read about the History of Moravians:

Father we thank you and ask for a pouring out of Your Holy Spirit upon the Body of Christ in this season. We believe the Holy Spirit still waits to fill believers with power from on high. Without that power, we can do nothing. Praying Ephesians 3:14-21 for those who will gather there with John D Robb & the IPC leadership and distinguished guests.


Global Prayer Leaders & Prayer Groups,

Would you kindly pray and share with your key prayer leaders this Prayer Request on behalf of The Lausanne Mission Leaders Gathering. The number of those who will gather has risen to 90+ CEO/Executive Directors. They are acknowledging the need for extraordinary prayer and have asked us to partner in prayer.

Would you join to pray for their gathering that will happen in June 2017*, in just a few weeks.

Phill Butler writes, “I have the opportunity/ responsibility of designing/facilitating the process by which these 90+ leaders engage with God, the challenge, with each other, and with a plan for action. It’s a process we’re well into. Many very encouraging things. BUT – We are coming into the final 7-8 weeks – the ‘homestretch’ of this thing and if anything of lasting Kingdom value occurs over these next few weeks – during and after Wittenberg – it will be because of prayer. Will you and your praying friends/network(s) take up this cause? This small team behind the scenes, will be lost without the extra prayer support. And, as always, this comes with my profound thanks for your commitment to Kingdom collaboration and the prayer that’s so essential. Your support over the years has been such a huge encouragement!”

*The specific dates cannot be shared for security reasons. If you write separately to, more info can be given.)


Join the Weekly ION Prayer Call each Thursday
at 2pm (EDT) GMT-4

Dial: +1 712 432-0926
Code: 373000#
The prayer call lasts one hour. Please join if you are free.



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Pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest, that He may send out laborers into His harvest. Matthew 9:37-38 & Luke 10:2

It has been said, the Harvest is plentiful. . .

There can never be too much prayer!

In recent years there has been an emphasis on the 24-7 Prayer Movements. It seems as if prayer and the discussion of prayer is everywhere. Prayer and much more prayer is needed across the globe, we agree.

Can we further agree, there is still so much more to what Jesus is praying for and continues to pray for. . . And for the reality of the need to pray for the Harvest and the Lost.

May we ask together in unity to bring this request, His request in Matthew 9:37-38 and in Luke 10:2 before the throne daily. . .  

Matthew 9:37-38 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the LORD of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Luke 10:2 He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the LORD of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

Father, Return us to the place where prayer was our priority -This is not a new concept, it was Your concept and we acknowledge prayer as our priority. Let us as a Body return to prayer in a powerful way across the Nations.

Lord, we pray 2 Chronicles 7:14If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.” HEAL US and HEAL THE NATIONS!

Our God, we ask with holy hands lifted up the cry of 1 Timothy 2:8 “I desired therefore that the men in every place pray, lifting up holy hands without anger and doubting.” be fulfilled. May men in every place pray, without anger and doubting.

Father we further ask together in unity as Christ prayed. . . John 17 (Jesus Prayer) “I pray for them. I don’t pray for the world, but for those whom you have given me, for they are yours. All things that are mine are yours and your are mine, and I am glorified in them. . . Holy Father, keep them through your name which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are. I pray not that you would take them from the world, but that you would keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them, in your truth. You word is truth. Not for these only do I pray, but for those also who believe in me through their word, that they may all be one; even as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that you sent me.” May we be one, that the world may believe that you sent Me (Jesus Christ the Lord).

Return us to the place where prayer was our priority- It really is not a new concept. A few years ago we released in the ION Prayer Focus the Historical Timeline for Prayer by these three different documents. Historical Timeline for Prayer by Pete Greig and the History of 24/7 Prayer from IHOP’s Mike Bickle as well as Building and Repairing our Houses of Prayer…  we ask you to look at and become familiar with these three documents that put together the: “Historical Timeline for Prayer thru the Ages”.

For a better understanding of the “Historical Timeline for Prayer thru the Ages” and to see that is not a new concept, let us refer you back to the ION previous posts sharing what others have written on the subject:

Historical Timeline for Prayer Pete Greig

History of 24 7 Prayer IHOP KC

Building and Repairing our Houses of Prayer

TIMELINE – History of 24-7 Prayer thru the Ages

Here is the short version of what has been written…

First Millenium AD (Birth of the Early Church) Reeling from the events of the previous week, the disciples returned to Jerusalem, where ‘they all joined together constantly in prayer’ (Acts 1:14) They simple prayed and waited 24 hours a day, day after day in a particular room in Jerusalem, obedient to Christ’s command. Then, during the feast of Pentecost, God touched them with such unimaginable power that the church was born.

Follow the story thru the ages🔥Early Church 30AD 🔥Desert Fathers Egypt 300AD🔥Sleepless Ones Turkey 400 AD🔥Day & Night Prayer Switzerland 515AD-900AD🔥300 Years of Prayer Celtic Christianity 558AD🔥200 Years of Prayer Cluny, France 910AD🔥100+Years of Prayer Count Zinzendorf & Moravians in Herrnhut (The Watch of the Lord) Leviticus 6:13 “The fire on the altar must never go out. . .” 🔥By 1776 the ministry of prayer of the Moravians impacted England & the Colonies: George Whitefield, John & Charles Wesley and Jonathan Edwards. Amidst this activity and interestingly enough The Great Awakening of Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield stimulated the formation of many of America’s great Universities which were built so that believers all across the Colonies could send their young people off to college to find God. At such a time as this witnessing this global mobilization of prayer. Viewing history with the eyes of faith through the grid of past prayer movements, it is easy to find the correlation between seasons of intercession and the extension of God’s kingdom in the world: He heard Ann’s life-long prayer vigil as she interceded in the temple night and day, a 24-7 Prayer Warrior! And when, after 400 years of silence from heaven, God gave us His Son it was, perhaps, in answer to the persevering prayers of people like Anna. He heard the night-and-day prayers of the disciples in the Upper Room. And so, at a moment in time, in answer to prayer, he gave us the church. He heard the prayers of Acoematae beside the Black Sea and of the martyred centurion St. Maurice in Switzerland. He heart the continual chorus of intercession rising from those faithful Monks at Bangor in Ireland and Bobbio in Italy. And so, in answer to so much prayer as the Roman Empire decayed, a light shone brightly in the European Dark Ages. He heard the prayers of the Moravians in Germany, the Wesley’s in London and Jonathan Edwards in Massachusetts, sending revival to England, Ireland and America. He heard the prayers of a handful of young people in Blanerch, Wales an sent the great Welsh Awakening. Within 2 years 100,000 people had turned to Jesus. He heart the prayer of the saints gathering night-and-day for three years at Azusa Street, scorned by the media yet baptized by God in power.🔥The Second Great Awakening: The Revivalists 1800-1899 -Camp Meetings which spurned more activity in the cities such as Spurgeon moving into the Metropolitan Tabernacle from the model of the “church-in-the-wilderness-woods” to preaching to 6,000 per week in the large cities of America. The backwoods of America was ablaze with perhaps a day like Joel had prophesied. Six days at Cane Ridge where the estimated attendance was between 10,000-25,000. This 6 days drew national attention and was one of the most reported religious events in American History. These days birthed the Circuit Riders Period of itinerant laymen who stopped in homes, under trees and in taverns! Each location had a class leader and 10-20 people in the “congregations”. No area was too remote. The pattern of earnest prayer reached into event the most little known areas, and their reports rejoiced of how the Holy Spirit was moving around the globe. The Student Volunteer Movement began that would send thousand upon thousands out into God’s Harvest Fields.🔥The coming of the Third Great Awakening. . . The Modern Period: 1900-Present We get to be a  part of this next season of God moving as He will answer the prayers of the saints again. .. WILL YOU PERSEVERE IN PRAYER! WE MUST!

Lord, Rekindle our love for prayer as a Body of Christ to pray for what is on Your heart. To pray God Centered & Spirit Driven Prayers. In Jesus name. Amen

In the world of missions, what we do in bringing the Gospel in a way that can really be understood is critical.

We at International Orality Network (ION) have as our mandate to “influence the Body of Christ” in such a way that every oral learner has the opportunity to hear in a way that can really be understood. How do we do that without being able to share the Word of God. There is a critical issue that the Body of Christ must now take hold of. . .

The Bible as we know it, is not available or the people who need the Scripture do not have access to the Word of God in their language.

What does the Bible look like to you? If you are over 50, it probably looks like a traditional “letters to paper” type of thing, called the Book. In this day of technology and the advances of God in the area of Bible Translation, it might look differently to those younger than yourself.

If you are under 50, especially 35 years or younger, you probably do not prefer to read your Bible from that mode, but would rather listen to it from an App on your phone, such as YouVersion.

Researchers are finding that we as humans often prefer to listen or watch to receive our information. There is nothing wrong with literate methods, but the reality is that most will fall back to the default God put in place. Do you remember the very first verse in the Bible that explains how it all began. . . Look at Genesis 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 3 And God said . . . God is an oral God, He spoke, it was the way He put everything into place!

What does you Bible look like

Around the globe, it looks different to different people.

178 full bibles

There is a very real reality of who has access to the Bible that is beginning to be seen. If you think back to the whole story of God, He presented His Story as one whole book, called the Holy Bible: The Old and New Testaments.

People need the whole Bible, the whole counsel of God. Today there are 4500 languages still that do not have access to a translation of the Old Testament. Only 7% of the world’s languages have the full Bible and only 1 in 5 Bible Translation Projects focus on translating the Old Testament. To reach the remaining peoples, we should have the Full Bible available, the whole counsel of God. If we in the West have the whole Bible, then let us pray in a united way for those around the globe to have the same access.

Stats to focus on in prayer:
● There are 665 languages of peoples with populations of 500,000+
The reality is 272 have NO Old Testament work being done
● There are 1,390 languages with a Full New Testament
But 1,188 do not have any Old Testament.
● Of the almost 7,000 languages around the globe, there are 4,500+ languages who are still in need of Old Testament.

Pray with us and ask the Father to close the gap. That He mighty allow access to the Scriptures for the Every and All.

Pray with us:  Then He said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” – Matthew 9:37-38

Did you know that across the globe, there are less than 700 FULL Bibles available? Of those translations, 178 are English translation versions.

Currently there are 1,671 languages that do NOT HAVE ONE VERSE of Scripture.

Would you pray with us at International Orality Network (ION) that the Father would “close the gap” and pray toward getting to ZERO languages with no Scripture.

FTT UUPGsCurrently there are 986 languages with NO known Written Scripture (book Bibles as we in the West are accustomed to using), there are 1,653 languages with NO known Oral Scripture (audio or digitalized) and while we have some resources available in portions of Scripture or Scripture type resources, there are still 469 languages that still do not have any resources available (like Gospel recordings and songs, films or oral Bible stories in any media).

But most of all, the number we would love to see change is the number of NOT ONE Verse and FULL Bibles available. We are asking you to pray.

Bible Translation Prayer

What does the Bible look like to you? 80% of the world’s population, 5.7 Billion souls across the face of the earth are oral learners*. They prefer to get their information from a means other than “letters to paper”.

[*Oral peoples sharing information in ways other than “letters on paper” or formats that would require reading. They primarily use stories, songs, dance, poems, etc. to disseminate their history or to teach. In areas that are highly literate, it would be the people who prefer getting their information in means other than just reading, such as digital, audio, visual, such as internet. Oral learners are very intelligent, just use a means that speaks to them and allows them to understand at a heart level. Visit ]

Join to pray each Thursday at 2pm (EDT) GMT-4

Dial: NEW Number: (641) 552-9404

Code: 818908#

Be sure to link in each month in united prayer. Click here for the April 2017 ION Prayer Focus:…/30/april-2017-ion-prayer-focus/

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April 2017 ION Prayer Focus

Prayer each Thursday

Join the Weekly ION Prayer Call

Begins at 2pm (EDT) GMT-4 and lasts one hour. Please join if you are free.

Dial: (641) 552-9404

Code: 818908#

Praying for: Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples

Pray with us for Open Doors in the Midst of Trouble: 

When epidemics or natural disasters strike or trouble the just come to individuals and families, the results can be devastating. Often, in the midst of this difficulty and uncertainty there comes an opening for the Gospel.

Scripture: “O LORD, my strength and my fortress, my refuge in time of distress, to you the nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, “Our fathers possessed nothing but false gods, worthless idols that did them no good.” -Jeremiah 16:19

Prayer: Lord, You are the Good Shepherd. You look after each one of Your children. You are the only safe refuge and fortress in times of trouble.

Lord, today some of the Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples are facing trouble they cannot manage. They are in need of Your help. We ask Lord, that You would respond to their need, and come to their aid.

Use this crisis to introduce them to Your goodness. Allow this difficulty to soften their hearts to Your truth. Give them the grace they need to walk away from the god who has failed them and embrace You as their only Lord and Savior. Open their eyes Lord to see You as the lover of their soul, their refuge, and their fortress. In Jesus name, amen.

Join this month as we pray united for what God is doing alongside the Orality Network and our network partners.

If you have not visited the Orality website recently, we invite you to go back and check out the new articles and see the changes. Lots going on around the globe that needs prayer and your will enjoy seeing the work that God is doing in the area of Orality. Visit

Praying for the Oral and Oral Bibleless around the Globe

Praying for ION Prayer Partners all over the globe:

A personal note from Linda Bemis: As the Sr. Associate with ION it is my joy to get to travel on prayer assignments all over the globe. I just returned home from Nairobi. While I was there I went to the market on Sunday. Not to shop, but to bring the Word AND to offer up to another House of Prayer the opportunity to join in prayer for Oral & Oral Bible-less Peoples. The Church very graciously committed to join in prayer.
What a beautiful group there at Rock Church -Adams Arcade headed up by Pastor Lawrence. There were so many different language groups in their church. This was a House of Prayer for the Nations.💨. Such a beautiful Pastor and people.

Rock Church in Nairobi

They have the Church there in the middle of the Market. Are open everyday for Prayer. God is blessing the market with their presence & His Presence.


As I was speaking people were passing by. There was one young man who God was speaking to. He was about 3 sets of stalls into the market directly out the eye sight of the pulpit. He stood there to listen and then gave me a thumbs up. Wow, look at God. He is allowing them to come to work or to shop at one of the largest clothing resale markets and they and the shop keepers are hearing the Word of God over the sound system that helps people find the church as well. Thank you Father, thank you my friend Dorcas in the work she is involved in there bringing Orality Strategies to and for her taking me to this church she works with in her ministry. Praising God for Pastor Lawrence and this precious group of believers who are in the field and so very faithful.

I did not take the pictures, we spent the entire time at the church. But walking in and out to catch our Uber, we could see rows and rows of shops. — at Toi Market.

God Centered Spirit Driven PrayerPrayer and much more prayer is needed across the globe for the reality of the Harvest and the Lost to be seen as valid items to camp out in for prayer at the throne daily. Thinking back to asking for more prayer, it might be said differently that God might, -Return us to the place where prayer was our priority- It really is not a new concept. A few years back we shared the Historical Timeline for Prayer by Pete Greig and the History of 24/7 Prayer from IHOP Mike Bickle as well as Building and Repairing our Houses of Prayer… see the links below to revisit those articles.

Lord, Rekindle our love for prayer as a Body of Christ to pray for what is on Your heart. To pray God Centered & Spirit Driven Prayers. In Jesus name. Amen

In light of that, a true understanding of the “Historical Timeline for Prayer thru the Ages” will help us to see this is not new:

Historical Timeline for Prayer Pete Greig
History of 24 7 Prayer IHOP KC
Building and Repairing our Houses of Prayer

PRAY For Oral Bible Translation Work Around the Globe:

West Africa, F* Old Testament translation – The New Testament in F has recently been recorded as a dramatized reading. Pray for its effective distribution to those who are thirsty for it, for people to find it online and share it. Pray for its content to touch the hearts of many and transform lives. Pray for those who help with aspects of the translation process but don’t yet know the author for themselves. Pray for the word to speak and for our lives and attitudes also to communicate. Pray for unity of vision for the translation team so we can produce a high quality, consistent OT translation.  (*F name changed for security reasons)

Please pray for the technicians and readers working to complete the recording of the Fataleka NT at the studio in Honiara.  A number of setbacks have delayed the completion of the project.  Pray for the readers to have strong voices through to completion.  This is the first project by Faith Comes By Hearing and the new Solomon Islander recording team.  Pray for the project coordinator, and his assistant, as they are on a steep learning curve with this project. Pray for the recordist who is ill with malaria.

Praise God for the fruit of listening groups in a country of Southeast Asia. The groups use Bible stories to share God’s Word with listeners and then encourage response. Six people have begun to follow Jesus as a result of these story listening groups. Some of the Bible storytellers in this region are sharing the Bible stories in daily life activities. Ask God to continue to work in hearts and lives through the Word in oral form.

There are very few Christians among the Nyra*, please pray that some will hear God’s message through the Nyra* Bible Story Project. (*name changed for security reasons)

Pray with us for ION Partners:  


The Power of One!
I will bring honor to your name in every generation.
Therefore, the nations will praise you forever and ever.  Psalm 45:17
In the past six months:
  • Through KIDStory staff and volunteers, there have been 37 trainings
  • 1208 people have been trained through these workshops which means at least that many StoryClubs have been initiated. 
  • This will impact over 8800 children
  • Trainings these last 6 months have been held in Myanmar, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Congo, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Costa Rica


The Power of One
One moment in time.  One frustrated pastor.  One Bible Story.  This is where one would think the story begins, but not quite.  Let’s go back 10 years to a village in South Sudan.
Moses is a young pastor looking to make a big impact for the Kingdom of God.  Yet his church remains stagnant:  10 women and 15 children.  Moses continually considers leaving this fledgling church and do something else.  Tony, a missionary to this war torn country, confronts his thinking and poses this challenge:  You can’t quit now. These children are the future leaders of the church.  Moses acquiesces and reluctantly continues to pastor this small church, remaining faithful to God’s calling where he is.
February, 2017:  We have the opportunity to hear from Moses and discover that over 500 children and 250 adults are coming to hear the Bible Stories.  God continues to have Moses enlarge his tent and open wide the curtains.  Moses is not holding back; his cords are lengthened and his stakes are strengthened.  (Isaiah 54:2)  
Oh … those 15 children in the South Sudan church … they too attended the KIDStory workshop and are planting churches under Moses’ leadership!
It’s all about impacting children (Of all ages!) with God’s transforming hope through the telling of His Story and the working of His Spirit.

To know more of the ministries of KIDStory, you may log on Also check out their video that explains why they do the training. Kindly click on this: 


visionsynergy logo  The power of networks

Check out this months March-April edition of Mission Frontiers magazine that visionSynergy helped to coordinate. It provided a great opportunity to invite colleagues in different organizations and networks to join us in writing these articles.

Be sure to read the feature piece on the emerging trends and powerful impact networks are having on the mission movement. Additionally, there are great success stories about several networks they have advised. For a historical perspective on collaboration in mission, don’t miss the article visionSynergy founder, Phill Butler.

To find the magazine online:
PDF version
Website (and Kindle download) version

Ways to build collaboration in mission, together

We ask you to join in continued prayer and support of visionSynergy and the collaboration.

Advancing collaboration in global Christian mission

  visionSynergy helps Christian organizations work together for maximum impact by developing and strengthening strategic ministry networks and partnerships in critical areas of world mission. And plays a unique role in the worldwide Christian movement as one of the few mission service organizations specifically dedicated to empowering ministry collaboration. They  act as a catalyst, coach, and consultant – providing advisory services for numerous multi-lateral networks and partnerships of Christian mission organizations. To empower these groups to accomplish together what they could never do alone as they seek to advance the Gospel in every part of the world where Christ is not yet known.



International-Prayer-Council-IPC-2The Following Article is shared from the International Prayer Council:

40 Days of Prayer for Transformational Revival and Mission Breakthrough
April 3-May 12, 2017

Seeking God together for the International Prayer Leaders’ Consultation in Herrnhut, Germany, May 8-12, 2017

We want to invite you to partner with us in 40 days of prayer, April 3-May 12, to pray for the upcoming gathering, “The International Prayer and Mission Leaders Consultation: Uniting in Prayer for Transformational Revival and Mission Breakthrough.” It will be held in the historic village Herrnhut, Germany, site of the Moravian prayer revival that sent out the first Protestant missionaries to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

120 international prayer and mission leaders are convening in this tiny Germany village to cry out to the Lord as the Moravians did before them: “May the Lamb who was slain receive due reward of his sufferings!” Along with cutting-edge mission leaders, participants will pray and strategize that the unreached peoples of our day be reached as the prayer movement focuses more intentionally on the fulfillment of Christ’s Great Commission, still so much on His heart!

Prayer, revival and mission have always gone together since the book of Acts. It’s our desire to see a massive, prayer-based revival erupt throughout the nations of the earth!

During these 40 days of prayer we are asking for another historic move of the Holy Spirit to sweep across the nations and awaken a whole new generation to wholehearted love and surrender to Jesus in His mission to those who have never heard of His love and truth!

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Hab. 2:14).

During this gathering, we want to more closely and effectively connect the prayer and mission movements for the final push to the accomplishment of Matthew 24:14, that everyone may hear and respond to the glorious gospel of the kingdom in these last days!

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matt. 24:14).

During the run-up to the Consultation and continuing through it, would you please be praying with us for these specific outcomes?

· That those prayer and mission leaders coming would deeply connect with the Lord and one another, experiencing the reviving work of the Holy Spirit in this historic place of prayer, revival and mission.

· For a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the glory of Jesus Christ! Acts 1:8, 2:17-2:21 that will start at Herrnhut again and flow out to the nations!

· That the participants will prayerfully discern together how the international prayer and mission movements can be better integrated for their mutual benefit and for the sake of those still unreached with His Gospel (Matt. 24:14).
· For God’s empowering of the Next Generation youth and children’s prayer movements, both during and following this gathering, and that every nation will have a thriving Next Gen prayer movement in the coming 10 years.

· For canopies of united, strategic and sustainable prayer to be raised up in every nation and city across the earth.

· For a Great Awakening and New Reformation to erupt in Germany and across Europe.
· For a ‘Spirit of Unity’ during the gathering, that we would come together ‘in one accord’ loving and supporting one another in the diverse missions He has called us to as members of His Body (John 17 and Psalm 133).

· For a mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit to rest upon each one presenting and leading us in prayer and for His prophetic insight to flow among us!

· That we will develop valuable, ongoing relationships and friendships that advance His Kingdom.

· For key moments and inspiring stories to be captured via video and distributed effectively to the prayer, revival and mission movements around the world.

· For favor with authorities, the granting of visas, and safe, peaceful travel arrangements for all those coming to Herrnhut.

· For protection from the evil one and all the forces of darkness (Psalm 91).

· For the Lord of the Harvest to thrust forth missionaries to the ends of the earth and that every unreached people group will have a viable movement of Christ followers within the coming decade (Matt. 9:37-38).

Thanks so much for partnering with us in prayer for this historic gathering. In His hands, your prayers will make all the difference!

For the Supremacy of Christ in all things,

Jason Hubbard, Director, Light of the World Prayer Center, and John Robb

John Robb
Chairman, International Prayer Council

Partnering Strategies:


Unite in Prayer daily at 11:55 am
       STOP what you are busy with,
       FOCUS on the Lord and
       LISTEN to what He is saying to you,
       FINISH with the LORD’S PRAYER at 12 noon




Want to change the world? PRAY.      

Are you looking for a good prayer resource?

Check out PrayerCast – Activating world-changing prayer for the lost

Praying for Nations: 

Praying for different Religions:

Special Prayercast Videos:

Prayercast, a ministry of OneWay


Lent Devotions with YouVersion

Lent Journey One With Him .jpg  WHO IS THIS?

Mark 4:35-41     Mark 5:1-20    Mark 5:21-43

These passages and the stories tell of Christ’s power. Mark records how no one could control or bind the demon possessed man (v.4). He howls wildly and roams the tombs. No one is strong enough to subdue him (v.4). But when he meets Jesus, he falls to his knees (v.6). He pleads and begs Jesus not to harm him (v.7, 12). We shouldn’t be surprised, since Mark tells us Jesus is all-powerful. He commanded the storm to cease (4:35-41). A life-long hemorrhage was healed at the touch of his garment (5:21-43). Jesus awakened a dead child a few hours later. Jesus has power over nature, sickness and even death. A legion of evil spirits was no match for him. ‘Who is this?’ the disciples asked (4:41). He is the almighty God, who is also our Savior. And as long as he is my Savior, I have nothing to fear.

• What do we actually think Jesus is like? Is he only meek and mild? Feeble even? How does the Bible portray Jesus?
• Even as storms raged and the wild man howled, Jesus was calmly in control.
• In a similar way, as others led him to the cross, it was he who was in full control.
• Can we take comfort in knowing that Christ, God Almighty, is in control today over all areas of our life and fully trust him?

King of heaven, thank you for your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit whom you’ve sent to be with us. Thank you that even as the situations around us escape our grasp, nothing surprises you. Help us to trust in your Son Jesus Christ, not only for our salvation, but in all areas of our lives. Help us to rest in your presence and be freed to live each day to the fullness of your glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

Don’t miss last month’s ION Prayer Blog post:

Using Mobile Apps for Prayer & Prayer Mobilization

It has been a while since we posted on the subject of using mobile devices in ministry.  So it is time again look at this topic. . . In this day of technology, how might we use … Continue reading

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March 2017 ION Prayer Focus


Each week as the ION Call to Pray goes forth, some gather in offices, some gather in the field together, and there are some who gather together for the ION Prayer Call, but all over the globe ION partners and individuals stop and carve out time to pray. Thank you to all who pray. 

Each Thursday at 2pm (EST) GMT-5 you are invited to join with others to pray for one hour.

If your schedule will allow you to call into the conference prayer call, here is the information:

Dial: 1+ (712) 432-0926

Code: 373000#

The call is for one hour of prayer.

Prayer-Linda  ephesians-3-verses-24-thru-21-prayer

For the month of March, we invite you and your prayer group to link in united prayer for these FIVE (5) specific items:

1) PRAY for upcoming events – ION Regional Gatherings –

  • North America Regional ION Conference:  11–13SEPT2017 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – Details on the ION website (OPEN to all)
  • South East Asia Regional ION Conference:  19-22OCT2017  Chiang Mai, Thailand – Details on the ION  website (OPEN to all)
  • India consultation – March 20-23, 2017 (Hyderabad) (CLOSED)
  • Nairobi local consultation – March 27 (venue TBD) (CLOSED)
  • West Africa consultation – May 16-19 (Jos, Nigeria) (CLOSED)

2) PRAY for all peoples, particular those who have an oral-learning preference or are truly oral in culture –

  • Pray for changed hearts among church and ministry leaders to address the needs in the west  of 70% of Americans who prefer oral methods.
  • Pray for God to unleash a disciple-making movement so that oral learners have an opportunity to learn based on their learning preference.
  • Pray for churches and ministries to make disciples of all peoples, particularly oral learners.
  • Pray for churches and ministries to remove literate worldview barriers and use oral methods such as Bible Stories that form an Oral Bible, drama, skits, and other creative ways to bring God’s Word alive in highly relational formats.
  • Pray for the churches to begin to include oral methods in worship formats, discipleship studies, evangelism efforts and leader training.

3) PRAY for a movement to eradicate the gap of not having a full Bible available.

  • Pray for the 665 languages with populations of 500,000+ – of this particular segment of souls, 272 languages have NO Old Testament. Currently there is NO ONE working toward putting a Scripture Project in place that would close this gap.
  • There are too many translations that are just New Testament. The current number of Full New Testaments is 1,390 languages. And 1,188 languages who do not have the Full Old Testament. Pray for this gap to close through new methods of translation and more people who can certify translations completed.
  • Pray for more methods, technologies or whatever is needed to get Full Bibles to every people group and language group.

4) PRAY for everyone to have access to God’s Story / Scripture – 

  • 493 have been Engaged, but there is NO SCRIPTURE available in their heart language
  • Pray toward the goal of every language group having Scripture access in their heart language and mother tongue.
  • Watch & Pray for the Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples who have no one advocating for them.

5) Pray for each UUPG adoption to include a Scripture Project –

  • Currently 1,002 UUPGs with NO Written Scripture
  • 1,653 UUPGs with NO Oral Scripture
  • 1,691 UUPGs do NOT have ONE VERSE



We ask you to consider being one of those who will be diligent to press into prayer in a deeper way for Oral preference learners, Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples and for Scripture for the Every and All.

Join in united prayer for more Scripture Projects to bring both the  Old and the New Testament Scriptures to every adopted people group.

“I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  – John 15:5

Let’s continue to bring these five areas into our prayer times and believe for much fruit!

PRAY WITH US for our ION Partners and Networks:

TWR – Women of the World has been in transition with their new Global Executive Director, Peggy Banks. Many of you will remember this group by their former name, Project Hannah. We invite you to link in and pray with them each month. Here is a sample of their beautiful new format. To receive the monthly update:



LINKING together in global prayer:

ipcfebWe are so grateful for the global prayer network connections. Thank you to the IPC team for sharing again another ION Prayer Blog articles. Global Prayer Leaders are finding out about Orality in ways such as this!

IPC is headed up by John Robb:
International Prayer Connect is a coalition of more than 3,000 Christian prayer networks and organizations who share a common vision to mobilize and equip worldwide prayer for the blessing, healing and transformation of the nations.
Sign up to receive the monthly connect directly into your email inbox:


There is a group of leaders from all over the globe who connect and pray together.

JOIN THE CALL: FPS Prayer Call March 9, 2017 at 7am CST/1pm GMT-0

For information on how to connect to this monthly prayer call, send an email to: 

Partnership and Prayer
by Liz Adleta

God calls us to join hands with Him and with one another in His work. The invitation to His Kingdom is an invitation into the community of saints. Jesus told His followers that the greatest commandments were to love God and to love one another; in other words, live in upward and outward relationship. Communication is the glue of relationship. Prayer is our ongoing communication with God and as we join in corporate prayer, we exercise that privilege together, deepening the bonds between us as well as with God Himself.

Social Media for Prayer Strategies:

C:\Users\asian\Downloads\IMG_3479 (1).JPG  C:\Users\asian\Downloads\IMG_3475.JPG 

As the Ethnê movement’s prayer workgroup leads us in prayer for the people groups with least access to the gospel in Eastern Europe/Eurasia during the month of March, we are extending a 31-Day UPG Prayer Challenge. On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Whatsapp, and text message, we’ll be sending out meme’s with a specific unreached group and a scripture prayer. Join us:

READ the scripture and if desired, click link for more info

PRAY the prayer for the people group

REPOST the meme through your own social networks

Use the #prayerchallenge

urgent-prayer-for-kaduna-peoples-in-nigeriaURGENT & ONGOING Prayer for the KADUNA PEOPLES in Nigeria!

Psalm 35:1
“Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me; Fight against those who fight against me!” We join in prayer for the KADUNA PEOPLES in Nigeria!

Father we ask You, God to contend with the enemy for the Kaduna peoples in Jesus name. Amen

Urgent Prayer Requested by ION Partners in Nigeria
People’s Cry For Global Prayers

Dear Prayer Partners,

Like the Jews in Shushan (Esther 3:1-15), the people of Southern Kaduna (my people) of Kaduna State of Nigeria have a burden and are in the mood of prayers for God to show himself and avert the grand plan of massive attacks and killings by the herdsmen/ insurgents very soon. This is a secret plan that just came out.

Like Esther (4:1-17), I am calling Christians worldwide , to join us in this spiritual battle. The majority of the people of Southern Kaduna are Christians (90%).


Bauta Motty

Just as in Esther 4:1-17, Mordecai persuades Esther to help, we are being asked now to STOP & PRAY… we are being asked to join Nigerian Christians in this spiritual battle for God to contend for these peoples.


Join in prayer for the upcoming

ION Global Executive Team Gathering & Retreat time – 23-27 MARCH 2017.

Lots going on in the different ION Regions. The GET will meet face to face to sit together, prayer together and dream together. They need your prayers. Thank you.

30-days-of-prayer-fo-the-muslim-world30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

27 MAY – 25 JUNE 2017

It is time to put 30 Days on your Prayer Calendar and begin to think about ordering your copy. 23+ languages are available to order here:

For more information on Global Prayer Events check out Global Prayer Resource Network (GPRN) and it’s Event Pages:

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Using Mobile Apps for Prayer & Prayer Mobilization



It has been a while since we posted on the subject of using mobile devices in ministry.  So it is time again look at this topic. . .

In this day of technology, how might we use Mobile Apps for Prayer and Prayer Mobilization?

Recently this topic has come up several times. I wondered after my last conversation if there were articles out there that might help people to see how effective using apps in prayer is.

Well did some research, found out there is not very much written. So decided that maybe I could share from time to time some of the apps we are aware of and how we use them.

whatsapp1.  WhatsApp 
More info at – 

Prayer updates via WhatsApp

You can offer a prayer alert service on WhatsApp. This might be used to share urgent prayer requests from around the world with individuals or with groups. Or to send out a quick praise report when needed! When you are out in the field, you can let those who pray for you receive up to date reports. You might use this with your prayer team members who connect fairly regularly. This app saves you from having to pull up your email on the run!

WhatsApp allows you to connect via text message alerts, send images or video or audio message embedded into your message. You can use this to help people to feel connected in a deeper way and will help remind them pray.

Most people recommend unless you have previously told people it will be more, that you not send more than two messages a week. You might want to put some “housekeeping guidelines” in place, such as how much you want them to respond and if they should engage as a group with each other. These two areas can crank up the noise and activity. Unless your group is small or know each other well, I would recommend at first you just use it like a bulletin board. Share with those who agree to join that they do not necessarily need to respond to messages. And if they have something they need to share to put it in a separate email to you or separate message from the group message. Then you can share it as needed with the group. Group messaging can get out of control pretty easily if you open it up for everyone to respond at will. People can easily get overwhelmed if too many messages are coming into their phone.

If you decide to use WhatsApp, here are some things to keep in mind or ways you can use the app to relay information to your Prayer Team:

How to Use WhatsApp for groups — 3 different ways

1. Status updates

Use your WhatsApp status updates to take people along with you. You can also change your profile picture as you choose.

Remember that to link with others in your contact list, you may have to “INVITE” them to use WhatsApp. The app allows you to do that with anyone in your contact listing. If you are in the field and need to use WhatsApp as a phone, it allows you to use video, audio features with very little Wi-Fi power needed.

2. Broadcasts

You might want to use the “Broadcasts” feature to use your WhatsApp account to share daily or weekly broadcasts with individuals, but from a particular group of people.

To initiate this feature go to the “Chats” option, select “New Broadcast List” and add everyone whom you’d like to send a broadcast message to. Your messages will be delivered to each person individually rather than in a group message.

3. Groups

To use the Groups feature you will need to set up different groups. Be sure to title them appropriately (maybe by project). You can change the name of the group as you choose to.

1.  Let your group know and share through the app any specific, current ways they can pray. You can share needs with the group together in real time along your journey. If you are not sure of how much connectivity you have, it might be a good idea to choose a point person who can relay messages to the group to keep everything flowing.

2.  WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for Short Message Service (SMS). WhatsApp works like a “Messenger service” and is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, no matter what kind of phone is used everyone can all message each other.

3.  WhatsApp does require each person to have a phone number and you have to have Wi-Fi or a service plan to connect. The messages wait out there in cloud until the person turns on the app and then will fill in all the messages and allow for them to check it at their convenience.

4.  WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages.

However you choose to use the GROUP feature, you will need to get people to join:

How do I join?

Thank you for agreeing to be on the Prayer Team. Joining is simple. Here’s what to do:

  1. Add my number or the dedicated WhatsApp number ___________ to your phone’s contacts
  2. Send ‘UPDATE‘ via WhatsApp to us on the above number
  3. We will add you to our prayer list and send you regular prayer alerts
  4. We expect to be sending out ____ messages a week, unless it is urgent. (Specify an approximate amount of messages they can expect to receive. You can set up more than one group -maybe different levels of interaction or deeper levels of prayer support.)

How do I unsubscribe?

If you want to unsubscribe, you can at any time by sending ‘STOP‘ via WhatsApp to the same number or leave the group.

Because this is social media you might need to ask people at anytime that they feel there is something going on that needs attention with the Prayer Group Message Service to please send a private message (separate message than to the larger group message) back to the contact number. Things can go wrong, and messages can be out of place. It helps to have more eyes on the situation at all times.

echo-prayer-app 2.   Echo App

More info at –

I have been using Echo App for over 5 years. I use the Android app and prefer the “old version” that is still active… but invite you to check out the newer version in Android and the new Echo iPhone App if you have an iPhone!

What Is Echo?Pure and simple, Echo is a tool to help you pray more diligently.

1. You create a prayer list
2. You set times throughout the week for reminders
3. Echo emails you one prayer at a time from your list

echo-prayer-app-2You can set reminders for specific prayers or random ones, and get them as emails, text messages or both.


There’s also a built-in prayer journal that lets you write notes and automatically keep track of answered prayers.

I always use “copy and paste” to take prayer info from emails and to move them to the app.

Echo’s number one goal is to help people pray. You customize it in the way that’s most useful for you — you can set it up to get emails or text messages any time throughout the week — and it reminds you to pray for one person or issue at a time. Echo is a tool to help you pray more diligently. Pray for your coworkers, your friends, your family, your church, your country, your issues. And thank God continually.

Whether it be to simply keep track of prayer requests, give space to engage with God, or simply help remind people to pray… Echo is a tool to help Christ-followers engage with God.

Read Echo’s purpose, watch the demo  –Here is a link for you to see the demo:

signupgenius-2 SignUp Genius

More info at – 

SignUp Genius will allow you to make up “projects” that you can then ask people to sign up for.

Two areas you might use it for prayer mobilization:

1. Think about how this might work for you to use to get people to sign up as individuals or groups such as if you are running a 24/7 Prayer Event. Each person can sign up for specific hours for praying.

2. When you are trying to sign people up to be on prayer teams or connect together on a prayer project where tasks or sections of jobs have to be done, this is the app to track everything with.

Check out the app and think beyond the normal thought process and use this app!

For additional information and how to video library on how you might use this app — See

signupgenius-1SignUpGenius Videos

There is even a  SignUpGenius Payment section allows you to use this app for events. You can register people and collect their registration fee or if you have products to sell you can collect the payment through the app. The charge is relatively low at a 5% fee and a  50 cents per transaction fee involved when you use this payment feature.  If you are doing a small event or have a small amount of products or resources to share, this might be helpful to you.

Check out this Mobile Ministry Resource:renew-world-outreach

Renew World Outreach  – More info at –

Would love to hear from you as to how you use technology apps in your ministry and specifically in prayer ministry or prayer mobilization.

We invite you to join the Weekly ION Prayer each Thursday at 2pm (EST) GMT-5  see the February 2017 ION Prayer Focus.

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February 2017 ION Prayer Focus

here-am-i-send-me  Isaiah 6:8

Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.”

The ION Prayer Team invites you to join each Thursday at 2pm (EST) GMT-5
Dial: 1+ (712) 432-0926
Code: 373000#

In this month of February 2017, Lord we pray for the Spirit’s calling upon those who have not been in this place before. As we continue to pray Matthew 9:38 and Luke 10:2, “So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into His fields.”

Thinking about those who God is prompting to GO, maybe who are in their teens or early 20’s. God recently reminded me of Watchman Nee, and the reality that “his” days as a missionary and prayer pioneer were birthed out of his conversion at the ripe age of 18. When he chose to take on a new name, in English meaning Watchman Nee and his ministry of prayer was being set in place. His first book was the three-volume The Spiritual Man, published when he was twenty-five. All of this was the work of the Spirit that came because of that day in 1920 when, as a young college student, he found the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior in his native city in China. Even though Nee spent the final twenty years of his live in a prison cell, he became a symbol of the persecuted church in China; all the while, his numerous books and articles were being read throughout the world. And today are still read, the work lives on.

For years I have given his book, The Normal Christian Life originally published in 1957 in Bombay. to new believers. The depth and the breadth of knowing God in such a normal way is so clear in its pages. As we pray for young people and young adults who God is preparing to move into His fields, let us be encouraged. But Jesus answered them, “My Father has been working until now [He has never ceased working], and I too am working.”  John 5:17

From Watchman Nee’s, The Normal Christian Life pages 147 – 148, “It is He who is sent to take care of the inward side of this thing, and He is able to do so, we are told, as we “walk. . . after the Spirit.” What does it mean to walk after the Spirit? It means two things. First, it is not a work; it is a walk. Praise God, the burdensome and fruitless effort I involved myself in when I sought “in the flesh” to please God give place to a quiet and restful dependence on “His working, which worketh in me mightily” (Colossians 1:29). This is why Paul contrasts the “works” of the flesh with the “fruit” of the Spirit (Galatians 5:19, 22). Then second, to “walk after” implies subjection. Walking after the flesh means I yield to the dictates of the flesh, and the following verses in Romans 8:5-8 make clear where that leads me. It only brings me into conflict with God. To walk after the Spirit is to be subject to the Spirit. . .  I must be subject to the Holy Spirit. . . “As many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)

Let us pray this month for the entire Body of Christ to be subject to the Holy Spirit, led by the Spirit of God and for a new fresh wind of obedience as the Father is continuing His call to His harvest fields.

REMINDER for us to pray for those who have committed to a UUPG

A critical point to continue to pray for those who have committed to a specific Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG). PRAYING for the encouragement of the Father with those who have committed to bringing a people group from unengaged to engaged with the Gospel.

PRAYING against discouragement. Asking for the Spirit’s continued watch care for what began in The Spirit to continue to move forward in The Spirit – not in our own efforts.


We commit these churches, organizations and agencies to you. Thank you for those who have committed to the work of reaching out to UUPGs to bring the Gospel to those who previously had no one advocating for them. Bring Your Word as well, allow each people group to have someone take note that they need the Scripture in their heart language. Would you bring encouragement and strength to them again for the task before them. Holy Spirit carry the work and empower the work. This is not our battle, but it is Your plan. That the EVERY AND ALL might come to know of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and have the opportunity to hear of Jesus and be saved through the gift of salvation by Christ’s sacrifice.


Bless your servants with the favor of the King upon their beautiful feet. . . We link in prayer to Romans 10:14-15 (NLT) 14 But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? 15 And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” In Jesus name. Amen

For more information on the latest UUPGs listing from Finishing the Task:


Join in praying for the upcoming 2017 ION Regional Gatherings:

North America Regional ION Conference – September 11th – 13th – Colorado Springs, Colorado – More details to follow on the ION website

South East Asia Regional ION Conference – October 19th – 22nd – Chiang Mai, Thailand – More details to follow on the ION  website

Regional events:
India consultation – March 20-23, 2017 (Hyderabad)
Nairobi local consultation – March 27 (venue TBD)
West Africa consultation – May 16-19 (Jos, Nigeria)
North America – regional conference – September 11-13, 2017 (Colorado Springs)
South East Asia – regional conference – October 19-21, 2017 (Chiang Mai)


Praying for the Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples:






Week 1 – February 1-7                                            Week 2 – February 8-14







Week 3 – February 15-20                                      Week 4 – February 21 -28

We are very grateful for our partners at Prayer Central for keeping our ongoing prayer resource in place for PRAYING FOR THE ORAL & ORAL BIBLE-LESS. You can sign up to receive a fresh prayer daily or weekly (you set the frequency) by visiting them here:

What a joy to see others linking together for those who still wait to hear the name of Jesus. This month the IPC (Thank you John Robb and IPC Team) featured one of our ION Prayer articles: Int’l Prayer Connect (IPC) Global Newsletter included the article “Praying for Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples”:  Click on the link… Scroll down

Thank you for praying.

We agree and stand in unity with those who are praying. Grateful for prayer networks that will walk together and walk alongside each other. All Kinds of Prayer  is a great article from our prayer partner network of Fellowship of Prayer Strategists.

Join also in praying for the Great Commission Partners around the globe who are working in orality.

Here are requests and praises from SIL partners:

Praise God for technology! The Biali translation team in Benin used advanced features of Paratext, a computer software program, to do final checks on the New Testament. They were able to ensure that passages common to more than one Gospel match correctly, and that key biblical terms are consistently translated throughout the text. They also prepared introductions, footnotes and a glossary. The New Testament is being typeset during the first few months of 2017. Lift up the typesetters in Switzerland as they work via Skype with the translation team in Benin. Ask the Lord to give them strong and reliable connections. Pray also for the team as they work with Theovision International to produce an audio version of the New Testament. Ask God to provide readers with strong, clear voices. Pray for local church leaders to work well together to prepare for a dedication of the New Testament in late 2017 or early 2018. May they be engaged and enthusiastic about using the translated Scripture in their churches and in their homes. Ask Jehovah-Jireh to provide the funds necessary to print the New Testament.

Thank the Lord for four faithful Borôro menof Brazil on the translation team. The men are from different jungle villages but periodically leave their homes to gather and read through the New Testament to ensure it is clear and sounds natural. Pray that while the team coordinator, is on furlough in the U.S. that they will continue to gather so they can soon complete a review of the whole New Testament. Ask the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts so they will grow in their ownership of the project and creatively come up with ways to increase their time in the work. Pray that they will also make an audio recording of Scripture portions. This has the potential to powerfully impact people who are not literate but enjoy oral communications. Pray for many Borôro to be drawn to the Lord as God’s Word is spread among them. Ask the Lord to lead the team to creative strategies to promote the Scriptures among the Borôro.

Praise God that the Baruga New Testament is ready for publication. Pray for the five Baruga team members in Papua New Guinea who will begin audio recording the New Testament in early February. Pray for the equipment to work well, and for the readers to have clear voices. Pray for the typesetter who will begin typesetting it on March 1. Ask God to give strength and wisdom to the team so that typesetting is completed by mid-April.

Pray for the staff of one country team that have workshops planned for almost every month of 2017. Ask God to give them wisdom for venues, teachers and leaders for the various events. Thank God that some of these workshops will facilitate the production of Oral Bible Stories. Others will provide opportunities for church leaders to think through the implications of Scripture regarding their traditional cultural practices. Pray for those who work through the process to determine what level of language development is appropriate for their local situation.

The Bible storying team has five training events scheduled in February.  Mru and Usoi church planters and village pastors will learn to use Bible stories in their ministries.  Give thanks for national trainers who are enthusiastic and are growing in their teaching and managements skills.  Pray that they continue to develop these skills. Ask God to give them wisdom to know how many training programs they should schedule this year.  Pray that participants in the training events will internalize God’s Word and gain practical skills for teaching others. Ask that God’s Spirit will transform people as they engage with His Word.

Photo stories: Mediterranean Region – Photo stories* posted on social media are an effective method for Scripture engagement. More than two million people in two language groups have viewed the stories of Jonah and Noah on Facebook. Pray for the effective production of more photo stories. Ask God for guidance and help to use this method to test the Genesis translation in a language of the region.
*Photo stories are slide shows of relevant pictures or illustrations with story narration and local music background.

Praise God the translating the Batak New Testament stories is finished and they are ready for checking and revision. Pray for continued good health, wisdom in translating and finishing the stories, and for willing Batak people to help. Pray for the scheduling of their final story-recording date and wisdom in knowing when to return home (April or May).

Praise God for the Groenings time recording a series of 32 Bible stories crafted by speakers of one of the Palawano languages. They turned over the finished mp3 stories for distribution. Pray for the coordinator with the Jesus Film script adapter workshop for another seven languages from the Northern Philippines and the team as they finishe some other recording projects from home. Pray for their travel on February 10th to another Asian country for a Jesus Film dubbing.

Pray for the recording of the audio Rombolmanon Bible. May God prepare everything that needs to be done for the completion of the task. Pray for one particular workers health. The index showing inflammation in her body (ESR) continues rising – it was high in the last blood test. Pray that the doctors can find out what is causing it.


Connecting in Global Prayer:

The Global Prayer Resource Network wishes to connect and inform praying Christians and other Prayer Ministries with local and global prayer needs and initiatives; to bring awareness for existing prayer resources and tools that will allow believers to pray informed prayers and sustain fervent intercession.

The Aim is to honor God’s call that Christians should petition Him for the needs of this World.

Read More

“We may be living in the days of the greatest prayer movement of History!
Despite some familiar patterns of prayerlessness in the Church, more Christians are praying now, certainly, than at any time in history.
Prayer events and gatherings abound all over the world in many countries.”     

~ Steve Hawthorne, ~


  • Fellowship of Prayer Strategists (FPS) Prayer Call
    each 2nd Thursday of the month.
  • The NEXT call is set for February 9, 2017 at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm GMT
    [7am CST GMT-6 /8am EST GMT-5 / 1pm GMT]
  • Mark your calendars and plan to JOIN THE MONTHLY CALL
  • Please email for information on how to connect to this monthly prayer call.
    Connect also to FPS on Facebook at:   Fellowship of Prayer Strategists
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The Seed Company hosts

The Aroma

A Monthly Prayer Conference Call
each First Thursday of the Month
Special Guests for February 2017:
Teryl Gonzalez, Translation Consultant for Anglophone Africa

Seed Company

Liz Adleta, Prayer Director,
Fellowship of Prayer Strategists

This call is held each 1st Thursday of every month: NEXT Calls are FEB. 2  and MARCH 2
12:15 p.m. EST
Access Code: 220962Calling from outside the U.S? Please email for international number options.
Uni✝e in Prayer daily at 11:55 am
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       FOCUS on the Lord and
       LISTEN to what He is saying to you,
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 Prayer Plans for 2017


Want to change the world? PRAY.


Are you looking for a good prayer resource?

Check out PrayerCast – Activating world-changing prayer for the lost

Praying for Nations:

Praying for different Religions:

Special Prayercast Videos:

Prayercast, a ministry of OneWay, leverages innovative technologies and the help of gifted intercessors and journalists to gather prayers, news, stories, and video from around the world. These components are then used to create unique, compelling, and professional quality prayer resources that are distributed around the world using current and emerging technologies. Prayercast resources are used regularly by God’s people around the world in personal devotions, prayer meetings, church services, conferences, and large international prayer gatherings.

Christian Vision Prayer
Join CV’s global network of dedicated prayer partners if you’d like to commit to praying into this vision with us each day.

Over the years CV has used a variety of methods and media to communicate the love of Christ. From operating shortwave and FM radio stations, to building bible schools, CV have stayed true to their vision of introducing people to Jesus and encouraging them to become His true followers.

Recognizing the global impact of rapid and significant developments in technology, CV has embraced these new opportunities and their potential to reach vast numbers of people. The internet and social media has allowed CV to provide international online evangelism resources such as yesHEis, alongside multiple other activities that are focused on sharing the Gospel in the online mission field.

ION Prayer
Prayer for Bible-less Oral People

ION Prayer links with many others who have the heart to pray for those who still wait to hear the name of Jesus…

 So many prayer events are taking place that it is virtually impossible to keep track of all the meetings, prayer watches, initiatives, fasts and solemn assemblies in just one country or region.

In this section you will find a list of upcoming EVENTS AND INITIATIVES.  Some are limited to a timeframe while others are ongoing.  Use it to pick those you would like to participate in and add them to your Prayer Calendar.

May God put in your heart the very prayer He intends to answer, whether it be for yourself, for others or for the world. 

Transform the world by telling people about Jesus

Talking to our friends about God isn’t always easy.  CV created an app that helps you start the conversation by sharing beautiful video clips that address various life issues with friends and acquaintances.

App Store



ION Prayer [open]

ion prayer

Open Invitation to prayer leaders & networks with a heart for the completion of the Great Commission. We invite you to step in and LINK together for the sake of the unreached…

It is estimated that of the 7.3 billion people alive in the world today, 1.2 to 1.4 billion have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. According to Joshua,  there are approximately 16,000 unique people groups in the world with about 6,600 of them considered unreached. The vast majority (95%) of these least reached groups exist in the 10/40 window and are oral people groups.

In praying for the Oral & Oral Bible-less, we want to pray not only to make just a convert but a disciple of Jesus. That requires the Scriptures to be available in the mother tongue.  Wycliffe Bible Translators reports that of the approximately 6,800+ living languages across the world today, about 1,800 have definite translation need. That means for mother-tongue speakers of those 1,800 languages no Scripture exists at all. They may have limited access to trade or major languages, but no access in their heart language. Of course, the languages with the larger number of speakers have been translated, but even many millions do not have the Scriptures in their mother-tongue.

Connect on any of the weekly ION Prayer Calls
Each Thursday @ 2 pm (Eastern)
Dial: +1 (712) 432-0926
Access Code: 373000#

Contact:   LearnMore-Light-Primary-24

Seek God for the City 2017 [open]

1 March – 9 April 2017

The forty days to Palm Sunday makes an ideal time to venture into a season of sustained, hope-filled prayer for our communities.

Seek God for the City 2017We will Seek God in two simple ways: First, we will seek God’s face and then we will seek His kingdom. And as we come to God, seeking His face, then He comes to us bringing His kingdom. These are prayers you don’t want to pray alone. Invite your whole congregation to pray along with you. Even better, think about joining your prayers with a few other churches in your community.


Sample Page     Chinese Translation  Children’s Guide

Spanish Translation     Companion App

7 Days on the Wall [open]

7DaysSeven years of 24/7 Prayer for Revival in South Africa 2013 – 2019

As the nation faces extreme challenges with regards to the on-going drought, slowing down economy and other severe social problems, there are strong signs of ever increasing prayer activity across the nation of South Africa.

Various prayer networks, initiatives & actions through different ministries have been actively mobilizing the nation to pray during 2015.  The “7 Days on the Wall” prayer initiative for revival was one of these initiatives that mobilized thousands of Christians all over the nation to pray 24/7 for a spiritual awakening, salvation of the unsaved and social justice.

At the end of 2015 the momentum did not show signs of decreasing as more than 500 local churches/schools/prisons prayed during September/October. These groups were part of more than 2000 x 7-Day Watches that have been registered since January 2013.

Some of the fruit seen since 2013:

  • More people joined in prayer for the nation.
  • Increasing desire for revival or spiritual awakening.
  • Church leaders taking an active role in mobilizing the church to pray.
  • New regional prayer networks formed.

There seems to be an intensifying call to prayer, as we enter the third year of this seven year strategy of calling the whole country to continuous prayer for revival, salvation & social justice.

For more information on how to register your church/school/prison/etc. for “7 Days on the Wall 2016”, visit or call the Jericho Walls Office at +27(21)9197988, or send e-mail message to moc.npiwjnull@epac .

May God visit our nation in the power of His Holy Spirit!


ESTA – Praying for the Muslim World [open]

Each Day of the week will focus on one region of the Muslim world.

EstaEvery week, starting with intercessors praying for Mauritania on Tuesday in the West and finishing with intercessors praying for Indonesia in the East, we want to see the Muslim world covered in Prayer.

Join our like-minded band of intercessors from all over the world by signing up with esta and committing to fast and pray on a select day of the week to seek Jesus’ face and turn the Muslim world around.




Pray2020 [open]

There are 5 billion people in the world who don’t know a true follower of Christ. We are trusting God to raise up 10 million Christ-centered multiplying disciples. Ten million disciples would mean that everyone would know at least one person who follows Jesus.
Please join us in prayer.




30-Day Prayer Guide for (Islamic State)IS [open]

Why Pray for IS?

“Jesus says to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us (Mat. 5:44). The Spirit of Jesus in the prophets and in the apostles also tells us that those who turn a blind eye to the killing of others are wrong. The fact that we feel contradictory praying both for justice against the Islamic State and for salvation for Islamic State terrorists is partly because we fail to distinguish between the mission of the state in the use of the temporal sword against evildoers (Rom. 13:4) and the mission of the church in the use of the sword of the Spirit against sin and death and the devil (Eph. 6). But that’s not, I think, the main problem.

The main problem is that we sometimes forget that we are called to be a people of both justice and justification, and that these two are not contradictory.” ~ Russel Moore

30 Day Prayer Guide for IS


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GPRN > Prayer Resources

“God’s House can only become a House of Prayer for all Nations,
when His people become People of Prayer”  

~ Unknown             


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